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  1. hedgehog_s

    Halloween - Previous Events

    Two more both ZERO stars. Dear Mr Conway - would you care to post how many of these battles have been played overall and how many have resulted in 5 star wins?? I bet its less than 5% - if I get none out of 32 then Im guessing the percentage is around 3% for 5 star wins.
  2. hedgehog_s

    Halloween - Previous Events

    Today - two battles - 1 Three star and 1 Four star - the Four star because Deidre the Dickshit trans ship stopped AFTER every enemy was dead except Rasputin on 400 HP and he was blocking gate - she had 58K health left too. According to a respected YouTube CC you need a Five star result to unlock a submarine for the next mode. Should be fun with one superunicum in a sub and no one else - time to rethink WG if after over 30 games I still only have 3 Four star wins and no Five stars and talking to everyone else in game they feel the Five star win is a rigged impossibility too with "odd" behaviour from the trans ship seemingly designed to halt the Five star victory.
  3. hedgehog_s

    Halloween - Previous Events

    3 more battles, 3 more ZERO star games with crap 300xp - fix this so that the INSTRUCTIONS ARE CLEARER, the TRANS ship heals in the circle too and the TRANS ship doesn't decide to randomly stop when we are in circle and no enemies for miles around. Its broke, its frustrating and THERE ARE NO REWARDS because 5 stars are basically impossible. Two more - 1 ZERO, 1 THREE - WG u must have a list of results - if 5 star wins are less than say 20% - which are I suspect they are WAY lower - then you can see this is broken. Over 30 battles now not ONE 5 star win.
  4. hedgehog_s

    Halloween - Previous Events

    So update 6 battles every day in BBs and cruiser = 24 battles plus 3 in the rubbish DDs = 27 in total. Results ?? One four star, one three star the rest total failures with ZERO stars and in all those Im doing at least 100K damage in cruisers, 150 in BBs. Its just not explained well and made worse by the actual trans ship seeming to almost deliberately put itself in the line of fire despite being sandwiched by BBs she forges ahead to get set on fire - why doesn't SHE heal in the circle - badly executed mode.
  5. hedgehog_s

    Ranked Sprint

    I thought when this was introduced - oh good a ranked battle scenario for us newer players with tier 7 max ships etc. - then I watched the famous youtubers telling you what ships to "rebuy" and what 19 point captains to run...……. In short you either get wrecked in 5 minutes by a seal clubber team or if they are on your side you wreck the enemy buts as a newer player do very little damage. Tier 8 or 10 should be kept as that for those players to play - Tier 5 ranked should not be infested with players who do 200K in a DesMoines every weekend - I cant believe this is in the "spirit" it was intended to be??
  6. hedgehog_s

    Halloween - Previous Events

    10 attempts - all fails except one 3 or 4 star - u need to explain better that the trans ships needs half its health or make it so it doesn't an just survives the battle. Today got to the gate, all enemy ships dead, all catapults dead, Rasputin half dead and trans ship goes to29K - whole operation a total fail . 15 minutes of my life wasted …………………………... And what do you get for this ?? 300 xp despite being 3rd in team and no rewards - not worth playing.
  7. hedgehog_s

    Bug Reports

    Map Haven - co-ordinates C6 - small island edge doesn't render properly and u get stuck in open water - if u die ship wobbles to death and drowning !!
  8. hedgehog_s

    Operation Narai

    Hurrah - got first five star today - used Jervis and went and killed Nicolas supply ships and fort - had to go to circle for 30% heal after but it worked - great team great result. Best guy on our team ?? Nuevo de Julio that just burnt EVERYTHING to the ground didn't think that ship would work but it obviously does.
  9. hedgehog_s

