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  1. Asadex

    Login issues

    lol i have not access to wow ticket or forum pages
  2. Asadex

    Login issues

    Wrong, i'm in, i recived the email with the redeem code and later the email with the links to the download page
  3. I recived my redeem code and the link to download the beta but each time i try to download the game i find Error 403: Access denied I can't find a support link for wow problems so, sorry, i post here waiting for an answer
  4. Asadex

    Login issues

    I have this problem when i try to follow the link to game download Error 403: Access denied
  5. Asadex

    How was your 1st Day New Beta Testers?

    Here is my first day in beta Error 403: Access denied
  6. Asadex


    i see on my account but i followed all the istructions in the mail, redeem code, account and link to download
  7. Asadex


    Joust trying to download the game but the link in my mail seems broken Error 403: Access denied
  8. email arrived but link to game download is broken, any support? Error 403: Access denied
  9. Asadex


    Here another italian commander!
  10. Asadex

    Error 403

    same here