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  1. Hi all, Thanks for info Aslain! Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Hi all, Thanks for all replies guys - interesting choices - much appreciated! Leo "Apollo11"
  3. HI all, Aslain, does the "new" WG rules regarding MODs have any impact on your MODPack (I would think "No" but I ask just in case)? Leo "Apollo11"
  4. Hi all, "World of Warships Mod Policy" https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/mod-policy/ Leo "Apollo11"
  5. Hi all, Please delete - Double post (Forum is acting strangely)... Leo "Apollo11"
  6. Hi all, Double Post - please delete (Forum is acting strangely)... Leo "Apollo11"
  7. Hi all, What is the ship you are most "comfortable" with? For me it is the "Montana"... I simply love her... Leo "Apollo11"
  8. Hi all, With latest Aslain's MOD Pack one can install "Player Panel" which indicates the color ("Bronze", "Silver", "Gold", "Platinum") of the clan... it is quite indicative... Leo "Apollo11"
  9. Hi all, "Dropsiq" didn't play in last 21+ days... Leo "Apollo11"
  10. Hi all, This victory was a total surprise... The "Standard" game started badly for us with my team "dying like flies" (and going too far to flanks despite my pledge at the start of the game)... we were constantly 1-2-3-4 ships behind... I was 99% sure that we already lost... I stayed, in my "Missouri", just above our base and suddenly saw info that there will be cyclone in the game... I charged forward and managed to kill their DD... then almost 100% HP enemy BB was sighted close by and I charged and rammed him (he got instantly killed whilst I lost 50% HP after repair and heal)... the enemy CA was killed by friendly BB ("Amagi") behind me after we both heavily hurt him and, suddenly, the path to enemy base was wide open... I asked "Amagi" to go back to our base and defend whilst I entered empty enemy base... those were long minutes there waiting hidden in cyclone while enemy continued to kill our flanking ships (on far far flank) one-by-one... then they tried to hit me firing randomly but, luckily, missed... when CAP capturing timer was equal to my radar time I popped it on and saw that enemy was returning back but that they are still outside my detection in cyclone... pure luck... The game was won (and I am 100% sure that the conversation in enemy chat was not pleasant - they must have been 100% p****d off)! Leo "Apollo11"
  11. HI all, It was great battle - nice sailing with you! Leo "Apollo11"
  12. Hi all, We somehow managed to assemble and play 2 teams for the 5CRUBS and there was 1 team from SCRUBS fighting the ClanWars yesterday! Leo "Apollo11"
  13. Hi all, It never ever happened that someone didn't have the AntiDetonation flag... Leo "Apollo11"
  14. Hi all, The very last thing I ask my teammamtes in the ClanWars before we enter the battle is: "Do we all have the AntiDetonation flag mounted?" Only if the answer is "Yes" we all enter the battle... Leo "Apollo11"
  15. Hi all, Thanks! Leo "Apollo11"