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  1. El2aZeR, I got you on contacts list in port & sometimes I see you on there & I message you to Division. You do not respond (sadly). I'd sure like to div w you sometime as I value your Forum opinions & I figure you are likely a very good player. So, if you don't want to div with me - just let me know & I remove you from my contacts. Cheers


    1. El2aZeR


      Weird, never got a message.

      Maybe I accidentally blacklisted you or sth. Will have to check.


      I usually like to play alone anyway, but thanks for offering.

    2. antean


      I find divisioning does assist a bit with Ws. I also solo play too but do prefer to div when possible. You are in a clan so you must do some group play. Anyway, unless you say remove me from contacts I leave you there & maybe you will div sometime.