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  1. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    In fact, yes. It's not much different than predicting when and how torps may pop up at any time. We're not defending the current state of CVs (I think it's safe to say that we all believe it is completely [edited] up), but the simple fact that stacking AA, playing a dedicated AA ship or using DFAA is an effective means to completely neutralize the damage capability of a CV.
  2. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    And your point is? Do you want to say that CVs have no drawbacks at all? That you're even comparing the method deployment is hilarious at best. And a CV cannot be everywhere either. Nice job demonstrating your inability to comprehend game design tho. Also this is comedy gold.
  3. The Shiden Model 11 is an interceptor made to defend your air base from raids (LBAS can be attacked by enemy aircraft at random on some maps. I can confirm that it'll happen on E-3 though I'm not sure if it'll happen on casual). To make them defend your air base you need to set the sortie status accordingly. See here for more details: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Land_Base_Aerial_Support Interceptors in general have poor range, the Shiden Model 11 in particular only has 3. If you want to reach the 8 range required for U node with the Zero Model 52's you're gonna need two Recons/Saiuns assuming that they stack. Alternatively you could use the Zero Model 21 instead which has 7 base range, so you'll only need a single Saiun.
  4. Air raid nodes are pretty much just there to make you salty. Although most of the time they don't pose too much of a problem. Make sure you select the AA formation. Having a ship that can AACI such as Maya K2, enough fighters to achieve AS/AS+ and LBAS fighter support also helps a lot to potentially mitigate damage. Your fighters probably don't have enough range. To reach nodes T and U on E-2 you need 7 and 8 range respectively, though I guess you don't have fighters that can reach out this far yet (because I don't, either). You can check the ranges for individual maps on the wiki event pages. You can however use certain scouting planes to extend the range. E.g. using two Type 0 Recons would enable a Zero Model 52, which has a base range of 6, to reach a range of 8 (assuming the effect stacks, no idea if it does, but even if it doesn't it would at least allow you to reach T node). Personally I got a Catalina from quest B88 so I just used that. Do keep in mind that you don't want to swap LBAS planes very often though as it costs bauxite to do so.
  5. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    You're just whining at this point.
  6. Karma counter botched up?

    My karma counter works just fine. Git gud scrub. On a more serious note, why care about karma anyway? Afaik the only server that gives you rewards for having high karma is the RU one, for everyone else it's a meaningless number that doesn't represent anything.
  7. Got accused of cheating today for using AP shells and hitting someone's citadel. Because according to that guy shells cannot do that much damage without cheats. (Sadly forgot to take a screenshot.) Nothing about this playerbase surprises me anymore.
  8. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    With premiums it's Belfast, no contest. Don't own her tho. When it comes to tech tree cruisers I like Myoko as well, but I'm gonna have to go with Fiji. Captain skills: - PM (would take PT instead if you plan on being more mobile) - AR - SI - CE - JoAT Would take AFT + BFT next probably. All T7 cruisers have [edited] AA but there really isn't anything else you can specialize into with RN cruisers.
  9. Buff Nuremberg, WG.

    Nürnberg does not need buffs. She's easily the most powerful T6 cruiser I've played so far sans CBT Cleve (a benchmark that will probably never be reached anyway). Taking on multiple same tier BBs with her is a cakewalk if you have enough space to maneuver. Heck, imo Nürnberg is a far superior ship than Yorck in almost every aspect. Now that's a ship made out of pure garbage. Really, the only downside to the Nürnberg is that your armor may as well not exist. Any BB shell you take is very likely to penetrate your citadel. Which also explains why her stats are so bad. WASD hax are after all far too sophisticated for the average player to comprehend. In the right hands she's a monster. In the wrong ones she's nothing but an exp pinata. Unless you plan on addressing the issues with cruiser play in general demanding buffs for the Nürnberg is hilarious at best. Statistics tell nothing of value in this matter.
  10. After I lose the next battle

    Rigged MM confirmed.
  11. The CV Captains Cabin

    Yes and yes. Do keep in mind though that Saipan can win a click fight as well if he's lucky, but Hiryu will usually come out on top more often than not. But the great strength of the Saipan is that you never need to take engagements you don't want to. You either just run away with your superior speed or if you got caught you can just strafe out without any penalty whatsoever. As any other CV counterstrafing is your only tool to fight against that, but as I stated before it's a gamble more often than not.
  12. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    Unlike most I understand that my inherent job in a cruiser is not to annoy DDs but air defense. As such I pick DFAA in every cruiser I play (aside from RN ones for obvious reasons). Hydro was an unnecessary addition trying to combat torpedo spam when CV numbers plummeted as it did nothing to address the actual problem at hand. BUT the initial concept of WoWs no longer holds true thanks to WG completely disregarding it. In the current state of the game it is unacceptable that cruisers are incapable of mounting both DFAA and hydro at the same time. It would benefit CVs as well as it helps with consistency. You would know instantly that every cruiser has DFAA instead of finding that out for yourself later on in a match with potentially catastrophic consequences. Both mechanics are in dire need of overhaul however, especially considering the game is oversaturated with ships capable of mounting hydro and DFAA was made to combat planes that are no longer in the game. IJN DDs are obsolete anyway. :P In the past CVs needed to be able to spot torps as this was the only early warning system against the common long range torpedo carpets in the game. As this no longer holds true I not only wouldn't mind if aircraft were made completely incapable of spotting torps, I would in fact strongly advocate for such a change.
  13. Meh, why not. When I play a cruiser I see PT frequently reaching 6+ anyway. A couple more won't make much of a difference.
  14. The CV Captains Cabin

    Meh, I found counterstrafing to be extremely unreliable against her. Fighters are either too slow to catch up and cause any meaningful casualties or the UI screws you over and you lose all your fighters for nothing. And that's pretty much the only thing you can do against a Saipan in a fighter engagement. Ofc if the Saipan doesn't abuse strafing then you're obviously going to win.