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  1. LakeTheAce

    German Battleship Competition!

    I quess not just something i decided to do to celebrate German BB launch
  2. Take part and win nice prices
  3. LakeTheAce

    Do all T7 - T9 cruisers play the same way

    USN cruisers are mu favorite and best performing ships i hope there is buffs incoming ;)
  4. LakeTheAce

    New Orleans - CitadelHits

    I would quess that you Just had very Bad luck with shells landing on Target. Usually those guns behave and sometimes they dont. Accuracy isnt best but shell penetration values usually makes up for dispersion. Sometimes those shells Just fly where ever they want to, even at 5km distance You should be able to penetrate and citadell all cruisers with ease.
  5. LakeTheAce

    which tier 4 carrier

    I just started playing carriers and have to say USN are easier(more planes in squad). IJN needs more practice but it doesn't take many games to get good at manual drops. As carrier missions are just getting frags i would recommend IJN, damage output is much higher thus more frags. IJN also haves 1 fighter squad with their strike setup wich help a lot for not just being cannon fodder if enemy CV is air superiotity. Watch couple of CV gameplay videos from youtube and you'll get better very quickly. Anyway good luck with CV missions
  6. LakeTheAce


    I really enjoyed this ship, even stock it was quite nice. I've made video about this ship and its played with stock ship. 12 guns with nice AP penetrations values guarantees nice damage output
  7. LakeTheAce

    Stay at Cleveland or Continue?

    I love USN cruiser and can recommend that line. Pensacola might be somewhat hard to master but from New Orleans starts glory trip i think my highest win rate is on that ship. Maneuverability and firepower is in some sort of crazy war lusting harmony. You'll easily avoid fire and 6 guns up front guarantees your success. As some already pointed out USN cruisers has best shell normalization when hit on target. Even funky angles work for your favor . Baltimore otherhand is this armor monster. You easily shrug off all cruiser AP shells bow on.. except lucky ones ;) sometimes even BB but i wouldnt count on that as shouldnt anyone. Anyway its great line and after IJN i tought im going to miss torps but USN guns will make up for it.
  8. LakeTheAce

    Admiral Hipper, has it been nerfed?

    I didnt like that ship. And thank god i can say "i didnt" got roon yesturday and its better stock. 1 of the must frustrating ships to play and bugged out turret doesnt help. Admiral Hipper is just so average, ive had probably 2 great games in it, meaning over 2k base xp. Im sorry but i just dont find anything good about that ship... oh 1 thing! You'll get almost 7mil when you sell it
  9. LakeTheAce

    Russian Cruisers , LIVE

    I just got tier 6 cruiser and so far fragility has been pretty much theme with these ships. Tier2 Novik or Novograt??! What ever it is. Was absolutely painfull ship. Shell arc was so awfull that those maybe 3 games what i played with it, i didnt get the hang of it. Not sure are those guns ment for duck hunting or what? Tier3 was nice ship. Good guns after you upgrade them to 130mm. Remainds me of St. Luois, lots of guns all around ship, not nearly as much HP but around 5 knots faster speed. Not really my kinda ship as is not St. Louis. Im more of an Tenryui guy ;) Tier4 Svietlana is absolutely fantastic ship. It went straight for my favorites. You can have, if i remember correctly 5 guns on target with very minimal ancle. Almost front of the ship, if you will. Then just slight turn and you'll get 5 guns from other side of the ship. Like this wiggling you can go bow towards enemy firing all times. Torpedoes are pretty much same. Ancles are great! Just lurking behind islands and torp everything what tries to get you. Reload rate is 35sec on those. Bad things about this ship is main battery and more of its range wich is 11.4km is i remember correctly. Good thing about those is they are 130mm so Advanced Firing Training will give you 20% more range. Armor isnt best either. It will do but dont show your side. 45° is way too much, you will get penetrated. That wiggling tactic works well on this ship becouse of the lack of armor. Its pretty much same as on any other tier4 ship but better you make use of it, longer you live . Tier5 Kirov. This ship defines fragility.. its like new standard. It doenst matter how you ancle this ship it is going to be penetration. If BB shoots at you its miracle if i take less than 50% of my HP. Guns are nice thou. I feel like accuracy/velocity isnt good enough for 16km range. I can make those guns work in 10-12km range very well. HE does around 2500-6000 per salvo against BB. But further you go and more nearer to max range less dmg i do, even BB can avoid my shots if he tries even little. Max range salvo average is maybe 3 hits out of 9 with 2000 max damage. Its not good enough to make me feel usefull for my team. Reload on those guns is 15sec... so if you do 2000 damage every 15sec with 3 shells what haves 13% fire chance even getting that lovely fire is quite minimal. And try to avoid Fuso Kirov turns somewhat slowly so if Fuso shoots at you its pretty much atleast 1 citadel everytime. Tier6 Budyonny. I've played about 5 games in this ship unupgraded. I hated every second on it hopefully it gets better with upgrades. But yea cant really say much about it with 5 games(bad ones) behind. Guns seems nice! ;)
  10. LakeTheAce


