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  1. Whichata_001

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    FGS buff the T4 and T6 CVs and give the IJN their torps back. W
  2. Whichata_001

    Over-nerfed CVs

    First off, let me say I have not played CVs over T6, so the problems of T10 CVs in the new rework didn't affect me. My complaints are with the lower tiers, both 4 and 6. Using T4 to learn the new system before the patch, the biggest problem was the waste of aircraft. In a six plane unit, only one attacks at a time. WTF? Why can't we split the formation like in the old rules? Three from one side and three from another. Dodging torps is so easy when there's only ONE. In T6, only three planes out of nine? The rest get the crap shot out of them whilst having no effect whatsoever. Dropping T6 CVs in a tier 8 game is just an easy way of allowing other players to farm damage on you. After the patch, it's gotten even worse. Please de-nerf the T4 and T6 CVs in the next patch to give us a fighting chance. Under the old rules, you could launch and alpha strike. Now, it's just penny packets. This is not how CVs should play. WG should remember that CVs are the queens of the sea (untill we get nuclear attack boats in game). Give us lower tier plebs our fighting power back, please. W
  3. Whichata_001

    General Feedback

    Once again WG are trying to get something for nothing. Stupid replies to my question of how to register my test server account at my email address have resulted in two replies of utter dross. When will they learn that employing half trained slugs in their customer service department doesn't wash? Yet another example of WG worming their way out of giving the promised bonus' to testers. CINCSAC
  4. Whichata_001

    Slight delay in rewards of public test 0.5.10

    I've checked both of my email addresses, tried the link above and still nothing. What on earth does that mean? The address I use for the normal game or the address I had to create SPECIFICALLY for the public test? Either way, zip, nada, zero, zilch....! CINCSAC
  5. Whichata_001

    Slight delay in rewards of public test 0.5.10

    Just what does that mean? Will the codes go to your normal wargaming email address or the one you use to access the public test? CINCSAC
  6. Whichata_001

    Who gave bots laser targetting?

    Following this latest patch, I last about three or four minutes in game. Every bot in range hits and my health goes to zero in nothing flat. Who programmes these things and why are they in never miss/set on fire/destroy engines or rudder with first shot mode? CINCSAC
  7. Whichata_001

    Anyone got an updated Ship Contour icons (DeceasedDaisy)

    I'll second this request. These are the most clear and simple icons out there at the mo. W
  8. Whichata_001

    Looking to platoon/division

    PM sent.
  9. Whichata_001

    Ship Balance and Matchmaking Changes (Round 2)

    How come every first shot at a DD knocks out the steering and / or engines? Some of those heavy rounds would surely pass straight through the tin can armour? Why does it take forever to turn the guns on a Japanese DD? They are only light little things anyways. A 120 sec reload for the T10 DDs? C'mon. They are the same torps after all. W
  10. Whichata_001

    Guarding your CVs

    Hmmmmm.! Topic seems to have been lost here. The whole point of guarding your CV with an AA capable CA is to protect it from enemy airstrikes, whilst at the same time allowing his/her fighters to do some early spotting for the team. It also allows your teams strike aircraft a free(er) reign to strike the enemy fleet, which, after all, is what they're there for. If WoW won't give any points for a CA spending the whole game protecting the CV which I have done twice, there is no benefit to the protecting player to do so. After all, points make prizes.! Admittedly in the second game the CA driver told me he was out of aircraft and to go and join the fun, which was nice, but most seem to spend their game wandering about the rear areas or jammed into an island, making themselves sitting ducks. Some XP or maybe a confederate badge or something of that ilk would be nice. Just sayin'. W
  11. Whichata_001

    Guarding your CVs

    One of those nice helpful hints and tips before the start of every game, prattles on about protecting your CVs. Yet when you do, you receive no XP, just an admonition that 'you haven't proved yourself'. C'mon developers, encourage 'proper' gameplay. Why would you protect your CV when you gain nothing for it.? No awards, XP, zip. Whichata.001
  12. Whichata_001

    What ships do you not want to see in future patches?

    Any 'What If' ships. They really spoil the tech trees. If WoW cannot incorporate upgrades that were actually fitted to ships that existed, i.e. the Furutaka does not get the late thirties upgrade to three twin turrets, then why waste time on ships that never existed? W