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  1. I suppose as long as its only posted once per battle there's no harm in it. to be fair after how long players on here have been playing MMOs and F2P games (im sure many of you play multiple games of these genres) the vast majority have learnt to ignore recruitment adds by now
  2. to be fair I liked it back in the day when the IJN ships had the flags on the arse end of their ships. it really suited the lower tier carriers like the Zuiho and Ryujo
  3. my main thought is on the aircraft, both the Me262 and Ta 152 were very heavy aircraft needing long runways to take off would they have been suitable for carrier operations?
  4. If I didn't know any better I'd suspect you were the one who filed the complaint Bellegar (yes that was a joke) but I agree Wargaming is in a bit of pickle give into to the PRoC they risk upsetting their Taiwanese consumers, don't give in and they risk losing their foothold into Mainland china's online gaming scene. not the best place to be stuck
  5. according to the Asia forum post the laughable 'controversy' is not so much the flag but the fact that the offending post classified Taiwan (rightfully so) as a nation apparently recognizing Taiwanese independence and therefore equal to mainland china (who regard Taiwan as a automonous province and little more) (yes.. that is over simplifying it) this is more of a case of a poorly worded post than a indescret jab at mainlanders @Tuccy any chance of a statement on this laughable attempt at 'controversy' or are you boys (and girls) too busy having a good giggle at the level of pettiness the chinese mainlanders have shown too?
  6. that's just plain pathetic. when Commie china have their own snowflake server with fake nations what does it matter that a legitimate flag is within the real game their whitewashing populace will never play? tell the chinese to go F themselves the NATION of taiwan naval ensign should stay period
  7. 0.6.14

    this is why I question why US Dive bombers cannot switch between bomb types will they are on the carrier deck in the same manner that normal ships can switch between AP and HE ammo. I would speculate having that added versatility would be a appetizing trade off to IJN traits.
  8. Well I guess ive been lucky with the random name generator I've got no duplicates that been said the Mr and Mrs Althaus must have been busy... two thirds of my german fleet are captained by their children!
  9. I suppose I should ask here as you do your level best to skirt around this question every time this is asked. with the constant aim to make US carriers more dive bomber heavy why wont you allow US carrier players to change their dive bomber loadouts mid game in the same way DD,CC and BB can switch between HE and AP shells? taking AP bombs only really make you useful against battleships (and it often seems like only german battleships at that). by giving US carrier dive bombers that ordinance versatility you can reduce their T-Bomber effectiveness to maintain a bigger difference between the 2 nations and a additional question if as you say the Carrier revamp is a still long way off will we see a 3rd carrier line or a carrier line split before the revamp arrives? since leaving the beta we have had:- 2 Battleship lines (with another on the way) 4 Cruiser lines (and one split on the way) 2 Destroyer lines (3 if you combine the two line splits and another full line on the way) Carriers have not had a single new silver line addition since the IJN-CV/USN-BB update towards the end of the closed Beta
  10. compared to the Armoured Core and Chromehounds forums, not to mention Battlefield 3 forums? aside from the occasional halfwit on a self righteous crusade to remove certain classes from the game despite have zero experience in using them these forums are pretty pleasant. even the provebial s**tstorms are pretty tame
  11. if this is a prelude to BBabies getting a much needed AA nerf then I'm all for it as it means carrier players can focus on capital ships again though I'm still wondering when this 'year of the carrier' @Sub_Octavian promised will ever materialize if ever. this makes it 0 for 2 in years you've promised to give carriers some positive attention instead of using a sledge hammer to nerf them into oblivion...
  12. the 'rising sun' is still used by the JMSDF as its official ensign. only in Koren and chinese ports will a JMSDF ship replace it with the sun spot the bigger irony to me is that while some countries ban both flags (symbols of oppression legislation like Greece, Italy, Germany). the Hammer and Sickle and communist iconography that Wargaming loves to plaster all over everything is banned out right in more countries than the Swastika and Nazi iconography.
  13. @Leo_Apollo11 apart from a Ceasar salad is a American dish not Italian. one story is the dish was concocted by a showman hosting a minor dinner party for friends at the Ceasar's casino in las vegas when he realised he'd ran out of ingredients for his salad dressing and ad-hoc'd it with garlic, anchovy and mayonase. and the salad got its name from the casino the other story (more probable) was that the dressing was created by a one Caesar Cardini, an italian immigrant in San diego as a exotic flair for his neices birthday meal still a good reference though
  14. more of a request to ease modding but how about splitting the flag file down into 3 sections? National flags: the ship ensigns themselves Special flags: the trash event flags, bonus flags etc Signals: signal and such because I use a modified flag file im having to re-do the file nearly every other update (both minor and major) usually because yet another pointless event flag has been added to the line up. by splitting the falg file down you'll make it easier for modders to alter the flags and should save you reorganising the flag DDS every time
  15. whom ever came up with this mechanic change should be sacked while the RN cruisers are far from unplayable, they need some serious attention to make them viable again increase the range, give them Destroyer smoke, (so you can actually lay smoke screens instead of struggling to decide on 1 puff of smoke or 2) reduce the firing arc, increase shell velocity or get rid or the inferior SAP and give them good old HE and AP, I dont care which but make them worth using again