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  1. Deyu198

    New service rank after the patch, rewards?

    Yes, that's also what it says on mine: 25x repair, hydro etc, but I have not received anything, althoug it shows "issued"
  2. Deyu198

    Doubloons And Captains

    Example: Let's say I have a Minekaze captain trained to captain the said Minekaze. I can switch him to the Kamikaze without any penalty. He remains specialized in the Minekaze (but can use all of his skills). Now let's say I buy a Mutsuki. Now, if I want to switch the Minekaze captain to the Mutsuki I'll have to retrain him for the Mutsuki. But after I put him in the Mutsuki (to specialize him in that ship) I can then play with him in the Kamikaze to complete his retraining of the Mutsuki.
  3. Deyu198

    Game not loading any more

    Are you sure it's nothing to do with your internet connection? Try raising a ticket https://eu.wargaming.net/support/kb/categories/3
  4. Deyu198

    Captins skills

    Do you have the required doubloons?
  5. No, this is not another "gief submarinez, plz" topic. I entirely undestand why submarines will never be introduced in the normal WoWs battles. They were slow undewater, no armor etc. They rarely participated in fleet actions, and when they did, they were used as forwards scouts at best. Hell, probably they will never be introduced at all. But, for the sake of the argument, bare with me. So, I had this idea (if someone else had it, I'm sorry, this usually happens with ideas ): a special mode for submarines called Sink the convoy. In this mode, both Coop and PVP versions available, there are two opposing teams (7/9 players each? - maybe fewer DDs for balance? this will be determined by testing, I guess ): Subs VS DDs. The subs have to defeat an AI convoy with mechanics similar tot the Halloween event. The convoy starts in one part of the map. To make it move, DDs, which start from some distance from it, must get into the circle. The subs, spawn on random parts of the map in every match (to prevent the DDs rushing their known start position) but not all together. For example: three of them spawn in one part, two, in another and so on, you get the idea. The goal of the wolf pack is to, obviously, sink as many convoy ships they can in an allotted time and deplete the DD team's ticks (1000 or whatever). Similar to domination mechanics, convoy ships are of different type, each valuing different points (-65 points for tankers, for example, -100 for a DD sunk, which will be very hard to do etc). Now, all DDs can participate, but they will have special modules usable only in this mode like ASDIC, depth charges (similar in mechanic to the torps?) and so on. Subs will also have hydrophones. Would you play something like this? P.S. I know this is just fantasy, but every now and again someone comes and ask for subs, and the reply is always they would not work, and I agree they wouldn't in a normal WoWs battle. So here are my 2 cents on the issue of subs. Everyone would win. I also know WG would need to put big resources to do something like this. But, as I said, it's just an idea, so don't shoot.
  6. Deyu198

    Black Friday turning grey?

    The excuse "it's an american thing" is a pile of... Heck, I'm from Romania and we basically had here a whole Black November with sales. Our "proper" Black Friday was last friday (don't ask me why), but even today many retailers both stores and online still have offers.
  7. Deyu198

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Wow, such a nice gesture! Thank you ID Deyu198 Ship: Warspite
  8. Deyu198

    Black Friday turning grey?

    That... that makes absolutely no sense. Instead of having 3-4 days of sales, you have one, and it's a monday?
  9. So, basically it's a japanese Benson
  10. Deyu198


    The new sounds are awful. The water splash sound it's too loud and too long. The gun sounds lost alot of oomph. Last, but most definitely not least, the ambient sounds are crap. Did your sound guys play the game? Hearing 10-15 minutes of constant wind whistle is maddening. IMHO the best sound were the ones in CBT. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  11. Deyu198

    New Graphics

    Can you post an image, please, I would like to compare it to mine.
  12. Deyu198

    New Graphics

    I have. I've played with both the 4x and 8x option, not much of a difference... http://i.imgur.com/awZILPV.jpg
  13. Deyu198

    New Graphics

    Guys, I still see jagged lines. Admitedly, they look better than with the FXAA option, but its not that much of an improvement. Can you guys tell me what setting you use? I set the FXAA to off, and the nvidia AA settings to Application-Controlled.