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    Please do not insult German shipbuilding technology

    As a German, I actually like the German cruisers in WOWS. [edited]me, right guys? And I just want to point out that there are also Germans who aren't Kruppstahl fanboys...... mods, its time.
  2. RandomName331

    Are you a bit sick of this Tirpitz hype? I know I am

    Calling a ship a coward That's like the most moronic thing I've heard in this month. OP reads like a angry 14yo...... here, take this cold water for your behind!
  3. RandomName331

    Any Battlestations Midway vets?

    I played this game long time back in multiplayer. One of the best games I have played so far.... it was it was the right mix of acarde, tactic and action and wast still not boring.
  4. RandomName331

    Turm-Zurrung ins Spiel einbringen

    Wäre sinnvoll. Hat mich schon immer gestört, dass ich darauf achten muss wenn ich zur Front fahre.
  5. RandomName331

    Wanted: Ship to ship communication

    Good idea, but if the guy actually listens to you is another story.....
  6. RandomName331

    Die Märtyrer!

    "Könige der Meere"...... hah... noch so ein BB fanboy "Schlachtschiffe stronk sollen alles im Alleingang vernichten bla bla bla"..... langsam ist es ja nicht mehr lustig. Werde in dem Spiel besser. BBs sind gerade mit die stärksten Schiffe.
  7. RandomName331

    plane dropped torpedo's are a little op

    I said that the wrong way, it was the side of my ship. Still turned in 5 secs towards them. Not a single hit. Sometimes you need to improve and the game doesn't need to be changed.
  8. RandomName331

    plane dropped torpedo's are a little op

    You can dodge so easily even with a BB and most planes are made of paper (especially the jap ones). Looks like you didn't pay attention. Im afraid, this is a l2p issue. I have dodged torps which were dropped right in front of me.
  9. RandomName331

    Update 0.3.1 Japanese Carriers

    Well if I am playing Ryujo, my planes are gone in no time. My fighters were chasing torp bombers - they got shot down. I was trying to torp a New York - it shot down the whole squad before they were ready to drop their torps. You don't even need to try bombers.... don't know if it was bad luck or jap CVs are really just trash.
  10. RandomName331

    0 Damage on Shells

  11. RandomName331

    Update 0.3.1 General feedback

    The repair cooldown is way too long. Often you are forced to end the fire in the first salvo hitting you (thanks to HE overbuff) and the next salvo will cause another fire. Now you have to wait 2 mins which will cost you tons of hp and with taking some more hits you are down in no time.
  12. RandomName331

    Einsatzzeiten der Reparatur zu hoch?!

    Ich finde die Zeiten auch ein wenig sehr lang. Insbesondere bei diesem Patch wo einfach mal jeder dritte HE treffer einen Deckbrand auslöst :/ Werde immer gleich gezwungen zu reparieren und muss dann ne Ewigkeit warten und in der Zwischenzeit fange ich schon wieder Feuer....
  13. RandomName331

    0.3.1 HE shell damage and fire

  14. RandomName331

    1 shot kills this patch

    I only saw this happeing to South Carolina. Must be a thing only for her
  15. RandomName331

    Historic Scenarios?

    That would be cool I remember the old Battlestations Midway times^^