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  1. entar128

    Top tier matches don't feel like ships anymore

    Sometimes just the presence of a BB in proximity to a cap-point is enough as the potential damage the BB can dish out to primarily cruiser may dissuade them from either giving effective support or draw enough attention to the BB so that the DD can cap the point or enable teammates to flank the target and force the ship to withdraw or get sunk. If the BB is 15kms behind the cappoint or behind an island, that wont be as much of a threat. Imagine if you are behind an island as worcester/des moines happily radaring a cap-point and a Montana/Kurfurst/Yamato keeps pushing towards you supporting the DD. If there arent any DD capable of torping the BB you must withdraw or face a rather powerful BB at sub 10km.
  2. entar128

    Top tier matches don't feel like ships anymore

    I agree to a point, but I think the problem arises when the static gameplay becomes formulaic and boring. Shouldnt high tier expand on lower tier gameplay as players (should) get better and ships gets better/more capable of handling diffrent tactics, ie flanking in a New Mexico perhaps isnt a good idea but doing it in a fast battleship as the Iowa is more viable? How about a "stacking" bonus to dispersion while the ship is detected akin to the speed-debuff you get when hitting the border? It should still enable the choice of standing still/reversing for a while urging your to start moving. Or will it represent another "bandaid" to fix an underlaying problem... and it will perhaps cause problems for DDs in smoke together with the CLs of RN.
  3. entar128

    Top tier matches don't feel like ships anymore

    I think bowtanking is a logical consequence to high citadel damage, slow turning ships and vulnerable broadsides, and players having the knowledge to punish a broadsiding ship. If you do push up to a cap, and get detected as a BB (lesser degree also cruisers) you will be targetted rather heavily. Your options are, as I see it; 1. Try to turn, showing your broadside to the whole enemy team and eat a lot of AP-pens and/or citadelstrikes (in a cruiser it is doubtful that you even survive that turn), and the turn is slow so you will probably eat many hits and perhaps even pre-emptive torps 2. Stop, reverse and bowtank until enemy is dead or you are dead or the match ends 3. Stop, reverse, go undetected and then reposition (risky if you get detected again) for a better vector of attack 4. Keep pushing, attempt to scare the enemy into a retreat, and take the cap (or suicide if you read your team wrongly and you have no support in the cap) 5. Manouver to mask yourself behind an island 5a. and then reposition 5b. and then get stuck behind the island and camp Unfortunally, as I have seen in games is that either players tend to "use" theit superior range in BBs to hang back too far to be of any real use, or push too hard and get stuck in a suicide rush that cant be stopped due to broadsiding->citadel/pen->death, or fail pushing and start reverse bowtanking, eg option 2 because its too much to think of/tunnelvisioned to be able to rethink a new tactic. In a high conceal cruiser you are in a worse position if you get detected, attempt to badly bowtank due trollolo dispersion overmatch citadelstrikes, or just gunned down by everyone and their mother. Turning in a cruiser is not an option in most ships, Moskva can perhaps do it due to high HP pool, but armor is still as thin as a Des Moines (155mm vs 152mm?). Hinden suffers from the turn negating the advantage of turtleback as it causes the vulnerable roof to show and I feel it suffers even more cits while turning (bankangle increases while turning), the Des Moines and Worcester does it while throwing the dice, most often its a deathsentence, Zao can troll the hits but most its a fast return to port, Henry I dont know. I believe that the suggestion to increase accuracy against slow moving/stationary ships is a good suggestion and decreasing citadeldamage is an interesting idea. As it is now it is almost that stationary targets are harder to hit (might be confirmation bias as well) I also agree wholeheartly that the game should be about movement in higher tiers. I am in no regards a very good player and I dont know if my opinions are close to everybody elses view, so I hope my input is worth something atleast. And... english isnt my first language and I am typing on a phone.
  4. entar128

    CA AP on CL - overpens through citadel or not?

    The first picture seems to be a bit further away (or the zoom might be off) and the shells landed at the waterline or below it. At that distance isnt the A-turret masked and only the B-turret is able to fire on the Yamato? This perhaps makes the striking angle a bit steeper and in a downward angle compared to the Zao, as the turret is situated even higher up from the watersurface? Need to test that when I get home. In another note, shouldnt the shells bounce on the surface at this shallow angle? The shallow angle perhaps makes the shell bounce on the citadelroof, as someone said earlier.
  5. entar128

    CA AP on CL - overpens through citadel or not?