    I really like that ship. It went up straight to my favorite tier4. On its own tier very nice ship but if you get on tier6 match it starts to lack quite badly. Hell, it even lacks at tiet5, i dont have AFT yet so huge problem. Range 11,4km? Nothing to write home about. Torpedo systems are quite fantastic when lurking behind islands or make yolo attacks agains BBs. Arc is great, you can almost shoot ships that are front of you. And reload is.. if i remember correctly 35sec. Wooohoo! Overall very fun ship to play and it starts to really shine with AFT. I have nice Svietlana replay on my youtube channel. Check it out and tell me what you think about it Channel name is Lakes. Sorry i dont know how to add link with phone. You'll just have to do it manually :-/ Anyway have a nice time with new Russian cruisers ;)
  11. I've had some crazy games with new Soviet ships. Check out my channel on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcYO-y3oGpfH9zOaJAjXvYg There is video about Svietlana the giver and Bogatyr the ruff tomorrow will be Kirov.
  12. LakeTheAce

    Tier 9

    I had Baltimore in cbt and dont really has it been nerfed or buffed(aa might be nerfd). I liked that ship much back then and waiting to get it back . I think one of biggest advantages that ship haves are 6 guns up front, usable without any angling of ship. I just sailed to enemy ship(if broadsided) and spamm AP. Its true that u never can avoid all shots but its succeed if there is no citadel hits. Its always good to have other friendly ships around you wich are more inviting targets. As a BB i would rather shoot something more inviting than Baltimore wich is coming towards you almost all shots are going to miss so its pretty much wasted salvo,unless your only target.. thats situation you want to avoid ;)
  13. LakeTheAce

    Tier 9

    Ive grinded Ibuki and enjoyed it. With it is possible to take out anything what comes by.. exept planes you just need to look for those opportunies to do torpedo runs and let those guns sing constantly. I didnt have any range modules but that increased rof, it worked perfectly for my playstyle. Figured that best place to be was around 11 to 13km away from enemy and dodgin incoming fire and even if you get hit its usually under 10k so no bigie. Mostly 4k. Yamato was only ship that was really someting to get away, those guns will do cits no matter what angle. Ibuki has quite good manouverability compared to Zao.. that thing just wont turn . Long story short it has been most fun warship so far. Im sure shooting those long range shots is boring as hell in any class. Thats the reason i avoid playing BB:s usually. All that might sound quite leathal but about 3/5 of games played ive survived!
  14. LakeTheAce

    IBUKI tierIX need Up

    I dont think Ibuki is a bad ship. I mostly do quite well init and do like that heal ability. You can get yourself in quite nasty situations where you most likely loose health and you still get away with it. Those things i wouldnt do with Mogami becouse you aint getting that health back. My playstyle is mostly aggressive and im all the time looking for those situations to get closer than 10km to pump in those citadels.. about citadels.. i feel like its somewhat harder to get citadels with ibuki.. well.. maybe compered to myoko wich was hell on earth to everyone who showed their broadside.
  15. LakeTheAce

    New skipper incoming!

    Welcome! Its nice to get more ppl ingame