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  1. Had to find this out here. I was about to file a bug. I find this to be really, really bad UI design. The O key is all the way on the other side of the keyboard from the other keys. I doubt many people will be able to hit it without looking. At the very time you need it (aircraft inbound) you should not need to look away from the screen. At least the ctrl key was close to where your hand is most of the time.
  2. Problems so far: The installation required the Game Center. I almost stopped here as I have not desire to install the Game Center. The installation page for the Game Center says "Download Game". I almost stopped here as I have no desire to do another full download. (Little did I realize that I would be doing another full download of 35 GB anyway.) The download page should indicate that the download is of just the Game Center and that already installed games will not be downloaded (problem unrelated to this test). Always inform your users of what will be installed. After installing Game Center it found some of the WG games but not others. The other games (WoT Sandbox and WoT Common Test) could not be added. You just get a message of "No supported game found the selected folder." The Game Center I have does not match the Game Center in the instructions. It took me some time to find the "Install additional game instance" menu item. Managing the update queue is not intuitive. I had to delete (not pause) two updates to get the TST update to run. There should be a way to reorder the updates. Why is another installation required? Is this just to prevent people who have Public Test accounts but who have not signed up for the CV test from running the test? It would have been easier for your customers if you just modified the login to allow only login by people who signed up for the CV test. There is no indication that clicking on an item in the update queue will transition to the selected game (e.g. from the update of the TST installation to the World of Warships tab).
  3. Alpheus100

    Hall of Fame Rewards Issue

    Just reported having zero scores tabulated for the Hall of Fame. I get messages after each battle but my score still shows zero points received. WoWS makes it hard to report this. The only option is to report it under "I was close to receiving an award". Check you point totals.
  4. Alpheus100

    Bug Reports

    The ship carousal filter does not have an option for filtering for subs. You can select the other ship types as before, but there is no checkbox for just showing submarines.
  5. Alpheus100

    Halloween 2018

    1: Whoever decided to make a 7 sub division a requirement instead of using the match maker should have his head examined. You can wait half an hour before 6 more players who understand that they need to play subs join the division before you can enter the mission. Meanwhile you get players who enter the division with surface ships and then you have to wait until they leave. 2: The rudder shift time is so slow you pass right through the aiming angle before you can stop turning. While this will improve with experience it is very frustrating. 3: The torpedo aiming is jerky and does not allow you to move smoothly to the correct angle. 4: The secondary guns of the Barracuda don't seem to be able to fire on the catapults. They never get enough elevation so the shots always hit the islands. 5: The oxygen level is totally unrealistic. With slow speeds and high observation range on the surface subs can't perform their usual attack pattern of laying in wait, firing and sneaking off underwater. 6: In order to determine when you can safely surface the observation range in the mini-map should stay at the full surfaced range, not change when the sub is submerged. I would like to see this as a setting since this is also a problem with DDs and smoke (you think you are far enough away to leave the smoke safely just to be sighted as soon as you move). 7: The Q and E keys are unnatural for dive and surface as the keys are arranged horizontally, not vertically. I will be like to see these default to R (Surface) and F (dive). This will also leave the Q and R keys for the normal rudder controls. 8: Perhaps the oxygen level can drop quickly if the sub is below periscope depth (if snorkels are implemented as some have suggested) or below the surface (if no snorkels) only when the sub is moving over quarter speed (as this would entail the use of the diesel engines) and drop much more slowly when the sub is at quarter speed or below (running on batteries). Similarly when on batteries the detection range by Hydro should be lower. This would give sub captains the choice of lurking at low speed for a while or running at high speed for a much shorter time. Many WW2 sub attacks followed a pattern of sighting the enemy (without the sub being sighted), running ahead on the surface to get in position, submerging and moving slowly and quietly towards the enemy's course, firing and either running or hiding while submerged at low speed. 9: Half an hour between tests (the wait time on the use of the same ship in the mission) is counter productive to getting the most testing done on the new ships.
  6. Alpheus100

    Submarines Balance Suggestions

    Tgb03: "Well I don't think Submarines should be able to spot ANYTHING unless at periscope depth which means that you can't just wreck EVERYTHING without getting any damage." Submarines used passive listening to locate ships including their speed and direction (and from this their course) while submerged. In WoWS subs should be able to get a loose position of all ships within a certain distance (which should really depend on the speed and size of the ship) but not a precise location. This could even be a modification of the current Radio Location Finding with distance to the target added. Later in WWII US subs had radar on their periscopes. Higher tier subs (at least the US branch) should have radar with limited range. I would expect that subs will not be able to communicate ship positions when submerged, but they should also not be seen by RLF. Currently Hydro is way more accurate than it really was. It should not be possible to use Hydro to find a sub and then get a 100% chance of a kill. Many submerged subs were hunted for hours or days without being found. Depth charges had low kill probabilities. Many subs reported being depth charged many times without significant (mission killing) damage. They often needed time in port for repairs, but were still able to continue the mission at the time. On the other hand there were occasions where the first set of depth charges killed a sub (e.g. the Harder which was killed with one set of depth charges after diverting attention from the less experienced Hake). Subs should have limited torps. The US subs I have read about had only a single reload (6 torps in the bow tubes and 6 more to reload, 4 tubes and 4 reloads in the stern). Subs should also have the ability to launch single torps instead of a spread. This alone will make subs more cautious because the can easily run out of torps. I would like to see subs starting in forward positions. Often subs were sent ahead to take up positions along the expected routes of the enemy since they could not effectively chase down fast war ships. I could even see subs starting between the enemy's subs and their surface ships. I would like to see sub players given an option of selecting their starting position in the loading screen. Perhaps there would be a max of 3 subs on a side and 5 or 6 starting positions for the subs with the subs choosing their starting positions with first come, first served so only one sub could start in each area. Come late to the game and you get a random starting location. Tgb03: The first problem that comes up if the only class that will deal with them are DDs well then we have a problem. I don't see this as a problem since it would lead to BB and CA players being more protective of their DDs. Lose your DDs (and your subs, enemy subs were more feared than DDs according to quotes I have seen) and you have to go around any subs detected. Currently it seems that BB and CA players often treat DDs as disposable spotters and cap takers. If the subs have limited time submerged they are also targets for torps, bombs and guns when on the surface. Being submerged is similar to being in smoke since you can use it to hide for a while but not the whole game. I would make it longer than smoke since one a sub has to surface it will be too slow to run from just about any surface ship. I have seen some claims that subs did not have guns. I know that some (most?) subs could mount guns when surfaced. I believe 3 inch guns were common on US subs. Not much but could be of use against s weakened DD hunting you. A good book to read for a feel of US sub operations is Edward Beach's Submarine!. The author was the XO of the USS Trigger (SS 237) during WWII.
  7. Alpheus100