    Even with Kartoffels post I cant make sense of it. The Yamato shells has a momentum that is about ten times and kinetic energy that is roughly seven times the Zao shells (1138800kgm/s vs 142600kgm/s and 444MJ vs 65MJ). I think it is strange that the armor would affect both shells equally, ie either lowering the velocity post-pen or lowering the KE (which in turn lowers velocity) relative to pre-pen equally on both shells (like lowering the velocity by 13%). The velocity of the Yamato's shell would be around 666,37m/s post-pen in order to keep it within citadel distance (if I havent goofed-up while trying to math at the same time as working). Shouldnt the armor affect the lighter shell from the Zao more than the almost ten times heavier shell of the Yamato? And if so, shouldnt the shell-velocity for the 203mm be lower post-pen relative to pre-pen when comparing it to the 460mm? For me the 1460kg shell from the Yamato will treat the armor as ricepaper and just pass through while the 155kg shell of the Zao would have more trouble but still pen but lose more energy in comparison. Am I misunderstanding something about penetrations physics, should I just chalk it up to "its just a game" or is the diffrence in relative velocities so small it doesnt actually matter? Also: sorry for crappy grammar/spelling errors, scatterbrained examples (this was a much longer post from the beginning) and bad math. I am at work on a phone, and this really isnt my area of expertise.
  6. entar128

    dedicated 10gb of ram to wows, wgc client still crashes

    I guess you already updated all drivers and such. Is it only WoWs that crashes? Does it crash at specific times, ie loading map or specific events? Does it crash to desktop or does it bluescreen? If you "undedicate" the memory, how much does WoWs use? The computer isnt running hot? Did the version without WgC work? Dont know if you can, but have you tried to start the game without WgC, ie directly with the launch .exe in the gamedirectory? Does WoT or WoWpl start/crash (even if you wrote you dont play them)? I am no technician, and I dont if I helped in anyway or came with any new info but I hope something might steer you in the right way to solve the problem. I have also been experience more crashes since last patch, and I think there might be a memoryleak somewhere in the new code. Also, the popin (ships detected on map, but not rendered in game) is getting worse for me aswell (got obliterated by a Bismarck from sub 7km, in my Indianapolis, that I couldnt see coming around the corner).
  7. entar128

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Namn och ålder? Andreas, 37Nick ingame? entar128 Vilka är dina maxtier fartyg? 3 T10, 4 T9 och uppsjö T8 och neråt.Vilket är ditt favoritskepp tier8? Troligen Amagi, men det beror oftast på dag.Skriv ett par meningar om dig själv! Känner efter ett antal randomspel att jag vill testa att köra lite mer organiserat.
  8. entar128

    Gift Containers a joke!

    I spent 50€ for some gambling (20 gifts all-in-all)... I got alot of signals (300+ of the +50% exp ones), a load of camos. And 2 premium ships... yey..? The problem? Well, the 2 premium ships I got was: Emden and then about 8 gifts later: Emden (which meant 1250 dubloons) Fun... I sold the Emden when it was gifted to me last time... and now I got it back... twice. My thought is if you already got the ship, reroll for another premium ship.
  9. entar128

    WG answer to BB Heavy meta?

    I feel the question should rather be: "Why doesnt anyone want to play the XP-pinatas (CAs) of the game?" Edit: or; "What is WG doing to improve the CA gameplay?" (I fail at reading... ok. ;) ) What do I mean with that? BB has armor to withstand high caliber shells, good survivability if you get hit, and able to dish out high damage (wiping CAs from existance with a broadside) DD has the concealment to not get shot at in the first place, and after they do get spotted they have a fair chance (depending on the range and so on) to dodge the shells CA has neither the armor (lolcits at your angled CA, no problem), the concealment isnt that good and forces a HE-spam from long range if you want to invis-fire, nor the manouverability to be able to reliable dodge shells and then there are the DD-torpedoes in all of it... and just hope you dont have the stealth BB flanking you and erases you from the game with a broadside. Yes, I did main CAs before, but not anymore, because I dont want to play the XP-pinata in games. Playing as 1 of the 2 or 3 CAs in game after game is getting a bit ridiculous. No, I am not especially good at the game, and I havent played that many battles. And yes, CAs can have brilliant games and decide the outcome of the battle and so on... but is that the "normal" game for CAs? I am hesitant to believe that. And yes, CAs can HE-spam from invisibility... but do you really influence the outcome of the game staying at max range HE-spamming and not going for objectives? Then again... I just switched to BBs and DDs instead... and getting some games in the Molotov for credits... But thats just my opinions on the whole thing...