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  1. Hello. Entering as well if possible. Happy 2017 to all of u
  2. Just had i think my personal best game ever with british cruisers
  3. last night finaly reward ;)
  4. T8: Bismarck (18 pts Cptn) Tirpitz (15 pts Cptn) Chapayev (18 pts Cptn) thinkin to also try Tashkent how it can handle.
  5. Cant remember if i had ever game with such dmg and no kill
  6. mihas84

    Project R is up on EU

    1st victory
  7. One of my best matches with Murmansk
  8. mihas84

    Any ETA for hotfix of Dospersion and AP?

    right now in battle,... Zao 7 km away, showing me full broadside and only fcking 8500 dmg to him. Well done Wargaming, well done !! and in meantime only Zao and Atago so easy put on me full fire. really no idea why i wasted so much fcking time to get yamato.
  9. mihas84

    Any ETA for hotfix of Dospersion and AP?

    This is totaly fcked up. Was so happy to finaly get Yamato 2 days before this patch. And now cmon,... cant kill dmn Atago with full salvo from 8-10 km. 8k dmg max, and he isnt even angled. Spend RL money to get to ship i wanted, and now i sail 1 big piece of metal, with biggest guns, and im more scared now of cruisers than dmn BB.
  10. mihas84

    Nagato BB is horrible!?

    Took me some time to get used to this ship, but now i love it. Also possible to get citadel hits from around 20 km. And i dont remember that any Fuso won vs my Nagato 1on1, bcz when cannons hit, dmg can be very awesome. Angling on this ship is also somethin that comes really handy.