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  1. Hi all, Great work T0by! Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Hi all, 2 Days ago the "Dunkerque" erased me in my "Farragut" with AP just fine... Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Hi all, Meanwhile on RU... Leo "Apollo11"
  4. Hi all, In a hand of good player the RPF is absolutely deadly... "Best example of how powerful RPF is (and in the hand of good player how game winning it can be)..." "Aerroon's" video: "WoWS: Why Is This Game So Difficult?" Leo "Apollo11" Leo "Apollo11"
  5. Hi all, As illustration this was posted in this thread from last year: "Tier X permanent camos are coming?" Leo "Apollo11"
  6. Hi all, Almost full 3 months without any "Super Container"... biggest drought thus far... Leo "Apollo11"
  7. Hi all, Ahh... you are correct... I stand corrected... all other buys I did in "Summer Sale" was for "Premium" ships that I already owned - hence my mistake... thanks for info... BTW, I meant keeping my new "Dunkerque"! Leo "Apollo11"
  8. Hi all, The doubloons in game are always useful (especially with 50% OFF discount)! One can convert the "FreeXP" when there is 1:35 exchange rate, buy "Premium" ships for doubloons (especially when there is additional 15% OFF discount for further savings) and all other useful stuff ("Premium" time etc.)... Leo "Apollo11"
  9. HI all, This is another offer one can't simply refuse... If you like the ship you can keep her for 10 Euros - if you don't like the ship you can sell it for 5.200 Doubloons worth 20 Euros... Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Erroneous entry strikethroughed ( all other buys I did in "Summer Sale" was for "Premium" ships that I already owned - hence my mistake)!
  10. Hi all, Does anyone know something more about: "Nomogram Dynamic Sight" MOD? Leo "Apollo11"
  11. Hi all, Please just compare the 2016 and 2017! I don't see any playerbase drop - I see increase... Leo "Apollo11"
  12. Hi all, Have you guys seen this "Clan Ranking" from "MapleSyrups" stats site? http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20170708/eu_2month/ranking_clan.html Leo "Apollo11"
  13. Hi all, For playerbase just look at the link I posted above (for all servers)! Leo "Apollo11"
  14. Hi all, Exactly... numbers are stable... BTW, you can check yourself this most excellent Server stats site: https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/eu/EU Leo "Apollo11"
  15. Hi all, Nice! Leo "Apollo11"