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  1. El2aZeR

    What nations have good - very powerful AA.

    None. I'm serious.
  2. El2aZeR

    General CV related discussions.

    Rocket and TB slingshot hasn't changed. DB slingshot has been nerfed but can still be used.
  3. El2aZeR

    General CV related discussions.

    Then one only needs to eliminate that factor. E.g. Stalingrad is a ship which in addition to being powerful has inflated stats due to the fact that its playerbase is on average more skilled. Despite that Haku and Midway pull roughly equal numbers on average, something no other tech tree ship can do. In fact the next best ship to pull numbers close to that is... Audacious.
  4. Any CV with high carrying potential. Enterprise, Shokaku, Midway, Hakuryu, etc.
  5. El2aZeR

    LOZ's Shiptoast Ratings

    I suggest "8/10 Commissar Boris' stamp of approval" in honor of our late shipposter @Boris_MNE.
  6. El2aZeR


  7. El2aZeR

    CV Legendary Module

    Literally the same can be said about staying in a group as well, so what's the point?
  8. El2aZeR

    General CV related discussions.

    A Hosho can kill the enemy team so fast that it actually gimps the exp income of their own team. Case and point:
  9. El2aZeR

    General CV related discussions.

    You know, when attempting to stat shame it is kinda embarrassing if you yourself perform worse than the player you're trying to portray as bad.
  10. El2aZeR

    The best looking ship ?

    Man, what ship would I possibly pick?
  11. El2aZeR

    Thank you WG

    Oh yeah, I feel you. Couldn't even be bothered to grind past rank 7 because being able to all over everyone gets boring real fast. And ofc I'd rather not be the one getting on so that's not an option either for variety.
  12. AA wurde mit 0.8.7 praktisch komplett vernichtet. Lexington hat im rework schon immer "nur" 3 torps per strike abgeworfen. Diese zählen zu den besten TBs im Spiel. KA warum du dich über die beschwerst. Die 4x TBs der Haku waren nach dem (vollkommen gerechtfertigten) nerf sowieso nutzlos und die 2x Option ist auch heute noch extrem stark. Keine einzige Bombe wurde im damage generft. Die verschiedenen torp damage nerfs waren zu der Zeit des Videos schon längst Schnee von gestern (mal abgesehen davon dass der von der Midway schon wieder zurückgesetzt wurde). Mit Ausnahme der letzten 2 minimalen Haku Raketen damage nerfs wurden die auch nicht angefasst.
  13. El2aZeR

    General CV related discussions.

    An AA build in low tiers is even more worthless than an AA build in higher tiers since the buffs are percentage based. Last I checked 0 x 2 is still 0.
  14. *first world shikikan problems intensify*