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  1. mobiusx02

    Public Test 0.6.2 General Feedback

    Is the PT server down right now?
  2. mobiusx02

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw #2 - Try Your Luck!

    Thank you for the opportunity, count me in!
  3. mobiusx02

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Amazing! Thank you so much! IGN: mobiusx02 Ship: Warspite
  4. mobiusx02

    Allow ship view when disable [shift] for CV

    Good to know that. Thanks!
  5. If anyone comes for this problem, here is the solution. The disable [shift] for CV option does help to avoid accidently shift zoom to a square but it also prevents shift zoom to the carrier. Being able to press shift to switch to ship view is very important when one is trying to dodge torpedoes in a carrier. Please change it to allow shift when carrier is selected and disable shift when a square is selected.
  6. mobiusx02

    Visibility System

    Please give us captain skills reset or at least let us chose which level 1 skill we want for every effected captain.
  7. mobiusx02

    New User Interface 0.5.6 Feedback

    I like the new minimap, but I would prefer to have more custom settings. For example, toggle the numbers, only showing torpedo range when using them. And I also want the ship names! Maybe even make it remember different options for different ships, because some range is only important on certain ship classes e.g. secondary range.
  8. mobiusx02

    UI Changes Feedback

    Introducing visibility of torpedoes is nice, it would be even better if it can take into account the distance penalty by torpedo acceleration skill.
  9. mobiusx02

    WoWReplays.com April Contests

    Nice, thanks! Btw, do I have to upload a replay that I played on the day I submit it to entry or I can upload any replay I like?
  10. mobiusx02

    Serious bug report

    Here you go, an USSR DD one shot Yamato.
  11. I just found that CV fighter’s alt manual attack can shot down my own or friendly planes. I haven’t really used fighter manual attack much, but when it’s first implemented it doesn’t hurt own or friendly planes. It must have been change by 0.5.1 update, but is it intended or bugged? If it’s intended then manual attack is just pointless. No plane will stay still and let you attack it. The only chance to use it is when enemy planes is engaged by friendly planes and now manual attack kills them all? But to be fair, who use it anyway, useless 0.5.1 fighter just want to 'taunt' each other and don’t give a sh*t on your order.
  12. mobiusx02

    Don’t put CV on frontline

    The introducing of putting division members close together is a great improvement but it’s a bit too much for the CV. I have been continuously put on the frontline when playing CV in division with CA/DD, I don't see anyone can take any advantage from that but only giving CV the risk of been hit by BB at the start (practically for high tier US CVs which have long detection range). It would be better to just place CV in the same area (some maps have two or more spawn areas) with the division members, but don’t need to put them as close as possible.
  13. I used to see roughly one detonation per 10 games. After, it raised to somewhere around 5 or 6 detonation per 10 games and I often see 2 or even 3 detonation per game which was really rare before. I was convincing myself that is because more DDs (They definitely get detonations more often than other class) in game since the update and maybe the paper armoured German cruisers also raised the detonation rate, but I just still have the feeling I have seen too many detonations. Does anyone else notice this? Could WG mess up something again in the fix?
  14. mobiusx02

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    This Cleveland@T9 made my day.