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  1. Hi all, I just got e-mail: Leo "Apollo11"
  2. HI all, Thanks @Aslain - welcome back and please take care! Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Hi all, Do you use "Static" or "Dynamic" crosshair? BTW, I am still using "Static" and I am faithful to the good old "Nappelcommander" MOD by @Nappelcommander ... IMHO the best there is... Leo "Apollo11"
  4. Hi all, I put the data from @Guillotine into @SomeoneYouKnow2 SpreadSheet and got this (small differences due to rounding up): Leo "Apollo11"
  5. Hi all, Thanks! BTW, nice results! Leo "Apollo11"
  6. Hi all, I don't have all ships required but I finished the event in just 2-3 days of usual playing (i.e. really time restricted) with my current ships... the duplicates did the trick for me as well... BTW, I would like to thank the WG for nice event and nice prizes (especially the special flags)! Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I have just 1 Tier X = "Montana" - guess what I got in that one Supercontainer? 100 Anti-Detonation flags...
  7. Hi all, Have you guys seen this: "Reign supreme with Clan Bases!" https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/assemble-the-clan/ Also: Everything in plain text (from reddit): Leo "Apollo11"
  8. Hi all, Congrats... that is really big... BTW, can you please post some screenshots of the after game report (i.e. last tab = Credits & XP) so that players can see what to use (i.e. cammo & flags) the next time similar weekend happens? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I got my "Missouri" by not spending almost no "FreeXp" at all in past 2 years (just a small amount on lowest tier RN CLs hulls to help grind)... it took a long long time...
  9. Hi all, You posted 10 sec before me... Leo "Apollo11"
  10. Hi all, Why would we need this with USS Alabama (BB-60) already in the game? Leo "Apollo11"
  11. Hi all, The biggest problem with "Narrow Window of Opportunity" is that new players are at disadvantage because they are currently unable to get stuff that happened via events before they joined...... BTW, how is this dealt with in other WG projects (if it is applicable at all)? Leo "Apolllo11"
  12. Hi all, Incidentally I just got "Krasny Krym" from Yamamoto campaign... my first ever ship from SuperContaier... it could have been better but I am not complaining... BTW, anyone using that ship at all (I can't recall last time I saw it in battle on any side)? Leo "Apollo11"
  13. Hi all, I have just 1 Tier X - "Montana" - guess what I got in my one and only supercontainer... 100 anti-detonation flags... Leo "Apollo11"
  14. Hi all, I reported it months and months ago... @Sub_Octavian said that he passed it on to GUI guys but that it is not a big priority... <SIGH> Leo "Apollo11"
  15. HI all, The "Gneisenau" is really good ship - just give her a chance to shine! BTW, I am using my 19 point "Tirpitz" captain on her and I play here very similar to my "Tirpitz". The only problem is that I never finished my grind to "Bismarck" (I think I need just around 5K ship experience) because with latest changes my "Tirpitz" has same secondaries as "Bismarck" and I kinda lost interest in getting her at the moment. Strangely enough my WinRate on "Gneisenu" is highest of any BB I own (above 70% after 80 games)... Leo "Apollo11"