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  1. Blechhaube

    THE most incredible ROFLSTOMP

    I just deinstalled the game. Enough of wasting my live time with people, who are just not worth it.
  2. Blechhaube

    What is the point?

    For the status quo I would agree on that. But I want to highlight a missed opportunity here. Karma could be a good tool to educate people how to play the game. People misbehave in tactics and communications due to the lack of sanctions. Better communication ingame results in better cooperation as well. That for an instant is a result of game theory studies. If wargaming would invest time into game theory they could develope a huge potential in improving their game.
  3. Blechhaube

    Game play is broken for me

    Well done! I am truly amazed this thread is sitll alive. Don't spoil it folks! The downhill of game experience is my topic for 2 years now. In the past people kept saying I should look for solutions on an individual scale like stop playing for a while etc. But you guys found common ground more or less here about the issue. This is really rare. I ended up in studying game theory for clues, what is happening in wows. But people don't invest time into game theory in order to understand. Why should developers spent time studying game theory anyway? I got tired of writing against the "downfall". I even deinstalled the game for a while. Guess what happened, when I reinstalled the game! My winrate is increasing again after years of decline. Time for your tinfoil head! In the end only you decide how you spend your time. Don't waste your lifetime, if playing wows just doesn't feel right. But never lose track of a very simple truth: game designer design their game as they see fit. They design the tools of how people play their game. The situation in random battles of wows won't change as long as wargaming staff members believe the chaos caused by players is a feature of their game.
  4. Blechhaube

    What is the point?

    Just link your most trusted Wargaming employee and make a reasonable argument. You can also just write a private message, if you have concerns. But do not expect them to scan the forum constantly for valuable content @Crysantos ( sorry for taking you as an example :D )
  5. Blechhaube

    Chat Ban Rules

    That is just ![edited]! awesome :D
  6. Blechhaube

    Chat Ban Rules

    I did not mean to lecture you. I am a foreigner to english language. There are certain phrases and terms I am simply not used to. There might be others with similiar experience. I wished I would work on a ship as well. At least I've got some romantic images in mind. What Link does not work? my clan tag?
  7. Blechhaube

    What is the point?

    :D No need. I tend to get the most Karma points during ranked battles for good play. and I lose karma points for venting in chat. just as you described. I make another preassumption: you get less positive karma points in random battles due to players leaving the match before the end, or not having the knowledge to distinguish a good player from the bad. I have got no database to work with, I've got nothing but my preassumptions :P. Might be wrong or might be only partly right. :)
  8. Blechhaube

    Chat Ban Rules

    In case you got it wrong. Just what I said.
  9. Blechhaube

    What is the point?

    Wasn't my point either. Ask any streamer or clan member of a competitive clan (even forum members) about their actual karma points. these karma points are significantly higher, than of the average player. Why is that? If people recognize a name they tend to give a positive karma point for just knowing somebody. Since streamer have many eyes on them as well as competitive gamers it measures popularity. Since there is no scale on how many points mean what, it strongly favors my point of Karma being only an indicator of fame and popularity. Counting popularity is contradictory to "good" behaviour. Ask yourself what karma is actualy measuring?
  10. Blechhaube

    Chat Ban Rules

    @Captain_Breeze just take your pride in being chat banned. swearing is part of human conversation. That does not mean you have to insult other people!!! Sometimes the chat ban hits the correct people with hot temper. But sometimes it goes all wrong. For example: using the word oxymoron can get you chat banned at least in World of Tanks. watch here: in case you wonder what oxymoron means look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxymoron Since I am a fan of arguments based on evidence I can't help to showcase you this: swearing helps to reduce some pain. look here: some game experience is simply pain on a variety of scale. but wargaming staff members would never admit it. they say it is a feature of random battles.
  11. Blechhaube

    What is the point?

    Can we all agree to Karma is a joke of itself? The people with high fame and popularity gain the most karma points. It is as simple as that. Karma is an indicator for fame and popularity. But the peak of the iceberg is the poor judgement of people, who deliver their negative karma points to anybody, who do not fit their mood. Karma does not work as intended mostly. or does anybody of wargaming staff has any numbers to offer, how many people are banned for being afk or insulting other players? Which is another topic of its own. Wargaming does not know, how to improve further features in their games? How about to stop pretending game destroying behaviour is a feature of random battles? This opens borders for vast gameplay improvment in years.
  12. Je besser die Spieler über das Spiel bescheid wissen, umso eher wird es zu Synergien kommen, die zum Sieg führen. Gute Spieler ergänzen sich sehr gut, weil sie die taktische Situation eher erfassen als andere. Das ist nicht nur eine Frage des Zufalls. Und genauso groß ist der Einfluss auf den Ausgang des Spiels jedes einzelnen Spielers. Dein Impact ist größer als die meisten Spieler von sich denken. Manche Spieler sind absolut ignorant, welchen Einfluss sie durch ihr Spielverhalten auf den Ausgang des Spiels haben. Das ist für alle Beteiligten nur schwer erträglich. Es ist legitim den TO auf seinen spielerischen Beitrag in taktischen Situationen hinzuweisen. Es ist aber unzulässig, den TO aufgrund seiner Stats jedes Argument absprechen zu wollen. Das sind ad hominem Argumente. Beispiel: "Deine Stats sind schlecht, du hast nichts zu melden". Du empörst dich an der richtigen Stelle, aber du begründest es falsch, wenn du schreibst "ihr seid arrogant". Das ist eben auch ein ad hominem Argument. Wenn ihr euch also nur solche ad hominem Argumente um die Ohren schmeißt, kommt ihr keinen Schritt weiter. Worum ging es dem TO doch gleich? Taktik und Spielverständnis? Erklärt dem TO, was er vieleicht im Spiel übersieht. Zeigt ihm auf, wie er seine Stats nutzen kann, um sich gezielt zu verbessern. Aber lasst doch bitte dieses, "Du bist zu doof für das Spiel" Blala.
  13. Herzlich Willkommen im Affenzirkus von WoWs, da wo narzistische Bespaßer dein Spielerlebnis maßgeblich bestimmen. Dieses ad hominem Argument kannst du dir sparen. Selbst wenn er selber nicht der größte Taktiker ist, weißt du ganz genau, wovon er spricht.
  14. Guess what? Yeah! Not one single BB went after the objective. Battle was decided after 2:30 minutes Results I don't think people enjoy themselves playing as poorly as they do. On top of it, this happens regularly on tier X. The MM constantly decides the battle for me like this to a point where the game loses all sense to play.
  15. Blechhaube

    Entwickler-Bulletin 0.8.7

    Ehrlicherweise ist das kein Problem, dass Wargaming als Firma alleine hat. Das Phänomen trifft mehr oder minder auf so ziemlich jedes Multiplayerspiel zu, welches auf sportlichen Wettbewerb und Kooperation ausgelegt ist. Im Grunde genommen, ist das ein tiefes soziales Problem, was weit über Wargaming hinaus geht. Ich erwarte nicht, dass Wargaming uns morgen den Heiligen Gral liefert, aber auf einen ernsthaften Versuch kommt es mir an. Eine ganze akademische Disziplin setzt sich schon seit Jahren damit auseinander. Da könnte man ansetzen.