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  1. milzmilz

    an other bug/error...

    Potentially you have some flags on autoresupply with the "Use ingame currency" box checked? Signals will need Dubloons...if you don't have any, this error would make sense to me?
  2. milzmilz

    Random English destroyers

    This community appears to be unable to be happy about possible free stuff. Whenever there is an event where you will get free premium consumables/Super flags/camos with the slight chance of receiving something better (a ship in this case) everyone starts raging about not being lucky...it appears everyone feels entitled to receive every bit of free stuff! Hey News for you guys: Even with ALL quests done, you will have to invest 0,89€ for some Guineas if you want to get the HMS Cossack at the end of this THREE MONTH long event which will throw free stuff at you every week! Get off your high horses, do your quests, hope for a ship and be happy about the guaranteed camos. And bringing in some of these tinfoil-hat-theories of better draw chances on CC's....ffs. REALLY? Get over it, some people win the lottery, most of us never will. That's how RANDOM number generators work! And now something less salty and a bit more constructive to the topic: I think the possibility to get the DD's (or french BB's back then) is a clever method to keep the server populated and the premium shop incomes high. WG wants to sell their premium containers (which have a better draw chance on the ship missions) and the more of the UK DD's are around and doing well, the more people will go for a pack of premium containers. Simple econmy school first grader stuff. Create a demand if you have the supplies. The chances are not bad. Just with the free containers from the first leg of the event I got the Icarus quest. Clanmate got the Lightning, others bought 40 preemium containers and also only got one ship quest. I think this is a nice way of WG to offer a little bit of a head start...and I for myself really apreciate that as I hate T5 and below gameplay in a new shipline that everyone is grinding at that moment. Some of you might remember the introduction of German DD's...anyone ever was in a 12v12 G-101 match? 24 DD's? You really want that back? :D
  3. milzmilz

    New Arms Race Mode

    Overall the Armsrace is a really nice, lighthearted diversion from the normal gamemodes. Especially if you tried the hell we call "ranked" before. I just see a few minor problems: 1 - UI problems in combination with official mods. See above. multiple [10GO] Members I recently spoke to had no markers on the buff circles as well whith scoretimer active as well, while I could see them clearly, even with multiple Aslains-Mods active. 2 - DDs are the overwhelming majority at the moment. Low concealment DD's like Shimakaze are absolutely reigning this mode at the moment. 6/6 concealment? Have fun trying to find one of those things. Harugumo with 6/6 reload buffs and a bit of Adrenalin rush active? Just wait for one with Yamamoto score a kraken... 3 - Basically a result from "2": BB's have absolutely no chance in this mode. They can't get close enough to the buffs early game and late game you have Worcesters, Harugumos or Minotaurs with reloads that offer no chance for any BB in range. I think the range a BB can get a buff from an allied ship inside the circle needs to be increased.
  4. milzmilz

    Flooding effects & ship spotting technology

    Improvement: Yes. Fixed: Nope. As others pointed out, the delay is still significant and apparently varies from player to player? If this is a players hardware related issue (beefier PC = quicker rendering) we have a real problem here. For me, personally the patch reduced the delay immensly and I think we are on the right path...but I think my PC is on the top end of the line currently. You can still see the shells launching from the clear ocean, count "twenty one, twenty two" before the ship pops into existance...which is atleast half a second better than before but still.... Regarding the flooding effects: Was long overdue, well executed, good job.
  5. milzmilz

    Map Updates (North, Islands of Ice)

    After a bunch of matches in different tiers, shipclasses and gamemodes on both map I would like to give some feedback: North: Yes, f***ing finally!!! Absolutely great what you did here, the map still offers tons of hidey holes if your ship is small enough and the additional gaps in the central island are offering great ambush spots an nice little torp angles...especially if you can fire single line torpedos :-) Great changes overall. Also the heigth reduction of many of the rocks now offer a more balanced feeling as not only worcester/Atlanta style arcs are able to pass over but "normal" cruiser shell arcs can get over now too. And for the "No BB" signs at the corners to old D cap... :-D ...I think they are still too small. Ice Islands: This one though...I understand your approach. Open up the map a bit, add more but smaller cover, create variable lines of sight across the map...great idea. But what it actually created is the campiest map we have in the mappool now. DDs will instantly rush behind the REALLY large rocks in A and C cap and never come out again if they know what they are doing. BB's will push to the first rock they can find and park there to take potshots at 22km to the diagonally mirrored positioned BB's on the other side...which means bow in duels at ranges where even Yamato guns have problems to hit more than 1 shell from a front turrets volley. Cruiser on the other hand might follow their DDs...or pick similar camping positions as the BB's....just one row of rocks further in the map. It is now so incredibly foreseeable that 20KM torps from a flank shima might actually be the best way to play this map now...and that's a really bad sign. I attached a graphic which pictures my personal experience for T8-10 matches, other people might see it differently but this is what I encountered during EU prime time. The positions for Stalingrad/Krohnstadt can also be occupied by a Moskva sometimes...I think you get what I wanted to say. the rest of the team usually scatters around those positions or get picked off early. The team with the less patient DD usually looses.