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  1. RussianHotdog

    Premium shop+News

    The packages are just different. The price is roughly the same. For 2500 gold Russia is €0.60 cheaper. If this matters so much then im sorry
  2. RussianHotdog

    Premium shop+News

    Not only the prices though. The actual packages are different. The prices are as well
  3. RussianHotdog

    Premium shop+News

    Hey forum soldiers, I have a short question: Why are the pre-order premium shops and website news different on the EU section and the Russian section? After all, aren't we playing the same game? I may provide screenshots if somebody is so interested. Please give feedback about EU vs NA
  4. RussianHotdog


    Did they change the game economics? Seems I dont get any more credits
  5. RussianHotdog

    Russian in Europe

    I think you may have some problems with reading. Please go back to my posts
  6. RussianHotdog

    Russian in Europe

    never used these functions. I feel more in control when using A-D
  7. RussianHotdog

    AA OP

    I do not understand how can it be OP if it always will die to a same-tier battleship? Only because it is much stronger compared to aoba?
  8. RussianHotdog

    What mods&commander skills on Omaha?

    Defensive fire if you plan to move him to cleveland. If not, the only plausible is probably situation awareness as the other will not work
  9. RussianHotdog

    Russian in Europe

    How many English people are living in Russia? None?
  10. RussianHotdog

    BB shooting RNG needs to improve i suggest.

    Captain! I think we have some serious problems here
  11. RussianHotdog

    Russian in Europe

    I live in Cyprus. Russian nationality though. For the people who are trying to say that there is a Russian forum. Yes there is, however its designed for players on the Russian servers, which makes it impossible to search for platoon players or clans (as an example)
  12. RussianHotdog

    Russian in Europe

    never tried it, and will never want to try
  13. RussianHotdog

    Russian in Europe

    I have 120 in the Russian cluster and 70 on EU
  14. RussianHotdog

    Russian in Europe

    Всем привет! My name is Alexey, and I am Russian. Fortunately (or not?) I am living in Europe and speak an international language almost as well as my mother tongue. However I do feel that we are discriminated on EU servers: There are no Russian sections on the forum, teamspeak. Russian (as far as I remember. Correct me if I am wrong) is also not part of the allowed languages in the game rules. Please bare in mind that partially Russia is located in Europe and about (from Wiki) 13% of citizens with a Russian Passport live outside Russia. This is however greatly lower than the actual number due to people being lazy enough not to go though official procedures of informing relative authorities about their movement to other countries. Could we please have some privileges as other Europeans? Yours sincerely, RussianHotdog
  15. RussianHotdog

    cleveland vs fuso [what ammo?]

    Dear forum soldiers, May anyone please advise whether I should shoot a fuso with AP ammo from my cleveland? In quite a few games now, I never have actually penetrated him