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  1. hedgehog_s

    Some Co Op statistics.

    We all know co ops are an ignored, disrespected type of game - hard when like me through disability I am too slow for randoms however there is simply no excuse for the following which I have tracked since the last patch averaging 15/20 games a day in all tiers from 5 to 10 in all different ship types. 1) 79% of games central spawn - just boring. 2) 83% of games top tier by 2 tiers - XP therefore down by 20%. 3) 81% of games in BBs have 4 DDs and result in little or no damage because the DDs just wade in and kill everything. 4) 77% of games if u spawn on a flank (rare) then all the bots rush away from your flank leaving you literally NOTHING to fight. 5) 39% of games have a unicum in who either kills everything or plays with no care about team mates. 6) 82% of games are finished within 2.5 minutes of the first bot being spotted. It actually feels like WarGaming are trying to destroy this game mode so they can remove it - if that is your plan just do it and save me the time. In short if co ops are not changed then you will lose a previously addicted; money spending player - time to actually listen and DO something about this type of battle.
  2. hedgehog_s

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    I have an INVITATION to give away. To any member of WG staff who would like to join me in a division to play a few co op battles please feel free to join me - I hope then you will see why Co Ops should be on the roadmap of future developments.
  3. hedgehog_s

    Walk the Port: Marseille

    So we are supposed to guess at how long the other 8 players have been waiting ? Seriously ?
  4. hedgehog_s

    Walk the Port: Marseille

    Except we were told in various posts there would be a 3 DD limit on games with less than 30 seconds wait time - but there that is NOT working !
  5. hedgehog_s

    Walk the Port: Marseille

    As usual the art department are 100% fantastic. Shame the guys who programme co ops are hopeless and liars. New 3 DD rule broken nearly every game even with short waiting times; Bots ramming each other all the time; Bots getting stuck on Islands. Supposed to be fixed, told it was, it is not. Can we have the art department run WG please ?
  6. So this event has been running basically a week now - checked my stats and replays and Im Top tier by 2 tiers roughly 81% of the time since they started. Checked the week before and Im top tier by 2 tiers roughly 59%% of the time - coincidence , no such thing. As stated above impossible even with mega games to get beyond 600 or in some 800. I remember the last time this ran I was getting 1000 or 1200 for each ship^. Shame I fancied the Spanish ship guess it will be beyond me then WG............... Oh and here is another replay to show you the joke - top tier and 70% of the enemy go totally other flank. 20220224_162840_PGSB109-Friedrich-der-Grosse_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  7. And today - Marceau - 4 kills, 166K damage and that is STILL not enough for personal challenge improvement to 1000 !!!!
  8. And so far today - 18 games; TWO of which I was bottom tier and able to therefore earn meaningful XP the other SIXTEEN top tier every game including 2 games with fail DIV with one guy 3 tiers lower. Do you want to explain how we can better the 600 marker in the challenges when MM is rigged for no XP gain ??
  9. This is the fix i am talking about - Tier 7 and send all the bots completely the other way from where u spawn me - how pathetic. Love trying to grind to Preussen and personal challenges when I can get a whole 32K damage and waste flags and cammo. 20220219_145246_PGSB109-Friedrich-der-Grosse_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  10. Yet again us co op players are stitched up by WG. In 90% of games I am thrown in with ships 2 tiers lower so I automatically start with minus 20% XP. Tried all tiers same fixed MM to deny XP - thanks again from your handicapped community :-(
  11. Improved communication ? Then why lie constantly about BOT "improvements" in co op ? This mode has become an utter joke for disabled players like me limited to co ops. Oh and dont get me started on the BS 3DD rule - 90% of games with 4 DDs. Another WG lie. And yes i watch the timer for the 30sec limit - still a fail on your part. Or the ridiculous mercy rule. Oh and why early access and missions ? Lets give new players ships they cant play and get rid of finding that little star ship at low tiers - imagine missing out on Clemson !!
  12. hedgehog_s

    A new low for WG

    This is the state of Co Ops - 4 DDs (WG promised 3 max in co ops - lying scum) and what a surprise they all yolo in and kill everything - disgusting boring crap game after game. 4 Marceaus at 55 kph stem in gun down enemy DDs torp everything else - yawn. 20220208_125322_PBSC110-Minotaur_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  13. hedgehog_s

    A new low for WG

    If you read my previous posts I am a disabled player with MANY co op games - far more able to comment on how ridiculous this game mode has become over the years than most. I have played, watched and cried at the state of co ops; Today played on Northern Waters in Pobeda spawned at A behind Fletcher and new Orleans - what did WG send to A ? NOTHING. 3 players who got ZERO enjoyment out of what is supposed to be fun.
  14. hedgehog_s

    A new low for WG

    I have been complaining about co ops for sometime and how pathetic the bots are. Today has seen a new low - a human AFK Bismarck managed more XP from his auto firing secondaries than any of the bots on the enemy team. Average XP for them 42 - have they actually been reprogrammed to do NOTHING ? Its utterly pathetic.
  15. hedgehog_s

    Enough is enough !!

    Co Op numbers were INCREASED from 8 to 9 a while ago. What would be nice is 9 humans versus 12 Bots. And "cheating" is not possible on server side games.