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  1. HI all, Ahhh... where should I start... the team was apsolutely terribad... I am in DD - I solo CAPed the B and I am holding the whole flank (there is nobody there except me and CV below me - CV didn't spot BTW) - all ships are still alive on both sides (5 mins into game) please note the position of our two other DDs: Long story short - we lost - my team never got C and I died all alone defending the B and the flank... Leo "Apollo11"
  2. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Hi all, Two Kraken games with my "Kamikaze R"... #1 #2 Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Hi all, Ahh... yes... true... forgot to mention that as well - thanks! Leo "Apollo11"
  4. Hi all, How do you like new Match Making (MM) engine introduced with v0.7.4 ? IMHO I like it especially because I don't recall seeing any DD number discrepancy in "Domination" games any more (which were present before 0:1 / 1:2 / 2:3 / 3:4 and if the weaker side lost 1 more DD the game was usually over for them)! BTW, and again IMHO, the one and only thing that is still requiring tweaking is the CV imbalance of experience. CV are so influential (in games where they are present of course ) that any big discrepancy in CV experience between sides usually means the difference between victory and defeat (i.e. the side with much less experienced CV usually hugely suffers). Would it then, perhaps, be possible to, somehow, introduce the "Experience Leveling" for only CVs in MM so that experience of CV is used for Match Making and that no big discrepancies are allowed (i.e. no more beginner "Ranger" vs. Unicum "Saipan" or "Kaga")? Leo "Apollo11"
  5. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Hi all, Nice Kraken game with "Alabama"... Best "Izumo" game thus far (still 100% stock - below 10 games in total)... almost Kraken... Leo "Apollo11"
  6. How to : Old version replays

    Hi all, IIRC some of the popular YouTube WoWs content providers that show interesting games from players on their channel(s) keep ALL different versions of WoWs on their PCs in different folders for such reason (i.e. if someone sends them the replay file for older version they simply use the appropriate version)... very cumbersome but, apparently, functional... Leo "Apollo11"
  7. Hi all, New "Score Timer" is not working for me as well (I use "Side Panels by AutoSpy" BTW)... Leo "Apollo11"
  8. Izumo, Good, Bad, Buff, Nerf

    Hi all, My 1st update... 7 games played... still 100% stock... I play her just like I play my "Musashi" (and I use the same 19 point captain - Yamamoto)... She is really curious thing... I really can't say that I dislike her... Leo "Apollo11"
  9. Defence of Naval Station Newport

    Hi all, I played 3 games alone on Friday (finishing my Russian Captain mission in my "Budyonny") and it was tragic... 3 defeats... imagine CV with 59 (yes 59) EXP after the battle or DDs with lower than 50 EXP (yes lower than 50 EXP)... it was that bad... 100% clueless players... Then on Saturday I played 2 games with @havaduck and few other mates from our clan and it was no problem at all - we got 5 stars easily (I did it in my "Cleveland" and my "Budyonny"! Leo "Apollo11"
  10. How do u tell ur mom ur a Asashio main?

    Hi all, Yesterday I had one UNICUM purple "Asashio" player (unfortunately in opposite team) - he gunned down our "Fletcher" and "Gearing" (and additionally torp killed 1-2 ours oblivious BBs)... Leo "Apollo11"
  11. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    Hi all, "MatchMaking Monitor" https://monitor.pepespub.de/ Leo "Apollo11"
  12. Izumo, Good, Bad, Buff, Nerf

    Hi all, I have just started playing "Izumo" today (before today I simply never got the time to finally transfer my 19 point Yamamoto captain from "Amagi" to "Izumo" and to start the grind - always there were other priorities that required the "Elite Captain XP" required for such transfer)! I will keep you guys informed (thus far 50% - defeat with 82K damage and defeat victory with 38K damage)... Leo "Apollo11"
  13. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Hi all, Nice seeing you as well! It was really disastrous match... our "teammates" (if you can call them that way at all were terribad)... BTW, I won 7 games in a row before that so it must have been a Karma thingie... sorry... Leo "Apollo11"
  14. FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Hi all, I have noticed this again as well after latest v0.7.4.1 patch ... Leo "Apollo11"