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  1. AttiliusRex

    Nuernberg vs Koenigsberg

    I don't remeber exactly, but I do believe fuse detonation tresholds are +25mm for all but brittish cruisers, so 16mm won't change the amount of overpens
  2. AttiliusRex

    Nuernberg vs Koenigsberg

    The difference is in protection. Nurnbergs 16mm hull plating is thick enough to protect against 203mm guns overmatch, meanwhile Königsbergs 10mm hull plating doesn't even protect against 150mm guns. In effect, an angled Nurnberg is almost immune to other cruisers meanwhile an angled Königsberg can be citadeled by anything but destroyers. Secondly, unlike on the Königsberg, the turtleback on Nurnberg is thick enough to make the citadel almost immune to 130mm guns, even at perfect broadsides. This gives the Nurnberg a lot more survivability against destroyers.
  3. AttiliusRex

    Changes to 0.5.12 Public Test

    A bit sad about the reverted BB plating changes. I think a lot of the salt came from players considering it a BB nerf, when in reality it did not affect the balance between the classes, only the interplay between BBs. I liked it a lot since enforced players to use their own armor layout to their advantage, also made angling to get the rear guns firing viable since it's the optimal angle both for firepower and protection. With 32mm plating, bow on is the prefarable angle vs all battleships, and its boring.
  4. AttiliusRex

    XVM but less toxic?

    I guess enemy team shouldn't see the marker though, considering top players complaints in WoT about being "XVM-sniped".
  5. AttiliusRex

    Economy Feedback

    I feel like my income haven't changed but my behavior due to constructive behavior being awarded better.
  6. AttiliusRex

    Stability and Performance

    I was getting stuck quite often* in the matchmaking screen, and a restart of the game was the only way out of it. *maybe 1 out of 7 times?
  7. AttiliusRex

    Balance Changes

    I welcome the BB Hull plating change, suddenly BB guns WORKS -also punching upwards for Nagato and Colorado be easier now when you can overmatch higher tiers as they can overmatch you. Finally the NOTHING part of the All or Nothing scheme is no longer the most effective part of the armor.
  8. AttiliusRex

    Japanese Destroyers need some love

    I think Fubuki and Shimakaze are fine, both have their pros and cons vs Benson and Gearing, but americans are better at playing the objective solo. But Fletcher is just straight out better than Kagero
  9. AttiliusRex

    Improve DD anti-air

    Double purpouse mounts on destroyers are all centerline, which means in reality they can bring their full AA battery into bear in a broadside, meanwhile a battleship can only get half their AA battery into effect. So a benson or flecher got 5 DP guns in a broadside, half that of an Iowas 10 which is quite impressive. AA guns having different stats on different ships is not impossible, but conisdered unwanted. It was the rule rather than the exception before the last AA patch that gave consistent damage on mounts. Note that in the current version, the single barrel 5 inch mount used by american destroyers already have a higher DPS per barrel than 5 inch double mounts used on USN BB's and the Gearing -giving the Sims, Benson and Fletcher a relative high AA DPS. I would argue for consistent damage on mounts, but a differentation between centerline and broadside mounts, where centerline mounts have a multiplier of say, 1,5.
  10. AttiliusRex

    smoke consumable -NEED- to change: rank 5+ discussion

    There is one huge threat to campers inside smoke. Random and long range torpedos. You are stationary. And for a cruiser or BB there is no way you can dodge torpedos if you spot them while stationary.
  11. AttiliusRex

    Dud torps

    The varying damage of torpedos are as previously pointed out because section HP depletion but also because all ships have unique torpedo protection. A given torpedo will hence do different amount of damage to different ships, and incase it hits outside the torpedo protection (which has a smaller HP pool) yet another number.
  12. AttiliusRex

    New "Bastion" Mode

    One big concern: It's near impossible to target or shoot at the surveilance towers, for some reason all shots seems to hit under the base of the tower, even though with manual elevation control you can easily lob shells OVER the turret, so not having the range or elevation to hit it is not the case.
  13. AttiliusRex

    A Case for Scandinavia

    Oi m8, could you add a ship listing in the youtube description? Danke
  14. AttiliusRex


    I wouldn't mind kawachiis secondaries blast away at 5km, hitting absolutly nothing what so ever, just because I enjoy the visual aspect of the guns firing, and the sense of power it gives. I have no clue if it would be counter inituative to new players to have secondaries blast away and not hitting anything, and if it would improve low tier gameplay in any aspect.
  15. AttiliusRex

    Mogami... erm... wut?

    People are crying about the 51 second turret traverse, comparable to an unupgraded Kongo. It doesn't even have any basis in reality since its historical turret traverse was 36-30 seconds, so the 51 seconds is purely a gameplay decision. Why does it have 51 seconds? Propably to make the 155mm guns horribly unattractive and make the 203mm guns an obvious upgrade, instead of a sidegrade.