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    How French are you?

    Hi there. I'm a little sceptical about the results. Could you please check my stats for the first 3 weeks of the event. I have played about 8 hours a day for those 3 weeks and I have registered for this event. Kindly appreciated, Maston_1
  2. Ahoy! Captains. We just got ourselves a new reply from another Customer Service rep who seems to be understanding our issues........Arrr! Hello commander, Thank you for the information sent. In this case we will make proper investigation. Thanks for understanding. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Good luck in the Battle! Kind regards,
  3. I have sent a ticket and you wouldn't believe the reply I got back/ It's obvious this agent never played this game and has no idea how it works. Here it is... Hello Maston_1, Thank you for contacting us regarding your issue with the secondary guns doing team damage. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you and would like to look further into this. You should note that it's possible some accidental shots are fired at allies if they are very close to an enemy that you are shooting at with your secondary armament. However, if this was not the case, please send us a replay of the battle so that we may look into matters further. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ He really thinks that I managed to manually use my secondary battery and miss fired and hit an ally ship. He has no idea that I only manage to manually target ships with HE or AP and that I have no control whatsoever when it comes to secondary battery. Wow . new ticket sent! to be continued.... will keep you all updated.
  4. The DD that got hit "Ally" was in between my ship and the enemy ship, in middle. The secondary Auto Fired both on enemy and ally ship.
  5. Welcome "NOT" new patch 0.5.6 I couldn't believe my eyes when my Secondary battery which I have no control over and has been modified by WOW hits one of my ally , I get a warning and penalized for friendly fire !!! ??? 0o I'm sorry , I didn't catch that, is WOW contributing to Team killing and penalizing the player? WOW, get your bug and trash it please and take out this from my clean record. P.S . the photo with the ally dd ship was taken after other enemy sunk. the incident happened when DD ally ship was in between my ship and enemy ship , in the middle. The auto 2nd battery fired and hit both the ally dd ship and the enemy resulting in a penalty on me.
  6. It would be a nice add-on to be able to spectate while your 7 team mates are playing.
  7. I could see a fair play with let say 2 X + 3 IX + 7 VIII but for some strange reasons I see more then 90% of Cases the reverse scenario, why? eg, X X X X IX IX IX IX IX VIII VIII VIII why are you trowing 3 cats into a cage of Tigers and Lions? those cats would have a fairer chance playing: X (Lion) IX (Tiger) IX (Tiger) VIII(cat) VIII(cat) VIII(cat) VIII(cat) VIII(cat) VIII(cat) VIII(cat) VIII(cat) VIII(cat) And when I see 98 players within your range than I must really question the " new system" from last update which did mention about a fair calibration. 90 % of the cases I will see myself as plain Meat with 3 tier VIII , and the remaining 9 Ships with Tier X and IX . How logical and playable is that really? What is your thought on this one? My suggestion to the WOW is leave us Tier VIII OUT playing against 8 Tier X and IX and just let us play in a fair game with other Tier VIII and VII WOW should definitively consider a reproportion of Tier levels . eg. all tier VIII VS tier VII or IX and X etc... they should keep them into 2 tier groups otherwise please be logical and put more lower tier with lower higher tier, does it sound logical to you? unless I'm just meat and should just run as far away as possible cause that's what I'm presently doing, running far far away , the game is not playable , sorry get you Act together please and thank you ) signed: la cage of folles
  8. I looked at the mast and sure enough I see plenty of room for another commemorative flag!
  9. Shouldn't it be something important to stop the confusion when a noob gives plan orders in battles? Under each players name there should be some type of seniority stats, medals , captain level, battle fought etc...under each players name IN GAME to show others how experienced is that player. That way all those noobs who are given out orders of suicidal plan to others can just close their mouth. How many times I seen noobs with practically no experience telling others where to go and what to do? Experience is important and I believe that adding a such feature of experience stat under each players to avoid confusions is just logic to me really. Would you take orders of stupidity in strategy from an Ensign (ENS, O1)? what are your thoughts on this one?
  10. ....everyone who gets disconnected that have to re-log back into the game , has to wait to be loaded back into a game several minutes after , seeing that their ship has already been sunk and not have an option , a little X me out of this battle so that I can play another? How many times do I get disconnected only to find out later that my ship was sunk and here I am having to wait to log in into a game that I don't want to spectate? is it so difficult to add an option to exit the battle? Do I or anyone really wants to wait to get logged in again into a game that is there now for the only purpose to spectate when you already know that your ship got sunk. How many times have I just quit the game and went on my other way? too many times, I once had 28 Days Premium and just quit the game for 2 months, I do not like to wait as an imbecile to spectate, and if I did want to spectate then shouldn't also have an option to Exit?
  11. Maston_1

    Patch is here

    yes they are but the system would give me an critical error trying to update the last patch automatically , however, I was able to solve the issue by checking my disk for error.
  12. Maston_1

    Help ! Error extracting update file ! Help !

    I had some similar issues. I ended up checking my disk for system issues....works fine now
  13. Maston_1

    Patch is here

    hi there . I can't seem to be able to download this patch. I tried everything . wot_pref.bat , turning off antivirus, deleting all patches and re-downloading them . uninstalled the game 2 x and re-downloaded it and i still get an " update cancelled error" with no info in my folder about it. any help would be appreciated. "failed to install updates" the application cannot continue for details see log file "the log file is empty"