    Update 0.6.1 - UI changes feedback

    Selection of the "Invite a Friend" item in the drop-down menu under the user's name resulted in an HTTP response of 403 (Access denied).
  8. Alpheus100

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    After playing with a Benson with RPF (or RDF) I would like to present a couple of ideas on how to play with RPF in the game. Two DDs can cooperate to render RPF less effective. If one DD rushes to an island close to the enemy and tucks in tight, all the enemy RPF indicators will show that DD. The other DD can then move around and torp the enemy as long as they don't get closer than their team mate. I did this in my last game and I was able to cap and also hide a DD on my team from the enemy RPF indicators. I expect to see DD pairs with one fast DD and one IJN DD with long range torps. As a DD, RPF can help with invisifire. If you can see the a CA or BB and it is showing as the nearest ship using RPF, you know that no other ship is closer. In this situation you can then invisifire without worrying that an enemy DD is closer than your target and will sight you. If you have a clear line of sight in the direction of the closes ship and can't see a ship, it is probably because the enemy is a DD. RDF can be used to target enemies behind islands for torps. Soon good DD (and CA) players will be able to use it to estimate when the enemy will clear the island so they can fire their torps while the enemy is hidden. Personally, I think it is way over powered and hate it. But probably all high tier players will get it and it will kill the game.
  9. Alpheus100

    New Commander skills.

    I have not seen it discussed, but I also see the Emergency Takeoff skill as highly damaging to DDs. Currently, if a DD in a high tier game finds a CV, they need to set the CV on fire to keep from being bombed and torpedoed to death. High tier CVs turn quickly and can WASD avoid torpedoes. They also have significant secondary armament so a DD needs to get close enough to hit with torps (while taking damage) or stand off and pick away with guns. In either case they will be found by planes and can often be killed by the number of planes available at high tiers. Every high tier CV will now have Emergency Takeoff so they target DDs while on fire.
  10. Alpheus100


    Fixed Repair and Maintenance fees encourages bad game play. Since the cost of a battle becomes mainly fixed, the only way to do better is to cause more damage. Just run in and hit as much as you can (mainly by closing the range) even if you die. No more live as long as you can to help your team. No more stealth DDs since you can't trade not being hit for somewhat less damage.
  11. Alpheus100

    General Feedback

    Radar makes DDs useless at high tiers. When playing as a DD with Moskvas their radar cool down was almost nonexistent (less than 15 seconds). I was detected by radar with a by a single Moskva almost continuously (3 or 4 uses of the radar consumable with a few seconds between each). While the first Moskva was detecting me by radar a second Moskva moved close and was able to continue the continuous radar coverage. The only other ships around were BBs, so unless WG has given BBs radar, it must of been from the Moskvas. Since the radar sees through islands and has a longer range than most torps DDs at high tiers are now useless.
  12. Alpheus100


    Bug report template 1. DescriptionRange numerical values not appearing. 2. Reproduction steps Enable range circles and check the "Range numerical values" checkbox. Start a battle with the ship used when enabling the range circles. 3. Result Range circles appear, but without the numerical values. 4. Expected result Range circles appear, but with the numerical values. 5. Technical details None
  13. Alpheus100

    Weather Feedback

    Rain should drastically reduce the usable range of radar. One cause is clutter, or the reflection of the radar signal back to the receiver by the rain which reduces the operators ability to distinguish targets. The other cause is absorption of the radar signal by the rain. Radar frequencies are significantly absorbed by rain (this is the basis of the microwave oven). A quote from a paper on factors affecting radar performance: Water droplets and dust particles diffuse radar energy through absorption, reflection, and scattering. This leaves less energy to strike the target so the return echo is smaller. The overall effect is a reduction in usable range. Usable range varies widely with weather conditions. The higher the frequency of the radar system, the more it is affected by weather conditions such as rain or clouds. Also, the reduction in visibility should be related to the size of the target ship. In rain a DD might be invisible until a few KMs away while a BB would be visible much further away. I suggest a percent reduction in visible range, not a fixed 8KM limit.
  14. Alpheus100

    Weather Feedback

    Cyclones should impact air operations. Most realistically they should prevent all air operations but this would probably shift the game balance too much. Minimally, it should take much longer for launching, landing and refueling/rearming planes. I would also suggest there be some attrition of planes while they are in the air.
  15. Alpheus100

    Bug Reports

    The volume settings do not seem to be linear. At about the 20% position the sound jumps from almost inaudible to annoyingly loud. Getting a usable level took several attempts. I would also like to suggest a sound test button on the settings page that allows for a check of all sounds before saving. Currently you have to enter a battle to check the level of some of the sound settings.