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  1. Barbettes = citadel
  2. Fara just put up a video in which he oneshots a Yamato from almost full health with 82k damage dealt. (9:35) On the other hand he also demonstrates how easy a manual drop is to dodge. He talks about how RNG AP bombs are against ships that are not KM BBs. Normally, having experience with AP bombs in the Enterprise myself, I'd very much agree. However I think I made an interesting observation. Notice that the strike area shifts directly over to the front turrets when the bombs actually hit, even disabling one of them. It could be possible that he simply penetrated the turret roofs and the barbettes, thus getting citadel hits with the majority of his bombs. This would mean that for every BB line that has an effective deck armor scheme, you could target the turrets instead for massive damage returns. Anyone care to test that in the training room?
  3. lol this ship. This ship is amazing.
  4. I thought it was announced quite a while ago that Musashi would be a clan battle reward or sth similar. Not sure why everyone is acting all surprised tbh. :P
  5. The thing is that you don't need to be super 300 apm unicum to abuse Saipan's ridiculous strafe mechanics. It's broken and has no reliable counter, regardless of your or the enemy skill level. But since nerfing Saipan is an unrealistic prospect (to say the least) fixing the UI to make the one counter it has (strafing after the escaping fighter) actually viable every time should be a priority, yet any change in CV UI seems far off at this point, WG instead preferring to release more lines of ridiculous gimmicky and overpowered ships.
  6. No, it can't. Saipan either strikes fast enough that fighter cover doesn't matter or straight up wins any fighter engagement.
  7. Take a look at the armor scheme ingame. It's still slightly above the waterline. If you cannot hit that, well, that's not a problem of the game then.
  8. All I see is you demonstrating your incompetence tbh, Pretty much the only thing you got right in your first point is that BBs are getting coddled, while characterizing one of the most braindead and overpowered BB lines as "fine". Because having SI, BFT & AFT mandatory is such a limitation. No, you don't necessarily need MS. It was actually proven that MS hurts your long term damage on a single target due to damage saturation. It is an option that can be recommended, but is in no way mandatory. Meanwhile NC needs SI, AFT & CE. It is actually really funny seeing you judging which skills you should take on a ship you do not even have. A statement that is laughably false, as expected from your experience playing CVs considering your laughable statistics in them. NC had her citadel lowered long before Bismarck, or even Tirpitz, existed. In fact, it was one of the most early balancing changes ever done after USN BBs were introduced in CBT. I highly doubt you are capable of judging whether or not it was justified. And really, if you seriously believe NC's citadel now is hard to hit, I have some seriously bad news for you (and to you only, everyone else seems to have picked up on how much experience and skill you really have in this game). NC becomes most effective somewhere between 12-14km from the enemy. If this is far away to you, well, sucks to be you then. A CVs role is to kill or contribute to killing DDs and solo sailing ships that are not AA cruisers. NC becomes strike-able by same/lower tier CVs when through a thorough shower of HE shells. The same applies to Bismarck. Both ships can be easily targeted by higher tier CVs regardless of their health and setup, though considering your paltry high tier experience you probably don't even know that. Thus their actual AA values do not matter at all, as the same conditions apply to both of them. Really, if the game were balanced KM BBs would have a list of drawbacks a mile long for being basically impossible to citadel alone instead of getting coddled and compensated at every twist and turn. Meanwhile the USN BBs you're calling overpowered have serious weaknesses and evaporate quickly when out of position, unlike their KM counterparts, to balance out their strengths. Also 50% of torp damage is recoverable, it's only 10% when hit near the magazines. 10/10 demonstration of basic game knowledge. Again. And you ofc completely neglect everything that Bismarck does better than NC. Hint: It's a lot. But that wouldn't fit your pitiful narrative, no? But nah, "WAAAH WAAAH MY SHIP IS NOT OP IN ALL ASPECTS! LOOK AT THAT SHIP WHICH IS BETTER ONLY IN THE FEW ASPECTS THAT MY SHIP IS MISSING! IT IS UNFAIR! KM BB LINE IS TOTALLY BALANCED! I DON'T HAVE TO L2P, YOU'RE ALL WRONG AND ONLY GET LUCKY ALL THE TIME!" Says the guy talking about BB bias and making the game more forgiving while at the same time defending the second most forgiving, braindead and overpowered BB line in the game, their crown only recently stolen by the newly released RN BBs. Biased yourself much? Really, before RN BBs the BB line that by far needed nerfing the most is the KM one. Now it's "only" second in line. Trying to defend them while at the same time condemning BB bias is nothing short of absolutely idiotic. That you actually believe USN BBs are overpowered and perfect for camping on top only adds to the hilarity of your incompetence. So yeah, how about you actually go and accumulate some experience playing high tiers instead of talking about things you have no understanding of? Or, even better, get a NC yourself and see how she works out for you sniping at long range? While it is really amusing to see you insult others while you yourself are demonstrating hilarious incompetence at the game in both statistics and statements, all the while having less games played total than I have in T8+ games alone, you do demonstrate perfectly how ridiculously stupid the average player in WoWs has truly become.
  9. Wat. 2 squads of fast cycling TBs that enjoy loads of survivability along with default air superiority is something Kaga can only dream of. With Kaga you simply hope your opposing CV sucks. She's the CV that by far scales worst with enemy player skill. Kaga does literally nothing a competent Hiryu cannot do, she's simply more noob-friendly with a bigger strike package, gimmicky torps and loads of reserves. She pays for it by being extremely horrible at contesting air superiority, which eventually compromises her strike ability. This is fine considering most of the playerbase consists of idiots but you will become next to useless against a competent player using a relevant CV (aka not Ranger). Saipan barely cares how skilled or what CV the enemy opposition uses. The only real threat to her is another Saipan of higher skill level and getting severely up-tiered (and even then she fares better than her contemporaries). She's by far the most team-independent CV in the game.
  10. Speed is a non-factor tbh, it's just a matter of lead. Grozo is a far longer ship and has anemic handling, this makes her a much easier target for TBs in my experience. I usually can kill her off with multiple hits from only two squads (which is just as well considering one squad will inevitably bait DFAA).
  11. Well, time to place bets, people! What stupid gimmick is another BB going to get? - radar - smoke - hydro - DFAA - speed boost - super heal I got my money on DFAA + radar. It'll get sorted out with the USN CA/CL split, which will occur sometime next year apparently. Look at WoWs Blitz for reference, there both Pensa and NO get bumped down a tier with Wichita at T8.
  12. Yuo see Ivan, if kill our own soldier now, soldier can not die in battle! Seriously, though, what the [edited] is this.
  13. Your point is? NC's AA is overkill, Bismarck's AA is more than adequate for dealing with same tier air strikes. Then again for someone who sucks this much at the game and who believes his paltry experience in high tier games to be adequate, yeah, I think you fit perfectly into the average playerbase this game has. :) And if you honestly believe that people can get to good stats with only RNG and luck, take a look here: Though I'm sure you will not believe it like every other hard fact you have dismissed so far.