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    Transfer of Prem ship

    Oh ok thanks
  2. pixelwarrior_1

    Transfer of Prem ship

    Does anyone if it possible to get a prem ship transferred to another account? Basically i created an account(this one)to get access to CBT which i was lucky enough to get and then WG joined accounts from WOT which i rarely use, I then went on to win a prem ship a while back through a twitch live stream but i accidentally gave the streamer my wrong IGN for wows, So needless to say i hate to lose the ship on an account i dont use.
  3. pixelwarrior_1

    Project R progress wiped?

    Lol always expect a wipe its WG after all
  4. HMS Illustrious says hi to Conte di Cavour,Littorio,Caio Duilio
  5. pixelwarrior_1


    Or you could be a supertester on NA who was given a Warpsite live on twitch last night just for asking while in a wargaming stream it was crazy how the NA WG staff were just throwing out the gifts in the stream 3 Atlanta's all in 1 go and so on.
  6. pixelwarrior_1

    The stat whores have arrived

    Lol you keep having that fantasy
  7. pixelwarrior_1

    The stat whores have arrived

    Simple reason i don't play WoT never have never will why would i ever want to play a game the is filled with so much hatred towards other players if you fail to do as they say and also a game that is rife with illegal mods Also i like my sig but not for the stats if i could make my own sig i would
  8. pixelwarrior_1

    The stat whores have arrived

    So it begins the influx of stat whores and all the crap that comes with it next to arrive will be the hit log. https://warshipstats.com/
  9. pixelwarrior_1

    Big World client has encountered an unhandled exception

    Just logged in less than 5 mins ago then had to log out the wife wanted me then went to log back in then bingo http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm286/martin2930/Error%20Res%20Mods_zpsmybf14sk.png As you can clearly see i have my res mods folder
  10. pixelwarrior_1

    Does RNG determine your Gun Dispersion

    Only if your reading was as your good as your testing.....
  11. pixelwarrior_1

    Does RNG determine your Gun Dispersion

    Thanks guys but here`s the problem normally where i am aiming is not where my shells go. I also have the Main Battery 1 on my BB and Gun Fire Control System 1, I`ll just keep practicing eventually i`ll get there
  12. I don't believe in conspiracy theory`s but i am left asking this question i watch several streamers from the NA server(Braincage & Ichase)which they also happen to be supertesters. Without fail and every shot they take no matter what ships they seem to get the perfect groupings every time the fire there guns. Yet when i try the same shot my shells scatter like a bomb burst, Which leaves me wondering how the hell do they always seem to get the perfect RNG or groupings. So the question remains what dictates how your are going shells group up.
  13. pixelwarrior_1

    afk players all over again

    Well there`s a WoT players mentality right there to quit before the game has even begun. It is better on the NA server for teamwork whether that is down to lower playerbase i dont know.
  14. pixelwarrior_1

    Why am i getting such low Damage rolls?

    I only fire AP except for shooting at DD`s then its HE. Guess its just RNG crapping all over as usual i`ll just keep practicing my aim and so on. Thanks for the advice all much appreciated
  15. I dont claim to be a super player but i am learning new things every game and a watching YT & watch streamers content to learn tactics and so forth, I am currently grinding out the Wyoming which i enjoy playing but dam its frustrating when i fire a full salvo off and about 6-7 AP shells hit a enemy Wyoming all i get is a crappy roll of 830