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  1. It's okay as a popcorn flick and there are a bunch of references to both actual naval battles and fandom, but don't expect any super serious plot developments. Also the CG is awful.

    What do you guys think? Is this worthy of a Skybuck?
  3. Profitability or some sort of language barrier most likely isn't what made them region lock the EN version as that'd make no sense at all. In my mind the only sensible reason left is not wanting or not having the resources to bother with age ratings. Also built my first AR. It's an AK-47.
  4. Double CV matches... Why?

    I will talk whatever I want about Evasive Maneuver! Your waifu is trash! Seriously though, if it wasn't an essential part of my income I'd not even bother to kill the planes of potatoes who took EM. They're hindering themselves harder than I could ever hope to do. Even with proper micro EM impacts the amount of strikes you can fly per match, though. If you believe that's a worthwhile trade off, fine. I certainly don't. If you get killed by auto drop you deserve it. Nothing in this game is easier to dodge than a TB auto drop.
  5. Four torp hits - no damage?

    Eh? For me it just failed a bunch of times. Guess even forum has RNG now. :D
  6. Four torp hits - no damage?

    .......well, I got another one. Even made it myself. A to embed though, so I'll just post a link: https://imgur.com/8gD4ArX
  7. Double CV matches... Why?

    Pff, nothing easier than that. - remove noob trap mechanics, upgrades and skills (auto drop, Evasive Maneuvers, Emergency Takeoff just to name a few) - implement thorough tutorial explaining the basics of CV play You know, just like CV players have demanded for years. Anything beyond that can simply be labeled as "git gud". I hope you realize that this can be said about every class in the game. And please, I can easily kill 3-4 opposing same tier DDs on my own, then have disproportionate impact on the battle compared to cruisers and BBs. Yet for some reason I never see people crying out about how unfair it is that skilled DD players can influence a battle to such an extend. The actual reason why CVs are "broken" is because average player skill is so low that if you'd jump down into that abyss you'll die of old age before you hit the bottom. Skilled CV players decide games because literally no one knows how to play this game beyond a very few people across all classes. If given the chance I am able to win games on my own in CVs not only because I'm capable of dominating the opposing CV, but because everyone else is also serving themselves up to me on a silver platter. Heck, I can (and even have to) take caps in my CV on a semi-regular basis because almost everyone in this game is too stupid to do so or deny me from doing it. Are there issues with CVs in their current state? Sure. But the primary problems lie elsewhere. Skilled CV players simply benefit from a lot of the failures WG has piled up over the years. - BB overpopulation? More DDs as victims and less AA cruisers to worry about. - Lack of CVs? Less people running AA builds or DFAA - Removal of alt attacks in low tiers? Fewer CVs that will learn how to play, yay! - The captain skill rework? Even fewer people running AA as now other builds become viable. - More AA buffs and AA on ships? Even less CVs, also hello CV divs! - Abysmal average player skill? yes, gotta love that target rich environment. - Smoke nerf? Oh, thank you for even more spotting and striking potential. - RN BBs? Sure, why not wipe entire ships of their AA suite in just 2-3 hits. - AP bombs? Gotta love the ability to wipe out AA cruisers, the direct counter to CVs, in a single strike. The list goes on and on. Thus the need is born to dumb down CVs so that unskilled play can go along unpunished. The CV rework is a monument to WG's failure to educate their playerbase and complete and utter disregard of skilled play or progression, preferring to let braindead potatoes run rampant. To say that this is some problem isolated to how CVs work is stupid beyond belief.
  8. Eh, it's out? Never received a mail despite signing up. *checks spam folder* ...., there it is. EDIT: Seems to be region locked, can't find it in the Play Store on my emulator. Apk can be obtained here, though: https://girlsfrontlineguide.com/girls-frontline-en-apk-and-download-links/ EDIT2: Defnitely region locked. An update requires you to go to the Play Store to download it directly which you cannot do if you're not living in one of the countries specified on the above website. I got around that by using APKPure on my emulator.
  9. Could you do something with bots?

    Bots are vastly better than approx. 90% of the playerbase. If you see something incredibly stupid, that's most likely an actual human playing. No, I'm not joking.
  10. The CV Captains Cabin

    If he actually knows what he's doing: You don't. Best you can hope for is getting some strikes in when he's distracted. A single fighter is not enough to outplay three opposing ones.
  11. Shino actually. Proceeded to bs about how he has played Atlanta despite not having one in port, too.
  12. Makes me wish I could teamkill without repercussions, really. Also - detonate 3 minutes into the game - still better than some BBaby who survived
  13. Afaik floatplane fighters did exist though they usually performed poorly in combat against real fighters. The only model I know is a Japanese one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakajima_A6M2-N Generally floatplanes were used for scouting and spotting for artillery. During the war they were also used for Search & Rescue to recover downed pilots and ASW. After the war they were replaced by helicopters.