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  1. Toujours à la recherche :) Donc tu peux envoyer ta demande au clan quand tu veux. Ou me contacter en jeu :)
  2. Bonjour, Le clan de l'Alliance des Mondes Libres recherche de nouveaux membres (12 places dispos) pour pouvoir accomplir des batailles de clan. Le clan est plutôt un clan de gens tranquilles (sans aucune obligation de résultat ni vraiment de statistiques terrifiantes, même si à présent nous faisons un peu attention), mais un noyau dur et actif de 6 à 12 joueurs aiment bien s'essayer à la compétition des batailles de clan et essayer tous les modes, de la bataille aléatoire à la bataille de clans en passant par les opérations en clan ou les nouveaux modes qui passent de temps en temps. Tant que les batailles de clan ne demandaient que 3, 6 ou 7 joueurs, c'était tranquille, mais avec 8 joueurs cette saison, parfois nous n'arrivons pas à rassembler assez de gens du noyau dur. Pour cette raison, nous recrutons des joueurs intéressés par les batailles de clan (au premier chef), mais aussi par toutes sortes d'activités peinardes ou moins stressantes ^^. Si possible, les candidats devront posséderont au moins un navire de rang VIII pour pouvoir "'emprunter" les navires prêtés par le jeu pour les batailles de clan, et dans l'idéal, les candidats devraient posséder déjà un navire de rang X qu'ils maîtrisent assez bien. Bonnes batailles à tous, Starkaddd, commandant en chef
  3. Starkaddd

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    Yeah, I regret deeply they removed the Tier V composition possibility for operations for Raptor, Aegis, Newport and Killer Whale. T'was so fun to play the Krasny Krym :D
  4. Hello there Wargaming I come back with my eternal question. More than six months ago, I asked when the operations other than AEGIS, NARAI, KILLER WHALE and NEWPORT will return. Two months ago, we enjoyed the return of RAPTOR, but when can we expect CHERRY BLOSSOM, HERMES, DUNKIRK and LAST FRONTIER to return? You seem to have fixed the bot CVs with RAPTOR, so I don't see what is holding the other ops. And second, I am waiting with impatience for the new mode of ops in HALLOWEEN, with nightmare mode. Will you create at least Nightmare mode for normal operations too? Like, you scale normal operations for higher or lower tiers? There are my every six-months questions. Have a good day all, and good battles. Starkaddd
  5. Starkaddd

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    Why remove the 457mm on Conqueror? If someone was used to play with them from the begining, you are removing his/her enjoyment with the ship and FORCING him/her to buy/farm again for coal for the THUNDERDER? And if that someone DON'T want to acquire the THUNDERER? They will never be able to play in 457mm again with that ship? What a very bad, horrible and cruel decision, people.
  6. Starkaddd

    Update Audio Hotfix

    The new sounds of the cruiser guns are awful. They were superb before, now it's meh, all the same and impression of farting everytime they fire... Please correct them and reestablish the ones of before.
  7. Starkaddd

    Submarines are Coming

    Add them as you see fit, WG, I don't care. I quit PvP random battles for a long time, doing only operations and clan battles, and I won't come back to random with such nonsense like adding subs in this way. I thought subs would have their own game mode, I was wrong it seems. Also, I will not renew my premium account that I had running since the opening of the game. And I'll watch that beautiful game that you had opportunity to develop in historical and PvE scenario missions sink deeper and deeper than its submarines.
  8. Why in the HELL of all OCEANS are you not making PvE campaigns, rich, complex and beautiful with many operations (with 3 to 7, even 10 ships, adaptative) tied to them? (Armored Warfare is doing them for tanks, and they work pretty well). Many thousands of players will play them and even pay for them because the majority of WoWs players are naval fanatics (like myself) that will not hesitate to pay premium time to benefit of good scenarized operations/campaigns. Imagine fantasy operations, half-historic, completely historic, with variations, and many updates at each patch. They will rock the world of warships! Maybe even levels of difficulty with great rewards and stuff useable only in operations and campaigns of the sort, maybe with ships to gain, too, and premium days or dubloons for nightmarish scenarios... You had a good thing going with the already independant operations and the operations for the special events like Halloween (except the submarines that were real crap). You scrapped 5 of them because of the crappy CV rework that does not function at all (the drop in CV population is visible every day). Hope you will think about it.
  9. They should just add hard PvE campaigns (series of operations following each other) with some price to participate in ("receive an order", like in current operations, but permanent, not time-related), with T VIII, IX and X ships, and even veteran PvP players will dive in. Just like DLC of other games. I would gladly pay with credits/freexps/any resources of the game to play semi-historical of fantasy campaigns from moderate to hard difficulty. The earnings of better stuff, better ships would then be used ONLY in hard or nightmare-level difficulty level campaigns, etc. Nightmarish campaigns gains could be Premium days or a certain level of Dubloons, that kind of things. Of course, a certain flow of campaignes should be published regularly, but it would make many PvE TVIII-X ship owners craving for them. It was my two cents.
  10. Starkaddd

    Vague rebelle : Le guide complet

    Aucun intérêt.
  11. Starkaddd

    New Operations? Return of the old removed ones? When?

    I am very disappointed, but thanks to have taken the time to answer, Lumberjack.
  12. Hello all Just a question from a lover of operations gameplay and scenarios. When do you think other operations will be back? (Cherry Blossom, Hermès, Raptor, Last Frontier) I miss them. And, subsequently, when do you think we will see new (and possibly historical) operations/campaigns that your fantastic game will magnify in a superb way? Any plan or I am dreaming? Thanks for answering. i will plan my future with WOWs accordingly. Starkaddd, collectionner of ships and old seawolf.