    Operation Narai

    So I thought I would give the Operation Narai I go - first off it tells you need four in "platoon" but it let me in singly no problem but WOW what is this ?? Operation for Dunkirk was easy to finish time after time with 5 stars if u took a DD with some AA. This mission we get 7 ships for allies we kill all the enemy ships on our side of the map, we kill all the enemy escort ships, we destroy all the forts, we kill the first CV, we land all our troops and despite having used the heal circle and still having 4 ships left the final objective appears "kill all ships in the enemy waters" - there is NINE of them sitting there on full health including DDs, a CV, BBS etc all at least our tier or higher. Why such a HUGE discrepancy between the two operations in terms of difficulty??
  10. hedgehog_s

    Upgrades and prem consumables

    At what tier do you think upgrades and/or premium consumables should be a must have?? Im running these things on my premium ships and bits of them non other T5 and T6 - no T7s yet but should they be a standard thing to budget for at Tier 5 onwards ??
  11. hedgehog_s

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    Had one box in Port when I loaded the game got Acasta - 2 more appeared that day got 30 "money" - did ALL the missions (except where u need tier 7 UK DD of course) and got absolutely NOTHING for doing the missions, a few flags but no boxes. 2 85K games in Acasta though - good little ship.
  12. Hi,, Ive been playing every day now for a good few weeks and have ground every line to tier 5 and some tier 6. I run at least 5 point captains in every ship and play mostly co- op battles because I enjoy them. Here are my observations for what they are worth on my time in WoW as to the frustrating elements. 1) Tier 5 to Tier 6 is a massive xp jump especially if the lines split like the omaha - cannot it not be "flattened out" across the lower tiers so eg: tier 4 and 5 are slightly harder to get but tier 6 slightly less. I feel like im gonna be stuck with all the tier 5 BBs forever which brings me to my next issue. 2) 75% of my games played in tier 5 BBs are with tier 7 DDs this leads to 2 issues - firstly if the DDs are decent players they kill everything before my 19 knots gets me in to the action in my stock snail and secondly if I get hunted by a tier 7eemy DD I can do nothing to evade them. Im luck in those games if I come away with 10K damage - its OK if its a tier 5 game - I can do decent damage. 3) Tier 5 BB dispersion - (especially iron duke) - 6 salvos fired at graf spee broadside from 6km - not ONE hit - the salvos seem to have a ship shaped hole in the middle of them - very frustrating. The only BB that seems accurate to me at tier 5 is the Bretagne and im running that totally stock but always come away with a decent result. 4) Enemy DDs in co-ops seem programmed just to yolo at smoke screens can you make them "better" or have a different tactic - its annoying if your trying a "grown up" cap and the enemy just rush you - rarely happens in the randoms. 5) Finally the co-op battles where the allies have only 2 or 3 "real players" - twice this week Ive been in games where we had only 2 real players me in Konigsberg and a DD. We both did well - I got 75K damage and 3kills - DD got 4 kills. Result?? Enemy had 1 ship left - their carrier and we had three left our carrier and 2 cruisers - for the first time I actually watched the battle play out - the 2 carriers carried on fighting but only with each other - our 2 cruisers beached and took no further part in the remaining 4 minutes. We were ahead on points and had more ships left until the enemy carrier killed ours then found the beached cruisers. We lost - that is plainly UNFAIR. I will finish this with one more thing - what a great game, great community and thankyou for pulling me away from the oh so broken World of Tanks.
  13. hedgehog_s

    XP and where it goes ??

    Not so in WoT my friend - when you elite a tank (research all modules and the next tier tank) you can click on accelerate crew training from then on in the tank will NEVER earn more XP it ALL gets diverted to crew XP and some free XP but never just to tank XP because hey well its useless isn't it why would you need tank XP on a tank with nothing left to research??
  14. hedgehog_s

    XP and where it goes ??

    Ive looked in the premium shop, arsenal and "external" and I cant see anything that's permanent - 125 doubloons equates to the cost of tank cammo in WoT for say summer its very expensive for 1 game !!
  15. hedgehog_s

    XP and where it goes ??

    I can see cammo that costs 50 or 125 doubloons but how long does this last - 1 battle ??