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  1. Kreol1q1q

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    Dalmacija is way too weak of a ship to be put in the game. It was a an obsolete training ship, with guns almost twice as small as those on destroyers. There simply isn't a place for her on the tech tree.
  2. Kreol1q1q

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    These Spaniards are all well and good, but when are going to get to the only proper fleet? We need the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Navy! I need to see my Habsburg dreadnoughts pulverize some Italians. Jokes aside, it's great seeing Spanish ships will get proper representation in the game! The Spanish Navy truly deserves it.
  3. Kreol1q1q

    Friedrich der Grosse - What am I missing?

    Thanks for all the responses guys. I've definitely opted for the 406's, and the ship feels better with them. I've also done a couple of suggested skill changes, to buff my survivability, and again, my experience has improved. Not to mention, it's comforting to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this ship's, hm, *peculiarities*.
  4. So, I generally heard positive things about this ship, but ever since I got it I just haven't been able to make it work. I've played the Tirpitz ever since she was added into the game, and I think I've done very well in her (though I admit, she is a really player friendly ship to sail), and I've always thought I had the brawling BB playstyle covered. However, I've been having nothing but trouble in the Friedrich, achieving decidedly mediocre results overall. I specced the ship as abrawler (just as I've done with all my German BB's since Gneisenau), and have a 19 point captain on her, but I just can't make her work. While I can tank a ton of damage with her, that's all I've found I'm capable of doing. The guns feel terrible to me, even when considering the lackluster performance of the previous German guns. Shooting them, I constantly get flashbacks of how it was playing the tier III BB's years ago - I basically have zero long range efficiency due to the spread, and am only marginally successful in the mid ranges (10-14km). And since it's the high tiers, getting closer than that is very difficult, seeing as all the other BB branches have long range precision guns which pack a significantly greater punch than the german ones. Has my aiming just become crap over time (as I've been playing the game much less than before), or could something else be a problem? So, as it says in the title, what am I missing about this ship? I'd like to be good in her, so I'd appreciate all advice!
  5. Kreol1q1q


    I get the same "Critical Error Occurred" window and the game crashes, every time I spend a little time in port. The game doesn't crash while in a match though, but as soon as I enter port again, it crashes again.
  6. Kreol1q1q

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Not nearly as epic as some of the other ones, but still sucked. It was completely unnecessary, an easy win lost because some guys got greedy and wanted kills.
  7. Kreol1q1q

    Ships of 'minor' nations

    Is there a possibility for smaller navies to get ships even if a full tree is impossible? Austria-Hungary has some very nice low tier DD's, CL's and BB's, with the Tagetthoff class and the finished but never laid down Ersatz Monarch project fitting in nicely at tiers IV and V, but her own tree could obviously never be completed (even taking into account the 18 inch gunned project ships of late 1917 and 18), and I'm unsure how even a combined "rest-of-EU-fleet" could reach tier X without some powerful imagination involved for the higher tiers. For example, is it possible to add a ship of the Tagetthoff class to the German tree as a premium? Or some similar arrangement with, god-forbid, Italy as some ships were ceeded to it following the war? The same question would apply for other smaller navies as well ofc, but I'm by far the most interested in some A-H ships like the Viribus Unitis, Novara and the Ersatz Monarch.
  8. Kreol1q1q

    Ships you want

    BB's: Richelieu Viribus Unitis (Tegetthoff class) Ersatz Monarch Class DD's: Dubrovnik class Beograd class
  9. Kreol1q1q

    How do you pick your ship to play?

    I play Tirpitz until my friends force me to play something else with them. Then I play Hipper, Myoko or Warspite.
  10. Kreol1q1q

    What do you think of the new Port Music

    While it's passable when played in the Philippines and Hawaii ports, it's completely unsuitable for the New York port. And Yokosuka I'd imagine. And the music we had before was better anyway. So, I'm mildly annoyed.
  11. Kreol1q1q

    As BB my job is to snipe obviously

    This. Far too many BB's float at their maximum range between 15-20 km from the enemy, being completely useless most of the time, because while sailing at that range they contribute virtually nothing to the fleet. With the BB's so far back, the team's cruisers become the enemy's primary targets and get whittled down fairly quickly, while the BB's themselves deal far less damage than they are capable of, because staying at their max range means they use their max dispersion, and can't hit squat half the time due to pure RNG. If it so happens that one team has most of their BB's in "sniping mode", while the enemy team pushes together, the game is lost 90% of the time. Oh, and then the battleships sailing at 20km from the enemy go on the forums and moan about dispersion and RNG.
  12. Kreol1q1q

    Austro-Hungarian non-capital ship Designs

    I greatly appreciate the effort OP, interesting designs that aren't very easy to find, especially the plans.
  13. Kreol1q1q

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    I didn't know the difference in shell weight between 6 inch and 8 inch guns was so large. Also, how did they colour the shells, they used tracer? Would the tracer be visible at 15+ kilometers?
  14. Kreol1q1q

    Battle of Lissa (1866): a new look

    While I knew of the ceremony in Venice, where several Austro-Hungarian battleships were "paraded" as trophies, I didn't know that avenging Lissa was one of it's main motives. Still a bit of a hollow affair (from my perspective of course), since neither navy actually engaged one another in WWI, but it does show, as you said, the powerful image that remained in Italian minds.