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  1. Tried to ram kill someone tonight in Torpedo beat but although I hit them on the stern, Nothing happened, Nada, It just shunted them forward a bit..... Watched the replay again, confirmed. I cant upload the replay to https://replayswows.com For some reason - Which i'm assuming has to do with the mode. Robbed.....20190418_213637_PXSD010-Blue-Aster2_e03_1st_April_2018.wowsreplay
  2. OddityNZ

    Weekend Competition: Starfall

    Thanks for the reply @Moon__Star but for me hard PASS - Waaaaay to grindy for me and I hate that this has become the WoWs Norm now to have these grinding missions for little reward.This is a page taken out of WoT's book. Please please please dont mess around with the Anniversary and Christmas giveaways and missions this year by making them a grindfest as its already past the "this is fun" line WG....
  3. OddityNZ

    Weekend Competition: Starfall

    I've read it a few times, but I still have a question. So you get pts for the first win over 400xp on certain tiers, Which if you get 30pts over the timeframe you get a single super container. What happens after this is that essentially a collector who grinds the most wins to make it into the "top 100" wins a further two containers ? Does that sum it up ?
  4. OddityNZ

    IJN Atago Capt and Module Build - Confused

    Roger that, Appreciate the feedback guys. Agreed, Will go with EL and JoAT to benefit the Zao.
  5. OddityNZ

    IJN Atago Capt and Module Build - Confused

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Would the build work for the Zao as well ? I went with BFT because of the poor standard AA to combine with the AA mod to give me some kinda protection. However agreed it has minimal/average productivity. How about JoAT and IFA as I tend to spam HE pretty much all the time @Cagliostro_chan ?
  6. Hey guys, I am going to be re-speccing my Atago and Takao IJN Cruisers but as I haven't touched them since the CV-Rework I am at a bit of a loss how to build them. This is what I'm used to running. Standard 10pts PT EM SI CE Then - BFT DE AR PM Link below to the captain builder https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,3,8,12,17,18,23,28&ship=Cruiser Modules are: Main Armaments Mod 1 Hydro Search Mod 1 - I cant do without this, Its a mandatory for me AA Mod 1 Steering gears Mod 2 Concealment system Mod 1 I thinking of dropping either/both - Demo Expert and Superintendent and picking up Basics of Survivability and/or Survivability Expert for extra tankiness but I tend to use those consumables up even running prem consumables. I'd appreciate some thoughts on this. I usually use this build on my Zao as well as I swap the captains around. Cheers Oddity.
  7. Hope they enjoy the CV's ;D
  8. OddityNZ

    Ironium and Special Upgrades

    Yes indeed sir you can, I have a few which I use on my Premium ships.
  9. I think i burnt out getting through the first 50 torpedoes required for the first part of the mission...... I was fun in the first 10 or so games after that it was next, ding, next, ding, next.... Also divisions of 3 are VERY hard to beat in this mode.....
  10. This grind is unreal......I thought I was being cautious understating the xp per game to do this one based on my calculations but sweet lord of bee's the grind is real !!!! I'm on the 4th day of mission two for this XP.......... That's playing 1-2 hours per day when clearly 2-3 are called for. This is definitely one for the Toohardbasket just like the exeter. Bring back the ARP missions......and I thought those were hard at the time..
  11. OddityNZ

    When can we expect yoshino ?

    300k coal, sweet lord of bee's WG should change thier games to World of Grinding Warships, World of Grinding Tanks etc....
  12. OddityNZ

    Suggestions thread

    ^ @Fourbombs Funny you should say that, Wargaming are going to be implementing that system in World of Tanks soon. So I wouldn't be surprised to see it here soon, However you do have to buy them as they are "boosts"......
  13. OddityNZ

    Tabletop wargaming ship game

    Looking for a tabletop miniatures ship game if anyone has any recommendations, I would prefer a rules set that has its own minis.
  14. OddityNZ

    Suggestions thread

    Please don't continue to bring in WoT economies and paytowin's such as Premium Directives, Premium Ammo, Bonds etc from that game. Stop rewarding hardcore spenders and players with even greater benefits........ I loved that WoWs was its own entity and had vast differences with WoT and WoWp but that gap is closing and fast. Just watch Quickybaby and his opinion on the directions on WoT and where WG is heading with it. Constant grinding, Final rewards hidden behind paywalls, Rewarding hardcore players only. If they keep going down this road then I will just have to stop playing it.
  15. This ^ pretty much sums it up, However you missed the part about the ridiculous missions to earn certain the currencies for the event..... It also lets WG test certain economies in games systems and our response to them - Essentially what they can implement with and without totally irritating the hell outta us or forcing boycotts of there game. Obviously they have whole departments setup to work this tightrope which isn't too dissimilar to what economists and politicians do. I like testing new game modes for them, I don't like testing economies which I can see is bringing WoWs into line with WoT.......... If they bring bonds, Premium directives and premium ammo into this game which you can see is writing on the wall in one way or another, If they keep going down this route then I will have to stop playing. Don't even get me started on Camo's which cost more than pretty much every premium ship tier 7 and below.....Which in turn cost more than some games......craziness.... and you can blame that on App games and "Micro" transactions... But that's enough rambling for me :D I still like the game immensely and enough playing it thoroughly.