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  1. Twitch Q&A 15/02

    "Update on the Carrier re-work?" you've promised a carrier revamp (the so called 'year of the carrier' pledge) for the past 2 years and have nothing to show for it aside from nerf after questionable nerf to the class, a bunch of controversial premium carriers (despite claims that premium carriers were off the menu until the revamp was done), a hail-mary attempt that flopped so hard someone on the dev team should have been handed their pink slip (that would be the graf Zep debacle) and a clan based game mode where you actively discriminated against Carrier users Isnt it about time you stopped treating your carrier player base like 4th class citizens and give them some news that is actually positive for a change?
  2. I dont see how to be honest. how will forcing USN carriers to use slower, weaker aircraft be a positive change? will they be competitive in matches facing tier X AA and IJN aircraft? from what I've seen in game (obversation only) the Midway already suffers because of its Tier 8 TBs are chewed up without fear by overpowered BB AA let alone dedicated AA cruisers. I dont see how forcing USN players to take the dogfighter perk as standard is helping balance the game
  3. HMS Hermes

    you should hear the sound of her engine on warthunder, that supercharged prop is simply divine when in cockpit view~ but yes... my dream Tier X carrier would have Seafurys as interceptors and Wyvrens as TB/DBs or as fighter bombers
  4. HMS Hermes

    HMS Victorious served briefly in the US navy to bolster their pacific fleet after the loss of USS Hornet and the heavy damaging of USS Enterprize. During that time her complement of UK aircraft were left at pearl harbour and the ship took on squadrons of USN wildcats and Avengers operating under the callsign 'Robin' as a british crewed carrier with american pilots aboard. in the same was as using a Bogue as a Tier V premium with british aircraft (while overly simplifying somewhat) part of the work has already been done. HMS Victorious/Robin = Aircraft already in game, Carrier to render HMS Ruler = Aircraft need to be rendered or altered/ Carrier in game and just needs a unique skin designing I would expect that there will be a illustrious class in the tech tree line (hopfully) at the same tier as Victorious so I wouldn't see a issue with premium UK aircraft carriers with US aircraft on board as long as the Silver tree ships have purely british aircraft aboard in the first place
  5. HMS Hermes

    well Tuccy hinted a while back they might use the UK carriers as a test bed for fighter-bombers (capable of targeting both air and ground targets) and the possibility of rockets but only time will tell what they pull out of their posteriors
  6. HMS Hermes

    if at all the first premium UK CV to me should be HMS Victorious with lend/lease aircraft. (Initially I would have argued for Avengers and Wildcats but with the Wildcat being dropped down to tier 5 a while back I think it would have to carry Hellcats or take a Saipan approach and use smaller squadrons of corsairs) or a Ruler class escort carrier (a bogue) with British aircraft aboard (sea hurricanes and swordfish) but then who's going to want a Tier 5 premium carrier with CV gameplay restricted the way it is now until you reach tier 6? the british designed enough aircraft carriers and planes to fill the entire tree. I'm not going to lie, I really dont want to see Wargaming taking the lazy way out and recycling USN aircraft and CVs on the tech tree line. keep any lend/lease options as purely premium options or as a split off further down the games development. I have to agree with T0byjug, the Hermes should be the UKs starting carrier
  7. HMS Hermes

    they said that last time and we still somehow ended up with the Kaga, Enterprise and botched hail=mary Graf Zeppelin last year
  8. HMS Cossack soon here :)

    Isnt the Pennant number/registration wrong?
  9. I'm speculating but I think he refers to the reduction of backup aircraft taken up by the additional wing of dive bombers if memory serves with the 1-1-0 setup you had a full reserve squadron + 2 extra torpedo bombers with the Bogue refit, which I suppose was useful in PvE games
  10. Huanghe - what do people think?

    the Huang He... a what if ship of what might of happened if the PRC had actually paid the Russians for getting her off the harbour floor after the Taiwanese airforce put her there (unless you are a Chinese person then in the same manner the Wheraboos deny the bismark was sunk ["she was scuttled dammit!"] the Taiwanese didn't sink her, the crew of the ship scuttled her in a act of epic heroicness) instead of acting surprised "what do you mean it wasn't a free service?!" when the bill arrived a 10 foot barge pole and extreme reluctance to touch certain objects with it comes to mind
  11. PA DD: T8 is the one to skip

    its a early-mid war destroyer built by the British
  12. Regarding clan advertisement ingame …

    I suppose as long as its only posted once per battle there's no harm in it. to be fair after how long players on here have been playing MMOs and F2P games (im sure many of you play multiple games of these genres) the vast majority have learnt to ignore recruitment adds by now

    to be fair I liked it back in the day when the IJN ships had the flags on the arse end of their ships. it really suited the lower tier carriers like the Zuiho and Ryujo
  14. my main thought is on the aircraft, both the Me262 and Ta 152 were very heavy aircraft needing long runways to take off would they have been suitable for carrier operations?
  15. If I didn't know any better I'd suspect you were the one who filed the complaint Bellegar (yes that was a joke) but I agree Wargaming is in a bit of pickle give into to the PRoC they risk upsetting their Taiwanese consumers, don't give in and they risk losing their foothold into Mainland china's online gaming scene. not the best place to be stuck