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  1. Kreol1q1q

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    I've actually been having a surprisingly good time in Viribus Unitis so far, regularly getting 80k-100k damage games. The only games I really struggled in were tier VII games, where she's so underpowered it's hilarious - you have no choice but to rely on your stealth and take potshots when the big boys aren't looking your way. And that still kinda falls apart as soon as some DD gets within 10km of you and you have no hope of shaking it, so you get melted in a minute because of that permaspot. Also, it's really very weak to carriers, but I think that's an acceptable flaw. I know Wargaming doesn't like it, but I think a lot of the problems with the ship could be solved by giving her preferential MM and blocking her from entering tier VII games. She wouldn't be OP as any tier VI (or even tier IV) CV with half a brain could destroy it, but it would prevent it from being utterly outclassed by everything that moves in many games. What do you guys think?
  2. Thinking about getting either Vanguard or Dreadnought. I wanted both since they were released, due to their historical significance, but Dreadnought was stupidly expensive for a tier III ship, and Vanguard seems lackluster in the gunnery department, and I have enough ships with trash gunnery already. There's also the fact that Viribus Unitis is getting released soon, and that is a must buy for me - most likely I'll wanna get even the absurd Admiral's bundle for that one.