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  1. hedgehog_s

    Suggestions thread

    Ive been waiting to collect my thoughts on this and I think Im ready. Ill start by saying I only play co-ops due to arthritic hands (Im simply too slow to react for randoms). From my observations an awful lot of players play at the very least a healthy mix of co ops and randoms which leads to me my topic. Why are co ops effectively ignored by WG ? We cannot earn achievements (make them different or harder by all means), we cannot complete most of the campaigns, we lost CVs and respecced ships to non AA and now they are back do we get a free retrain ? NO. 90% of cop ops end BEFORE we kill all the enemies AND before 1000 points are reached AND before the time is up - why? It feels like pure XP stealing to me - 1 of thousands of examples was 2 full health yammies left alive on enemy team, 4 minutes of game to go and we had 650 points versus 450 so why did the game end?? The French DD missions were a case in point of co op players being ignored just look at some of the directives to see how hard it is to earn 300,000 credits from co ops. Come on WG show co ops (and your older, disabled or handicapped players) some love please.
  2. hedgehog_s

    Suggestions thread

    Can you PLEASE stop ending co op battles before time - FOUR games today where we have 4 minutes on timer, less than 600 capture points and 2 FULL HEALTH enemies left and the game ENDS - WHY?? Worse still in three games my torps due to hit in 2 or 3 seconds for another 50 or 60K damage and the AI that runs co ops says F U u aint getting the XP this is bullsh*t - either have a set of rules or dont.
  3. hedgehog_s

    0.8.5 - General feedback

    So in the big summit this week at WG they show graphs that show that since the CV rework ALL CVs across the board are doing 15% less damage and 15% less kills - in the same breath they announce improvements in AA for 8.6 and 8.7 - this obviously was the whole idea of the CV rework - WG stated they want more CV players - the opposite will happen as you castrate CVs more and more. The whingers who cry that CVs are too strong need to shut up, look at the stats and learn how to counter play. In the meantime WG if u want more people playing CVs then stop making them dull, useless and hated. Oh and the spotting argument - get real - on average my planes are spotted for 40 seconds BEFORE I spot a ship - how long do you want to alter your course or actually react !!??
  4. hedgehog_s

    0.8.5 - General feedback

    Identical problem see my post above - cant tell from the graphic if its worth using a heal or not !!!!!!