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  1. Starkaddd

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    Now, I know why I make fantastic games and finish last... Pathetic, really pathetic. Oh my.
  2. Starkaddd

    Just ONE day of Narai. What the F?

    I am playing in PvP anyway (obligated if you wish to extract the substantific pleasure of driving a warship at any tier) but PvE is my resting place of choice, especially Naraî, whatever the eco-nerf. See you on the oceans, mate (or maybe more accurately around an island).
  3. Starkaddd

    Just ONE day of Narai. What the F?

    I just bought the California for NARAI, after 6-months boycotting the premium shop... Thanks for the great surprise, WeeGee :D I was NOT pleased at all (and no one cares, I agree) :D
  4. Starkaddd

    ST - Games modes

    News from this great-looking mode? Or is it thrown in the trash can ?
  5. Starkaddd


    Well, about one year and nothing on the horizon still... Not even in test servers.
  6. Just go play Ultimate Admiral : Dreadnoughts when it's officially out with its PvE campaign mode, and suddenly world of warships will disappear from your existence, even if I think we will always thank wargaming to have done a magnificent job of recreating ships that we love in such gorgeous graphics. Alas, they didn't take into account the diversity of game modes that could be born from this infinite ressource. I would not ask for only operations, but just to add new game modes (I understand it's a question of server cost, maybe) in PvP, like the great convoy pvp mode they developped as prototypes and then threw to the trash can, or the halloween PvPvE "raid for the filth" that would make a magnificent mode, or the space mode of base attack with respawning attack ships and towers to destroy if it were converted to normal historical pvp setting... it would be glorious and would surely make me take out my credit card again to buy buy buy. But no. Just the boring random mode, over and over. And only 5 operations on the 9 original because of the catastrophic CV rework. All of this, WG knows anyway. But they don't care because they do not do this for players by players. They do this for money by CEO.
  7. Starkaddd

    Armada: Champagne

    If you put back the Hermes operation, I'll buy that ship with the bundle and all. But you need to put Hermes back, or my Credit Card will stay silent.
  8. Starkaddd

    Légendes navales : Cuirassé Bismarck

    Oups, désolé :)
  9. Starkaddd

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    This thing is loling as planned. :D
  10. Starkaddd

    Légendes navales : Cuirassé Bismarck

    Give us a Rheinunbung operation on a semi-open world and I will consider ^^
  11. Starkaddd

    Holy Molly, WOWS Blitz has better PvE than WOWS

    Star Trek spirit is to explore, not to fight, and they made a quite remarkable job of PvE and scenario contents, campaigns and beautiful background arcs, as always MMOs should be, with PvP a separate but possible ideas, except in games of course like WOT, WOWS, etc, but Armored Warfare, Naval Action and Crossout succeeded to put PvE in their contents and still be good games. I don't understand the PvP extremists, really. I play PvP and enjoy a good PvE scenario/operation/mission too. Why not have both? Don't say to me that it's because you fear PvP would be horrible with PvE players coming at high tier, because actually teams are horrible even with and especially with ONLY PvP. In PvE operation, you can at least taste strategic/tactic cooperation against an overwhelming ennemy force, and learn to aim while having a load of fun. I will never understand, never, extremists in any place.
  12. Starkaddd

    German CVs announced!

    In fact, these are Italian BBs disguised as German CVs. Don't let them fool you !
  13. Starkaddd

    Holy Molly, WOWS Blitz has better PvE than WOWS

    Ok, but I don't ask for priority. I wish just that WOWS returns the operations removed because of CV rework. And even in WOW Blitz it's not a priority, but at least the PvE campaigns/missions are a good possibility.
  14. Hello all, and Wargaming world of warships PC, Because of a back ache yesterday that forced me to stay away from the computer, I lied down and downloaded, out of curiosity, WOWS Blitz. As I was battling on that nice smartphone game, I suddenly realized, as I was watching the game modes, that a campaign mode was possible. I thought immediately that it was like the campaigns in WOWS PC, and almost missed the fact that it proposed HISTORICAL-based background missions in SOLO mode and in CHAIN missions that would run like a mini-operation with secondary objectives inside. I told myself, "You surely are kidding me, brother". But no, the WOWS Blitz team succeeded to realize nicely and smoothly what the WOWS PC team never could do in 5 years. I bought even some gold to unlock the DREADNOUGHT british warship and began those PvE Campaigns/missions with great pleasure. What the actual frak is going on, WOWS PC? Why can you not do what WOWS blitz can do ? (And I know, there are operations in WOWS PC, but they are shrinking in numbers instead of increasing). Instead of developping more and more (hypothetical) ships in a panicking hurry, can you not develop at least GAME MODES different than all the time random, ranked and clan battle? Where are the projets of PvP convoy duty? Where is the project of PvPvE Filth battles adapted to normal ships? Just some questions asked by a fan from the closed beta, and worrying that the game will lose a lot of premium and buying players wanting different game modes, players that will go to Ultimate Admiral - Dreadnoughts once they deliver their strategic campaign beta to fill their heart's content. Protect yourself from Corona-chan and be well, all Starkadd