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  1. alexkon3

    ST 0.9.11, changes to Italian Battleships

    I expected to read that 0they've fixed the model of VV....
  2. alexkon3

    ST 0.9.11 - 0.9.12, new ships. (DB 90)

    Yes, pls WG fix Vittorio Veneto and the names. Roma, the only differently looking ship of the Littorio class, should NOT be the representative of the whole class. It looks vastly different compared to the rest. You always say how historical accurate the game is and how every ship is based on original blueprints, so why did you lower the bar when it comes to Italian Battleships? Why can you make the 2 Richelieus different from each other? The 2 Bismarcks? Why did it work here? I absolutely doubt you lack the funds for this. Pls overthink this and give VV her real model
  3. alexkon3

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships (DB 81)

    i find both sad and funny. Like thy didn't even "base" it on roma, they just straight up copied her lol. I still hope WG will change their mind regarding this
  4. alexkon3

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships (DB 81)

    I honestly still can't believe that they said this: were they ever this extremly lazy with a ship main line? Even every dumb soviet Paper Battleship has its own freaking model, so why are they this lazy here???
  5. alexkon3

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships (DB 81)

    Who knows, since they can't even be bothered to make a model for VV they maybe will use one model for the rest of the ships too
  6. I honestly woud've expected a least a little bit of effort. But seemingly thats what we have to expect now. How absolutley great WG, they can't even be bothered to make model for the ships they release. How great.
  7. I think this kind of opinion so odd in a game that is pretty much only about ships. Like if we go this route we could also just play with pixel blocks for all it matters. And honesty I think this is a matter of principle. We can't let WG get away with that. Everywhere they proclaim far and wide how accurate their game is and they care so much about historical accuracy. They "recreate every model from original blueprints" so thats all just bs after all? They can pump out paperships, stupid cross over bs like transformers, 40k, event garbage for Halloween that is ultra detailed but making a historical accurate model of a ship is suddenly not worth it? I don't think we should let this stand. Its absolutely terrible. Strasbourg and Dunkerque. Richelieu and Jean Bart, Tirpitz and Bismarck can all look different with their own unique things but here they just didn't care. I think this is just super lazy as hell and I don't think we should let this stand.
  8. I just can't believe it. It's an absolute travesty. I have never heard such a stupid reasoning ever. What can we do to change this? Like there has to be a way. Like its not even "based" on Roma its just a bloody copy of the ship.
  9. Well I guess they were lying when they say this: What else can we do that maybe changes WGs mind or draw their attention to it?
  10. alexkon3

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships (DB 81)

    Probs because she is premium and thats what WG cares the most about it seems
  11. alexkon3

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships (DB 81)

    I think the Kongo modeled ingame is actually Hiei. Its just especially stupid since Roma looks so very different compared to the other two ships. She is not really a representative of the class at all imo she is perfect as a Premium since she looks so unique.
  12. I still can't believe this. I hope its just a joke or something. There is pretty much no other chance to see this ship in the near future in a game. We'd probably have to wait for WT to add Battleships in like 1000000000 years and then another 100000000 years for them to add them to italy and then we'd have to grind for that same amount of time to unlock them.
  13. alexkon3

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships (DB 81)

    So seemingly someone on reddit asked the devs about the VV model and they said: which I hope is either a joke or something they will overthink because this does not make sense at all. Why is literally the only ship of the class that looks different to the rest the representative of the whole class? This some of the worst reasoning I ever heard. Pls WG think this through
  14. So quoting from someone at reddit: if this really is true then this is probably the dumbest reason I ever heard. This feels more like a lazy rush job then a real reason. I am absolutely livid.
  15. The funny thing is that if they make a corrected VV model they could even use it for AL Littorio (even tho Littorio also has her own specialties but I can honestly look past that if we at least get one correct VV model) to make her more authentic