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  1. xRustbucketx

    Russian DDs: change tier, but scramble XP and captains!

    Agreed 110%. it just sucks when they try to force players to pay up, WG probably doesn't care about their reputation.
  2. xRustbucketx

    Russian DDs: change tier, but scramble XP and captains!

    Same here, i have to regrind all the modules on my Udaloi that's like 85K XP and all mods were unlocked before the new line, now i have regrind that,....LMAO not going to happen. Time to move on
  3. xRustbucketx

    Russian DD XP transfer

    Why did they transfer the 14K xp on my Udoloi to my Tashkent????, i could've used that 14K for the Grozovoi. i guess they just find way's to screw me over ONCE AGAIN,....gratz. NOT to happy about this, hate for the game is at 60% now.
  4. xRustbucketx

    GNB - The End

    i agree, all they do is [edited]up and take your money...uninstalled
  5. xRustbucketx

    Self-Policing the Forums

    Seriously did it ever occurred to you that you just mite come across as a elitist yourself trying to categorize players like sorting out the bad tomatoes from the good ones and taking their freedom to express themselves away from them? one word...HYPOCRITE.
  6. xRustbucketx

    Grand Naval battles

    oh great that's just fanf**kingtastic dint even get to spend my 960 diamonds F**K....that's it i'm done.
  7. xRustbucketx

    My torpedo rant.

    and this happens to me on a daily basses...very true
  8. xRustbucketx

    My torpedo rant.

    very much so..way easier and less complaining.
  9. xRustbucketx

    My torpedo rant.

    seriously can't they just make friendly torpedo's not detonate on friendlies like friendly fire on/off or something or a safeguard that disables your torpedo's when trying to launch in close proximity or direction of friendlies because it happens WAY to often players sailing into friendly torpedo's especially when they get focused trying to zigzag their way out of a heated situation and then some of them players even sail into friendly torpedo's on purpose just to troll players its just insane. and how about giving incoming friendly torpedo's a different beeping sound and different color on the kompas. i personally think the game is messed up REALLY bad seriously broken they just made it worse and gave griefers more opportunities to grief their own team when they feel like it.
  10. xRustbucketx

    Okey seriously im pink after 1 accident

    Same thing just happend to me, torping the Sims and a Pensacola just sailed into my torps, as i could predict the event unfolding i shouted PENSI STOP ...nope kept on sailing full speed and ran strait into my torps FFS. i guess he wanted to kill that Sims very badly, or he sailed into the torps just to troll me, anyway i'm pink now nothing i can do about that and i noticed allot more pink players sinds the last patch and all them are destroyers. i think they need to rethink this because its WAY to easy to troll a destroyer player just by sailing into hes torps i wish i recorded that battle, i don't record everything but from now on i'm recording every battle especially now that i'm pink, i mite get some interesting reactions or shells lol.
  11. xRustbucketx

    turn off chat?

    stick a post-it on your screen to cover the chat.
  12. xRustbucketx

    arp hiei

    thnx for the info guy's.
  13. xRustbucketx

    arp hiei

    I just completed the third stage the pop told me i was issued the ARP Hei but its no ware to be seen? and yes i have Yokosuka port enabled.
  14. xRustbucketx

    Dutch Speaking Forum

    Sound's like a great idea WG already has English/German/Polish/Slovak/Spanish and a Turkish speaking community. So why not a create a community for us Dutch and Flemish speaking folks?...i vote YES.
  15. xRustbucketx

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    yes, the dark side in evil i c