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  1. Don't think it's overmatch per se that's the problem. It's either - DD angles, giving the AP shell sufficient armor thickness to arm or - penetration below the waterline similar to how you achieve citadel hits on BBs/cruisers. Personally I'd fix it by simply making all BB AP shells deal a fixed 5% or so damage to DDs. Probably wouldn't even exempt Khaba as she would remain vulnerable to both air strikes and cruiser AP.
  2. Getting seen from 4km vs from 2km is a huge difference in knife fighting and cap contesting. What that would do is reinstating USN DDs as the best cap contesters pound for pound and make high tier KM DDs mostly worthless as they simply don't have the firepower to make their smoke + hydro combo count for much with such a short margin. No matter the way you nerf smoke, you get more passive play.
  3. No way!
  4. Ocean best map H2O/10
  5. Ahahahaha, no. Dodge with superior air speed, then counter strafe. There is literally no outplaying this thing nowadays. Just happens more often to CVs because CVs are more rare.
  6. This pretty much.
  7. Once again you quote everything good about CVs yet leave out all of their weaknesses. You also again completely ignore the reasons why CVs are capable of dealing so much damage. Then again that wouldn't fit your goal of continuing to be a solo sailing scrub, no? Same way with how you still quote survivability as a relevant stat only to attempt to make your pitiful narrative look good. Well, either that or you're incredibly stupid. Not that it matters as both disqualify you from making any reasonable balancing suggestions.
  8. Because obviously giving up everything except damage potential is such a great idea as USN strike loadouts demonstrate.
  9. Yes, please give scrubs the option to utterly waste their plane reserves and make skilled players even more dominant against them. Jesus, do people even think when making suggestions such as these?
  10. Please, go ahead, find where I said that. You're doing wonders for your credibility right now. Not totally clueless at all. As for your position, to summarize all you've ever said is that you're a solo sailing scrub that cares not about teamplay in a team game and thus gets frequently targeted by CVs and punished for your mistake, so you want to nerf CVs on the basis of personal enjoyment while trying and utterly failing to sugarcoat it in the usual "CVs are op" whine.
  11. Since you only mindlessly repeat what you hear without being able to form your own opinions or conclusions about where CVs fit in the game or what their role is supposed to be, doesn't that simply mean that you have no idea what you're talking about? Go ahead, try to find where I've contradicted myself in regards of CVs in the last few months.
  12. So you're clueless then?