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  1. Aukai

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    10k free exp... greeeeeaaat! just what I need to go with the other 200+k I had saved up for the up coming British carriers... Riiiiiiiiiight up to the point the devs went full retard and ruined the carriers to cater for the battleship babies. so thats 210+k Free exp now with nothing worth using it on... happy days I guess
  2. ok... @Sub_Octavian, @Tuccy so let me get this straight... your answer to fixing the problem that not enough players are playing the class is to... change the gameplay so it is boring as sin to anyone with more than 2 brain cells (so perfectly suited to battleship babies then eh?) and then remove half of the fecking ships? seriously?.. all this debacle shows that that lesta's dev team have neither the capability nor the interest to actually make the class work. I cant even imagine how many man hours used making the ships and planes of this class you have wasted with this. If I made such inept decisions as this in my place of work I would be looking at my P45 (or pink slip if your prefer), a card box box for all my stuff and being shown the bloody door!
  3. Aukai

    RN CV's in testing

    that really depends on how you are reacting to 'rework' for someone who is liking the rework it'll be along the lines of "it's about damned time" from some one who is not impressed by the rework the reaction is probably more on the lines of "way to kick your existing carrier jockeys while they are down @Sub_Octavian"
  4. you'll have to forgive me but I think I'll pass. while I only used them in Co-op (im crap with them and not ashamed to admit it only getting as far as the Hiryu in the closed beta) I enjoyed playing the carriers as they were. the gameplay you've shown bored me to tears. the UK Carriers were the only up coming ship line I had my eye on and if that's all I've got to look forward to I dont think I'll be sinking as many hours into them as I intended if any I know I sound like a broken record (i've said it enough times) but if i wanted to fly the planes I'd either boot up a simulator or I'll go play Warthunder thanks. this half assed bastardisation of one of your failures (world of warplanes) combined with another (guided missile gameplay) does not interest me. and call me a cynic but the speed wargaming plastered over the carrier rework announcement to try to cover up the forming cracks screams volumes about Lesta's own faith in the success of the carrier rework.
  5. Aukai

    Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    being able to do that thing battleship babies continue to struggle to grasp the concept of... using the W.A.S.D hack to dodge incoming fire and torpedoes
  6. Aukai

    Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    you'll have to forgive me for being the negative nancy here but that gameplay looks incredibly dull to me not to mention without any real way to control your carrier your flat top is nothing more than a exp pinata for the enemy team. it doesnt take a genius to know where all the big guns are going to be aiming the second a CV is spotted Fixed that for you
  7. Aukai

    Submarines ingame?

    adding submarines stinks of desperation to me especially with the carrier rework so close. if anything it reads volumes in their confidence over their plans with the Carrier class that they feel need to gloss over their ineptitude to develop and balance one class properly with a shock announcement regarding a brand spanking new class type. Im not going to lie I didnt think Submarines would ever be added. while its a arcade game and all the amount of stat fiddling they are going to have to do to balance them is huge. pretty much all WW2 to early cold war submarines were faster on the surface barely able to make 12 knots submerged. you've got a entire class of ships that when submerged is slower than the slowest surface ship (either the Langley or Bogue) in the game. Submarines were never part of a surface fleets co-ordination. they operated outside of the battle plans picking off targets of opportunity and policing up downed airmen not to mention animating and balancing surface ship counter measures... I look forwards to the visual spectacle of the Hedgehog system used by UK and US fleets or the Russian Smerch being fired @Sub_Octavian!
  8. Aukai

    CV Rework Discussion

    I cant say I'm impressed with what I'm seeing. my prediction was right on the mark and the monkeys devs have taken the easy route by cobbling that SSM game play they were testing with the Russian destroyers they cancelled with the carrier gameplay to make a rather crap looking flight sim type mash up I can now see why all the CCs who actually took the time to learn how to play carriers hate the 're-work' and all those that are too brainless to use anything other than battleships love it to bits. they couldn't have fucked this up for the dedicated carrier enthusiasts any more than this if they tried I said it when the re work was announced and it seems fitting to repeat it Personally @Sub_Octavian I'll take the monetary worth of the premium carrier I have in a direct refund if you dont mind I have no need for the doubloons. the only ship line I was stock piing for was for the UK carriers and now i dont think I'll be bothering.
  9. Aukai

    New pink/orange names seem VERY sensitive..

    while its frustrating when there is 'that guy' who you believe ran into your torpedo in purpose ultimately:- YOUR TORPEDO, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY you are responsible for deciding when and where you launch your torpedoes. You can blitz through 9 co-op games pretty quickly. I find playing tier 4 or 5 destroyers (the AI is far better at torpedoing their own team than the actual players) on co-op make for very quick games
  10. Aukai

    Worcester - excuse me?

    half assed minotaur? Sonar, Radar, Heal and Anti Air panic mode all at the same time? plus its not lumped with SAP as its only ammo type thats hardly half assed, aside from losing smoke and torps its either on par with or a improvement over the minotaur. and so much for the 'year of the carrier' eh @Sub_Octavian? if you are so determined to wipe out your carrier base completely at least grow the stones to tell it up front instead of making false promises and dragging it out for your CV enthusiasts.
  11. Aukai

    Carrier Rework and the artificial fog around it

    Is it me or does the vague description of the new carrier gameplay sound similar to what the Monkeys Devs were describing when they explained why they axed the Anti ship missiles they were testing on the 3rd over embelished filthy communist *cough* Russian destroyer tree during last years Games-con in Germany? "Guiding one squad of planes at a time and targeting where you want to hit yourself" "Guiding one missile at a time across the map to hit targets, it was lots of fun but completely over powered" I'm not going to lie I am not impressed with what little information we have been given. despite being p**s poor with carriers (hence I only really use them in Co-op... my closed beta results in PvP were... laughable) I enjoy the RTS genre and despite the uphill battle with the garbage Ui I had fun using them. to be overly blunt about it If i want to fly a plane around the map shooting other planes and bombing targets I'll play feckin' warthunder thanks
  12. so we got another yet another 'year of the carrier' pledge to go with the both the 2016 and 2017 promises. both of which wargaming has nothing to show for it other than some questionably balanced premium vessels and a hail mary attempt that failed so badly it left them with the ball in their own ten yard zone and possession of the egg shaped ball firmly in the hands of the opposing team. you'll have to forgive me for not believing any of it until we actually see progress being made
  13. Aukai

    Finally some good news for CV fans

    the same way they got the phantoms through, took 'em apart, carried them through piece by piece and re-assembled them in the 'special region'
  14. Aukai

    Finally some good news for CV fans

    to be fair the anime did well to stick to the manga (aside from creating a new camo patern for the JSDF troops to make it easier to animate) though only the manga explains why the JSDF chose to transport phantoms though the gate and reassemble them on the other side
  15. Aukai

    Twitch Q&A 15/02

    "Update on the Carrier re-work?" you've promised a carrier revamp (the so called 'year of the carrier' pledge) for the past 2 years and have nothing to show for it aside from nerf after questionable nerf to the class, a bunch of controversial premium carriers (despite claims that premium carriers were off the menu until the revamp was done), a hail-mary attempt that flopped so hard someone on the dev team should have been handed their pink slip (that would be the graf Zep debacle) and a clan based game mode where you actively discriminated against Carrier users Isnt it about time you stopped treating your carrier player base like 4th class citizens and give them some news that is actually positive for a change?