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  1. Kamikazesushi


    "To those who have everything, more will be given. From those who have nothing, everything will be taken." Looks like it really works....
  2. I have secondary build so this is actually ok :)
  3. Kamikazesushi

    DDs and citadelling= longest penetration you made

    My best is this: Minekaze citadelling an angled Danae at max range....using HE
  4. Kamikazesushi

    Großer Kurfürst secondary build question

    I argee with this. In the first place, best build would be tank. But 'I go for secondary take also IFHE. I am using seconday build on GK for fun and for missions with secondary dmg... But be ready that if you get ocean or open maps you wont use our secondaries anyway.
  5. You guys missed one point. This mode will actually help CVs a lot. You wont be able to spot but you will be able to drop people without fear of AA because they wont see your planes untill the last second...just like in cyclone. This will totally change the usability of all ships. Short range torps wont matter anymore. Radar and hydro become stronger...
  6. Kamikazesushi

    Soviet battlesh... cruiser Kronshtadt

    283 mm is a BB gun? Maybe in WW1 and in Germany only. Since the Dreadnaught the standard everywhere outside Germany was 305 mm. And higher... The confusion about Graf Spee is because Germany after WW1 was not allowed to build any BBs and was left with pre-dreadnaught vessels. They were allowed to replace obsolete pre-dreadnaughts after some10 years (im my memory serves me well) with a new BB of 10 000 tons. And the Graf Spee was a result. Germany was not yet strong enough to openly defy the allies. GS was a unique ship that cant fit to any class - it is smaller and has smaller guns than any BB of that era. It is larger and with biger guns than cruisers were allowed by Washington treaty.....i would call it a heavy cruiser that does not follow the Washington rules. But the ship clases are not clearly defined so can cann it however you want in the end.
  7. Kamikazesushi

    Soviet battlesh... cruiser Kronshtadt

    Graf spee is not a battlecruiser. It is a heavy cruiser...that is bigger than usuall :). Graf Spee was countered by battlecruisers. The name pocket battleship is not important....
  8. Kamikazesushi

    Soviet battlesh... cruiser Kronshtadt

    Why is this not a BB? All battlecruisers get implemented as a BB...
  9. Did you watch the video? They were saying how dificcult it was to get the documentation (because it was secret) of Stalingrad and how they were forced to recreate parts of the ship because the plans were incomplete....I dont think this is the problem with real WW2 ship. At least not the secret part.
  10. Choose one from the following: 1) Introduce some WW2 era ships that existed and who´s plans are not secret but are widely available and easy to get. 2) Waste plenty of resources to get some TOP secret plans from archives. Then be forced to re-create parts of the ship due to missing documentation. Then introduce a ship that was never finished and that nobody heared of and almost nobody cares about. But you please your party and your comrades since the ship will be OP compared to ships from different era. I would not make a good manager because my decission would be different :)
  11. Kamikazesushi

    New patch working as intended

    Installed new patched. Started a game. After cca 1 minute there goes a DC...... OK, np. It happens. Lets reconnect. I load right into the port with this game result........I guess everyone got DC and the game ended after 1 minute with a draw....anyone else saw this before?
  12. Kamikazesushi

    Dud Torpedos

    The BB is moving towards the DD which makes the distance shorter than is needed maybe?
  13. Kamikazesushi

    Self destruct button

    This topic makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time..... Btw being top tier CV is nothing if you try to strike Hood in your Hiryu or Texas in your Hosho or even ryujo. Btw I got 2 clear sky achievments lately after buing the Texas during the "save Texas sales". So obviously OP is not the only CV with this problem... It is not about tier, it´s about knowing which ship has good AA and that a group of ships has higher AA than one single ship. No rocket science...
  14. Kamikazesushi

    Please reward teamplay not only DMG

    For a good radar or AA cover you need good possitioning. Just like for doing a good damage you need good possitioning. Both things are rewarded(i mean radaring/AA and damage). You just want one thing to be rewarded more. But consider this. Did you play ranked? What chapaevs do is they go and hide behind a rock and press radar button every time enemy starts to cap. So you would like these guys to be top XP and keep the star?. Ok.
  15. Kamikazesushi

    Please reward teamplay not only DMG

    Many people critisized my reply but provided no sensible argument or answer to my question. So just tell me: what exactly do you mean in "rewarding team play" - what exactly you want to reward? Just remember that shooting down planes, caping, spotting, blocking cap and decaping are already rewarded....There was one topic like this where people were demanding XP rewards for "teamplay" and they were describing some complex game situations and their actions that were not sufficiently rewarded. But remember the XP rewards need to be automated based on simple parameters. And even if you make people watch replay and give rewards (as someone suggested) you would get different things rewarded from every person...just like judges in gymnastics dont give same marks. And for rare situations like you describe when someone winns a game by constesting caps and spoting and get small XP rewards....guess what, you can compliment people as a reward for temaplay. Not exactly XP but it is nice and you can see how many compliments/reports a person has.