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  1. Better question: How many CV players do you think would stick around after such a huge nerf to striking capability? Which has already been answered by 0.8.5, the most balanced iteration so far, with "less than RTS". The simple fact is that as soon as the rework becomes even remotely "balanced" it automatically becomes a failure as well. This is because the rework is entirely binary in it's fundamental design of pure damage farming. Either CVs can farm meaningful damage with impunity and are overpowered or they cannot and are (for the majority of players) useless and unfun to play. Hence why any reasonable idea to balance the CV rework is automatically doomed to fail.
  2. El2aZeR

    ATM1 Carrier upgrade - a must?

    Ironically I now run 2ndary mod on pretty much all CVs. Just like how a certain someone used to recommend it. The new upgrade is only used on RN CVs (which I basically do not play) and Midway where I have spec'd out of TA. And even on Midway I may just install the 2ndary mod because I've found no difference in performance. I originally ran it on Enterprise with TA for a couple of test runs but found no difference there either.
  3. El2aZeR

    CV damage control party

    But then WG wouldn't be able to say "tHeRe Is Cv InTeRaCtIoN LOL".
  4. El2aZeR

    CV damage control party

    Like pretty much everything CV survivability related it's to prevent CV sniping.
  5. Ah, whoops. My bad. Hits like that should result in citadels in my experience. Nothing I have specifically tested though so take this with a grain of salt.
  6. Nah, those will bounce. Unless you use maybe GZ AP bombs but who knows what is going on with those. You either go through the deck or not at all. It is possible to lob AP bombs through the belt of some cruisers but since enlightened drop got fixed that is extremely RNG and requires said cruiser to have rather light belt armor ala Leander or Atlanta. Not something I would ever recommend trying.
  7. El2aZeR

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    Man, you guys are late to the party. I've been doing that for a year now.
  8. El2aZeR

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    3x Enterprise. Oh wait. WG pls give. Will totally make the rework even more successful than it already is.
  9. El2aZeR

    What's your opinion on the new/reworked ship modules?

    The issue is that the burst damage is a system of diminishing returns. Initially you may get one kill, but on any subsequent bursts you won't as the burst damage is based on a percentage of current squad HP. And well, MAA is a rather heavy investment that can be spent better otherwise. The skill actually isn't as bad as many make it out to be (since the DPS increase of sector is actually 0 sum more often than not), it's just prohibitively expensive.
  10. El2aZeR

    AA builds worth it anymore

    Yes ofc. What I meant was they're worthless as a measurement of AA strength.
  11. El2aZeR

    AA builds worth it anymore

    And yet they never seem to run out of viable attack wings due to a combination of weak AA and regen being too fast. AA achievements are worthless because fighters count towards it.
  12. El2aZeR

    AA builds worth it anymore

    Most CVs also still have a total plane capacity that matches or exceeds pre-nerf RTS Midway. So any plane you get is a consolation price with little impact.
  13. El2aZeR

    AA builds worth it anymore

    Again, this is among the most plane kills they've had while playing in that div. And it's not like they didn't get attacked by CVs either. Thus ultimately proving that AA is worthless.