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  1. When your team is worthless but your enemy is equally so. Enemy CV got sniped by the Fubuki in spawn at the beginning of the game because lol why would CV have to move? Meanwhile at the end the friendly Shchors did nothing but sail around the map border while I got into a brief brawl with a NC. Thankfully my KGV managed to get the Atlanta with his last salvo, otherwise this would've had a grim end for me (what, NC has good AA you say? Not one with Survivability Expert skilled I'm sure). Should've gotten Solo Warrior for this, really.
  2. Maybe they'll give her the 1600lb bombs to keep her unique. That'd be hilarious
  3. GZ remains the weakest CV tier for tier with her newest iterations. AS Lexingtons get rekted in general, they are literally only surpassed by GZ in the ease with which they can be outplayed. It's the most boring thing ever in a Shokaku/Enterprise.
  4. Depends on what cruisers you play. They become a lot more game deciding than BBs when access is given to certain utility (aka radar). And if you forego stealth in a position from which 4-5 BBs target you, YOU are out of position and rightfully deserve to get punished. I mean seriously you were sandwiched between two BBs and you honestly believe you deserve to survive that? Don't make me laugh. Hardly, aside from CVs there are a lot of differences between the playstyles of nations regardless of class, all of which you have to adapt to to be effective. Cruisers are hardly unique in this matter. If you're struggling with them then perhaps you're simply more comfortable playing the other classes, regardless of what your preferences are? Oh boy, so you stopped your grind at ships that teach you crucial lessons about cruiser play. Why am I not surprised? For example I didn't like NO either, but the lessons you learn (or rather should learn) with her apply at an even greater scale to the Baltimore and the Des Moines. If you fail with the NO you will likely continue to fail as you advance on. MM is great for T7 actually, as you have a high chance of being top tier thanks to protected MM for low tiers. Now, should MM be looked at? Yes. Are cruisers too unforgiving to play in the current meta? Sure Is BB overpopulation a problem? Absolutely. But judging by what you're writing here the problems you have with cruiser play go much deeper than that, with the cause sitting between your keyboard and the backrest of your chair. Addressing the issues mentioned above won't solve that. It may sound harsh but admitting it is the first step to improvement. I would suggest uploading a couple of replays and asking people here to analyze them so you can actually improve your play instead of whining about things you cannot change anyway.
  5. As long as they're given out for free and/or don't provide players with serious advantages I have no problems with lootboxes.
  6. 0.6.13

    1. Description Small typo in the description of the "Kaigun-Taisho (Full Admiral), White Uniform, 1943" in the "Yamamoto Isoroku" collection. 2. Reproduction steps - go to the first page of the "Yamamoto Isoroku" collection - view the description of the "Kaigun-Taisho (Full Admiral), White Uniform, 1943" item - check the first line of the second paragraph 3. Result It says "[...] Amdiral Yamamoto [...] " 4. Expected result It should be "[...] Admiral Yamamoto [...]" 5. Technical details Screenshot:
  7. Almost done with E-3, just need one more successful run. Thankfully the CV part is nowhere near as difficult as the *insert long string of swear words here* transport part was. As for drops, so far I got: - Kunashiri - Tsushima - Shimushu - Ooyodo Only need Etorofu & Matsuwa and my collection of little girls is complete! *police sirens in the distance* EDIT: Just unlocked the first Z nodes in E-4. Been fairly smooth sailing so far but I expect it to get much worse from here.
  8. RNGesus hath granted me access to paradise once again.
  9. DD: - Gearing/Fletcher - both work, perhaps Fletch is a bit more comfy thanks to her versatility - Kamikaze & Clemson - because sealclubbing is rather comfortable from time to time Cruiser: - Minotaur - smoke -> spam -> kite -> repeat - Nürnberg - kite like a butterfly, sting like a bee - Zao - there is nothing uncomfortable about spamming HE at long range BBs: - Missouri - because being overpowered translates into comfy gameplay - Kongo (aka ARP Hiei nowadays) - loved her in CBT, still love her now - QE - I like her, dunno why others don't - Bismarck - did I already say sth about being op? CVs: - Enterprise - bullying BBabies results in an extremely comfortable and relaxing feeling - Saipan - ah, what was that? Something about being op?
  10. Which argues precisely against WG's previous statement of "pls no sealclubbing lol".
  11. They told me sealclubbing is bad so they removed manual drop from low tier CVs, but then they make this abomination. Seriously, what in the name of RNGesus are they thinking? She's a Minekaze with hilarious smoke spam potential and pre-nerf torps (even if they are DW) AND Nicholas guns. Who in their right mind would think this is a balanced combination?! (Please note that I do agree low tier CVs needed some nerfing, but removing alt attacks was not the way to do it.)
  12. Depends on the target tbh. Against a broadsiding Khaba (and probably Gearing too) AP tends to give huge returns at close range. You can also citadel some cruisers at ~3-4km. Though against most targets you should stick to HE. Btw guys, don't rely on Kidd's ability to defend herself against air strikes alone too much. I found that you can actually put her (and any other DD with DFAA) in a bind fairly quickly by going against textbook CV play and sending in your squads spread out and attack one by one, so either Kidd wastes her DFAA on a single squad or she has to deal with debuffs/DoT for a while along with any potential alpha strike you manage to hit. (Assuming she is alone and you're playing a higher tier CV with sufficient numbers of strike squadrons ofc.) Not that the vast majority of CV players will actually do this though.
  13. Funny, I usually win against an Akizuki in my Gearing. Without even losing much of my HP. Unless you give Akizuki the opportunity to punish you with AP you're gonna win the fight.
  14. By design CVs CAN be the most influential class in the game. - they are the teamplay forcing mechanic - they are the primary scouters - they are the hard counter to DDs, the 2nd most influential ship class These factors all hand CVs tremendous potential, but on the other hand because they have all these great characteristics they also have severe limitations imposed on them, so they can quickly become a non-factor in terms of match outcome if their teammates suck (or the enemy simply doesn't). It's simple balancing, really, as it is in adherence of the spectrum of totally worthless to excessively dominant, encompassing both ends more so than any other class. If something can never be completely worthless then it also cannot be excessively dominant. And what most people whining about CVs do not realize, cutting down on one end automatically means having to cut down the other. For example if you were to nerf the alpha strike of CVs, then AA must not be allowed to be capable of eliminating an entire strike regardless of power and concentration. This is obviously against the base concept of what roles CVs are supposed to play, but serves as a simple to understand example.
  15. Well, I guess we can completely disregard 99,9% of all game knowledge then, because the average player is incapable of understanding such concepts anyway.