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  1. Why do you all even reply to a 2 line topic?
  2. Update: Thanks to Tchoumi I added the replay in the first post. When I watched it I burst out laughing. This is just so ridiculous!
  3. You touch another aspect I had in mind, I did not point out yet. This feeling of not being able to control the situation, not being able to influence your teammates in a positiv way leads to a very dangerous road to any project humans get hands on: indifference. I faced so many situation, where I felt completly lost and helpless in the game, the only way I could deal with it I coated myself in indifference. The game forces committing players into indifference! In the result they quit the game or behave even worse in the chat. Why? Because it does not matter anymore! It does not matter anymore if you win or lose. It does not matter anymore if you play as a valuable teammember. In the end the game experience gets worse for all. This can not be the intendent goal of wargaming.
  4. @Ferry_25 I believe you completly overlook a simple aspect you did not yet consider and come to a fatal conclusion. What ever you do in your life you invest time in it. The more time you invest in it the more important it becomes to you. This can be family, work, hobbies. You get it? Considering that your point makes no sense: First of all only people can decide for themselves what is relevant to them and what not. The freedom of choice means freedom to make mistakes. If your dedication gets corrupted by bad experience you have come to a turningpoint, where you have to make a choice. The simple fact I invested so much in the game is the reason why I am telling my story. Therefore your conclusion does not fit in my case. You did not consider what the game is supposed to be. Does this match the experience people have playing the game? I often end up on a stage where I have to argue with people, who believe you can only solve your problems individualy by meditating and get over it. This is the big Illusion of our time (From your point of view for example I have to meditate about my low wages, if I am stressed taking care of old people in a nursing home. Frankly this is [edited]) Some mistakes and problems are caused systematically. Therefor you must approach those issues on another lvl than your individuality. Obviously the developer of WoWs set the rules how this game is played. Thats the place I am arguing. Change the rules for a better gameplay.
  5. Thank you! There not many people, who can read statistics. I did not point it out. I am glad you did. My average winrate on the highest peak was close to 64%. Than I played more often in solo due to my grinding of the the BB Techtree. That resulted in more average damage. My first tier 10 ship was the Gearing, you can probably guess by the numbers of battles I had with her. Most times I lost in a BB is due to lack of supporting and skillfull gameplay of DDs. I pretty much know all perspectives of any shipclass in the game.
  6. I like your attitude. We have similar thoughts in mind. You are probably right.
  7. posted 2 times. not intended
  8. You either read with more care, or you should not judge other players so careless as you do, if you dont have that much experience at tier 10. I would suggest you all stop guessing what happened in the battle. That leads to nowhere. I try to get a replay of one of the players. Can you help me to get a replay of the battle? I did a little painting. Hopefully, you guys might get a better understanding of my movement in this battle. Look here: Thank you all for your concern and support so far.
  9. Guess what?! Clan Wars are currently set on T10 7vs7 [testing].
  10. Once I used this video of Extra Credits to describe how bad game experience negativly effects the game enviroment. Maybe this is the right time to post it here again:
  11. @daki Sorry, but I keep some points short. There are so many suggestions out there I do not want to repeat. The demand for rewarding team play is supportet by many youtubers. Honestly if I have a solution for that phanomen of not commiting players , I would have subscribed at wargaming and get my wages from them. As a player I can only describe my experience and give a vague point of solution.
  12. I've got the feeling Wargaming relies too heavy on statistics to get valuable quantity of information about the status of the game. That does not necessarily mean a analysis of quality, which you only achieve by reading peoples described experience in the forums. If you remember the implementation of the heal for Atago. The ship was bought by many newcomers---> bad ratings in the statistics---> buff needed.
  13. I skip the question, who is responsible. Of course wargaming is the right adress. There are a lot of possible instruments to provide a ground for better play: a rewarding!!! teamplay higher walls in the grinding tech tree before you are allowed to use a ship (Example: from tier 8 you need some kind of a driverlicense for your ship. Pass the test [tutorial] and you are free to go.) The recently implemented Yamamoto missions some how go in this direction, if you watch the achievements. Combine this with the PvE Missions of Dunkirk event you are a huge step closer to an tutorial.
  14. A tier X is actually pretty simple to achieve due to wargamings grinding system: spent money, get some free xp and earn the ship you want. Thats means players have no experience in their ships at all. Since wargaming wants to earn some money, a company needs income no question about it, I have to asume this is intended.