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  1. El2aZeR

    CV Rework Discussion

    It's the easiest way to escape punishment for leaving the match (unless ofc reported to WG support). Just sail your ship to the map corner and go back to port. You get like 100 exp for that alone. Seen it aplenty this year. "Omg not another CV match, I'm leaving." etc. Are you actually for real? Minotaur had more base AA than most cruisers WITH DFAA active.
  2. El2aZeR

    CV Rework Discussion

    Once I spotted for about 250k damage primarily on DDs and cruisers (aka the most profitable ships) in a RTS CV. Dealt little to no damage in that match because the positioning of the enemy AA was stellar. I finished that match 2nd to last at about 500 base exp, of which you get about 100 to 150 for just moving around (I'm not joking, it is possible to gain exp for movement). Because spotting economy was actually nerfed for reworked CVs we can assume that on average you'll be gaining perhaps 150 exp or so for spotting on average. Tbh even that number seems rather high to me. Yes, it sure is great that AA doesn't work anymore. The problem with AA divs was not the effectiveness of AA. It was that AA divs could force a CV in a match where no other player was prepared for it. The solution thus should have been to equalize AA to prepare everyone for the possibility of a CV match, not murdering AA so no one can defend themselves anymore. To call this "fixed" or even "better than before" is the height of stupidity. Lets put some math behind this, shall we? Sector reinforcement has a 5 seconds ramp up time, 5 seconds active time and 10 seconds cooldown. For you to use SR 5x that means a squad needs to stay inside your AA for over 1 1/2 minutes. Neither competent nor incompetent CVs will actually stay that long inside your AA because the incompetent CV will die to flak while the competent CV will finish all strikes faster than SR will go off cd. That is not realistic. That is pure fantasy.
  3. El2aZeR

    CV Rework Discussion

    CV spotting? Ironically stealth fire didn't become an issue until after CVs became extremely unpopular. Stealth fire is old. It came from a time when CVs were still regularly encountered. Wow, yeah, which includes stats all the way from launch when full strike CVs were still a thing. Truly a representative result. /s At least do some basic research, will you? Yes. There was something called the guaranteed destruction tick. IJN cruiser AA was also decent to excellent depending on tier, especially in combination with DFAA. 30k AA damage is basically one and a half rocket squads. It's completely irrelevant. Here's a good question tho, can a Musashi wipe out half a Saipan strike nowadays before they can attack? Because back then it could. To even remotely characterize rework AA as more effective or more fair is extremely laughable.
  4. El2aZeR

    CV Rework Discussion

    Even then it took a fair amount of time to set up a drop which could easily fail if someone in the general vicinity or even the DD itself had DFAA. And if you did fail the drop you had to wait several minutes before you could try again in addition to potentially losing a lot of extremely valuable aircraft. This is no longer the case, a CV simply doesn't get punished anymore for failing. It doesn't take that long to execute 3 runs on a DD in the rework especially since you barely care about the drop angle. The amount of reserves you get are ridiculous especially in the face of the utterly laughable AA situation right now. And if you don't happen to kill a DD on the first attack, no worries. You'll be back in 40-60 seconds which isn't NEARLY enough time for a DD to reposition. Besides, is it truly "better" that a DD has to suffer from continuous attacks rather than a single strike? If you think about it it's actually worse. E.g. a DD that gets killed instantly at minute 10 had 10 minutes to effectively influence the battle. A DD that gets harassed up until getting killed at minute 10 inevitably has to play ludicrously passive to even stand a chance to survive that long, aka was likely completely useless the entire time. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/cv8-how-to-tune/ Since we know for a fact that spotting rewards are practically non-existent anyway CVs in essence had the same economy as BBs.
  5. El2aZeR

    Rise of CV population?

    To put a bit of perspective into this GZ B has 1/3rd times more players than the other premium T8 CVs combined, including regular GZ, at 601 vs 393.
  6. El2aZeR

    CV Rework Discussion

    A good rework CV player either takes the same amount of time killing a DD or is much faster. Since you're talking about cross drops and all, something most RTS CV players couldn't even attempt, then I suppose the incompetent rework CV players aren't relevant either, which contradicts your entire point. Except if your blatant bias would allow you to see it you'd realize that we are in fact comparing the best RTS CV players to the best of the rework. In such a case there were counterplay options even against the best RTS CV players which would lead to them getting shut down no matter how skilled they are, there are no such things against the best reworked CV players because such options fundamentally do not exist. This makes reworked CVs the only class to ever exist in this game that has literally no counterplay options no matter the composition or skill of the opposing force.
  7. El2aZeR

    Worst phenomenon in wow

    CVs no longer have manual hull control while aircraft are in the air. "Pressing W" is in fact impossible. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. El2aZeR

    Rise of CV population?

    There we have it, high tier CV numbers have increased by ~400 players. This is likely due to all the GZ B sales considering how many potatoes I've met in one so far. This also means it's likely a temporary increase.
  9. El2aZeR

    CV Rework Discussion

    There was a TST or PTS change which modified CV economy gain from the previous RTS values to be equal to BBs. This hasn't changed until the recent nerf, the only CV that has had any economy change prior to that was Enterprise though it doesn't say whether it was increased or decreased. So from what we know CV base exp CAN actually be used for a viable comparison with BBs at least.
  10. El2aZeR

    15 Minutes Matchmaking time

    Thanks for the free win.
  11. El2aZeR

    CV Rework Discussion

  12. El2aZeR

    CV Rework Discussion

    Given that is one of the primary complaints about CVs now, I honestly wouldn't be too sure about fighters. Regardless though a return of dedicated fighter play isn't particularly necessary if you were to just make an interactive system between surface ships and CVs, although that really isn't a very likely option either given average playerskill.
  13. El2aZeR

    Returning player

    Well, the speed nerf inevitably had impact on maneuverability. Gonna guess it's that.
  14. El2aZeR

    CV Rework Discussion

    Both of which had about as many players combined as Shimakaze last week. Or about 200 less than Bismarck. Since when was my assessment based on my own personal opinion on the rework? The popularity fluctuations in relation to how easy to play and overpowered reworked CVs were over their history are an objective statistical basis which proves my point. Will it happen? Well, removal is definitely out of the question based on refunds alone, a complete rework or even a return to RTS on the other hand is in the realms of possibility albeit extremely unlikely. It still however means that it is objectively the only way to fix the rework. Whether it is likely to happen has little to do with that.