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  1. Last_Argonaut

    Fara vs WG Lead Designer on CV rework

    that's supposed to be professional and PR approved response @Sub_Octavian @MrConway? who are you taking lessons from? EA? If I answered a challenge or query from a paying client with simply i'd be looking at my P45 (or pink slip if you prefer) very sharpish
  2. theres a rather old saying thats fitting here "If you cant take the heat stay out of the kitchen" S_O set himself up to take a hit over the back lash from the GC being raised a tier alongside this farce of a CV rework as well as the 'hotfix' that f**ked it up even more and didnt like the reaction on reddit which was kind of a bit like this:- to for S_O react like this:- and to run away the second the feedback turned extremely negative while being both constructive and non constructive reflects very poorly on Sub_Octavian and Sub_Octavian alone sorry but I have very little sympathy for him.
  3. Last_Argonaut

    New CVs

    I'd like to get my sky raiders back the Saipan looked far better with aircraft that actually saw active service on the deck compared to prototypes that flopped
  4. Last_Argonaut

    New CVs

    we are well aware of where the 'feedback' goes with your dev team. you blatantly ignored the feedback from CV jockeys and testers from the get go with this farce of a rework so whats the point in trying to spin that yarn?
  5. Last_Argonaut

    Sorry but i have to say it

    I have to argue that depends heavily on the class they need to change. Carriers and Destroyers have been hit with multiple sledge hammer sized changes and nerfs. Battleships barely get hit with toffee hammer sized changes out of fear of upsetting the battleship punters
  6. a refund can be received it will be in the doubloon value of the ship if you want the monetary value of the ship refunding? (as in you purchased the ship through the store and not in game) here's a pretty accurate depiction of Wargaming's reaction
  7. will I keep playing? probably... but the amount of hours I put into the game will drastically reduce (more so than it already has reduced now). the RN carriers were the only ship line I've had my eye on (even if I only really played the class in Co-op!) I liked carriers as they were and did my best to make them work for me despite the complete and utter failure of a dev team with neither the competency nor interest to try and make the RTS style of carrier game play work. (I think it screams volumes about their capabilities when the players that used the class to the 'N'th degree and a select few Community contributors understood the class mechanics better that the people who feckin' designed them!) this new CV game play? a complete bastardisation of 2 failed concepts (that would be world of warplanes and the guided missile gameplay they were testing a few years back)? it's boring as sin after the first few games and all the flashiness and "oh look its new!" has worn off. I seriously doubt it will make the carrier player population rise to the intended level and stay stable. BB mains are just going to go back to sailing in straight lines on the boarders of the map clicking their left mouse button every 30 or so seconds before flooding the Forums and crying that every other class is overpowered because in their minds only another battleship should be able to damage to a Battleship. DD mains are still going to hug their Islands and play peek a boo with all the radar cruisers in the smoke. the only difference to me is that DDs will rise in the rankings to become the hardest class to play (thats my personal opinion... your mileage my vary) CC mains are going to do what Cruiser do best. working their arse's off like blue blooded heroes as the true workhorses of their fleets. as I've said a few times if I wanted to fly the Feckin' aircraft I'll boot up Warthunder thanks I'll will be eagerly watching for the population stats once the 'fad' of new carrier gameplay dies down.
  8. Last_Argonaut

    [cv rework] planes can find DDs with RPF now ?

    well if @Sub_Octavian thinks that the current player base is too stupid/inept to do more than 2 things at once (hence why you have no controls for your carrier while 'flying' your planes) then dumbing CV gameplay down even further to the point of holding a players hand for them the entire match doesn't suprise me in the slightest
  9. Last_Argonaut

    [cv rework] no carrier limit ?

    the fact that Wargaming rushed ahead to get the Russian navy in game before several of the 'big 5' national navies of that time period had been implemented says other wise
  10. being a bit hypocritical arnt you? where was this attitude when the Battleship Babies were yet again whinging because ships other than another battleship was a actual threat to them in game? or when they didn't like how many fires were starting on their hulls? or when Aircraft were too much for them and the Devs had to buff BB AA level to outclass cruisers to shut them up? or how about when they buffed BB rudder crap time to appease their whinging about being too easy to hit with torpedoes?
  11. Last_Argonaut

    Fara on carrier rework

    That sounds interesting (and at the same time a good way to make the UK carriers different with their heavily armoured flight decks reducing the downtime) but surely if you were going to have a crash landing chance for carriers you'd need to have a 'missfire' chance for guns and torpedoes too. having a damage/outage RNG roll thats about the same level of 'fun and engaging' as being detonated purely on one class would not really be fair especially if the dev team's claims are true and they are actually trying (and failing) to attract new players to the ship line they have hopelessly mismanaged from day one
  12. Last_Argonaut

    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    I think that once again just like how quickly they plastered submarines all over WoWS to cover up the rework 'updates' the fact that they quickly overshadowed the criminally hash job of a carrier 'rework' with a 100% fictious line of battleships from a nation with no place in a naval game screams volumes about *edited* how 'well' the new carriers are going to be received by the general public.
  13. Last_Argonaut

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    10k free exp... greeeeeaaat! just what I need to go with the other 200+k I had saved up for the up coming British carriers... Riiiiiiiiiight up to the point the devs went full retard and ruined the carriers to cater for the battleship babies. so thats 210+k Free exp now with nothing worth using it on... happy days I guess
  14. ok... @Sub_Octavian, @Tuccy so let me get this straight... your answer to fixing the problem that not enough players are playing the class is to... change the gameplay so it is boring as sin to anyone with more than 2 brain cells (so perfectly suited to battleship babies then eh?) and then remove half of the fecking ships? seriously?.. all this debacle shows that that lesta's dev team have neither the capability nor the interest to actually make the class work. I cant even imagine how many man hours used making the ships and planes of this class you have wasted with this. If I made such inept decisions as this in my place of work I would be looking at my P45 (or pink slip if your prefer), a card box box for all my stuff and being shown the bloody door!
  15. Last_Argonaut

    RN CV's in testing

    that really depends on how you are reacting to 'rework' for someone who is liking the rework it'll be along the lines of "it's about damned time" from some one who is not impressed by the rework the reaction is probably more on the lines of "way to kick your existing carrier jockeys while they are down @Sub_Octavian"