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  1. El2aZeR

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Quite honestly I'd much rather take a Cleve into a T10 battle than a Seattle. The only real advantages the latter has over the former are access to the final upgrade slot and heal, a poor trade considering everthing else is either the same or worse. The horrible turret angles alone are enough to sour the deal.
  2. El2aZeR

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Global statistics are completely worthless for judging the potential match influence of a DD due to the class being extremely punishing when misplayed. DD play also involves much more than just farming damage, which is why average damage is for the most part a worthless stat in DDs. Besides, premium/newer DDs usually achieve better stats in general due to obvious factors. If you want to take stats at face value then e.g. most CVs actually need ludicrous buffs, yet anyone with half a brain knows that's not true. And again the video above showcases perfectly why Asashio, like all other high tier IJN torp DDs, is laughably inferior to any other decent hybrid DD. It's funny how you just keep digging your own grave. Literally everything you have so far demonstrated is either inconclusive or points towards Asashio being garbage.
  3. El2aZeR

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    Too long, didn't read, huh? And you could apply your logic to any "minority" class in any MMO. E.g. "Being a Healer is because it's completely unappealing to most players." etc. I guess that's why these games never find financial success. OH WAIT. Because clearly your idea of fun must be everyone's idea of fun.
  4. El2aZeR

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    No worries, I've been insulted in rework testing already because I wasn't able to help defend someone against an air strike since, you know, reworked CVs literally can't defend their teammates against air strikes. Which I told him. He then proceeded to call me a noob and told me to uninstall. Nothing in this regard will change with the rework. It's in the fundamental nature of incompetent s to blame anything other than themselves for their failures. And it'll remain that way for all eternity.
  5. El2aZeR

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Because clearly skill is going to overcome hardcoded limitations. This is like saying skill will help your planes survive against DFAA. Get real. Regardless of what skill these people possess, they have tried precisely what you have suggested makes Asashio a "difficult" target. They've tried to wiggle and dodge shells. To say it didn't work against people who can actually aim well is an understatement. And I can assure you that some of these players were much better than you are.
  6. El2aZeR

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Because clearly having shot at and killed Asashios attempting to dodge and wiggle means nothing. I knew you'd post that video someday. Too bad that it shows precisely how pathetic the Asashio really is. Imagine if Flamu had been in any other torp DD, say, a Fletcher or, if you really want DW torps, a Chung Mu. - he would not have needed to run away from the Benson nor rely on his teammates to kill it, taking A instead of having to give it up - he could've killed that Shimakaze much faster which is important because if the Shima hadn't been dumb enough to ground he would've gotten away fairly clean - he could've straight up murdered those idiotic cruisers sailing in the middle of nowhere while retaining the same amount or perhaps even more damage on the enemy BBs And thus in general he would've had so much more impact on the match it's not even funny. The video showcases nothing that another decent torp DD wouldn't have been able to do while demonstrating perfectly the ludicrous limitations an Asashio brings with her.
  7. El2aZeR

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    No, I'm insulting you. Not surprised that you are incapable of realizing that tho.
  8. El2aZeR

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Wow, so you managed to duplicate the data I posted above. Congrats. Considering a long winning streak hasn't happened during your entire WoWs career that is extremely doubtful to say the least. And Asashio doesn't do "insane" credit earning. It earns the same amount of credits as any other T8 premium ship. Then again I guess for a player of your skill level it's much easier to farm damage in an Asashio than in any other ship.
  9. El2aZeR

    For Snowflakes you need ships in port or 1st win ?

    Source: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/bulletin-0712/ Could still be subject to change tho.
  10. El2aZeR

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    22% recent. 36% in the last 56 battles. 45% overall. Also you can filter for solo stats. Wins one battle (with easy MM nonetheless) and instantly goes to bragging. How am I not surprised?
  11. El2aZeR

    Stalingrad OP

    Ban all premium ships from ranked and CBs? Seems like the easiest and most effective solution to me. Just a thought btw. Personally I don't particularly care since I play neither ranked nor CBs.
  12. El2aZeR

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    Player numbers on the EU server have been stable since about June 2017. Also if people are selling their accounts that means someone must buy and play with them, aka player numbers remain the same. Stronk logik right there. Very slowly. In fact it could be considered natural for a game that grows older and older. Still, when added together from all the different servers current player numbers are about 700-800k. To put this into perspective that makes WoT about as popular as PUBG. Not bad for a "dying" game that is over 8 years old now. And before you accuse me of being a "fanboi", I haven't played a single round of WoT in my entire life.
  13. No worries, ASW is being considered for the 2nd branch of CVs if they choose to implement subs. Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/world-of-warships-development-blog/odd-tiered-aircraft-carriers/2231809417145393/
  14. The forum doesn't represent the entirety of the playerbase. WG doesn't care about us. What they care about is the opinion of the average potato, aka the largest part of the playerbase. If they say the rework is fine, it's gonna go through. Highly amusing to watch them dig their own graves tho.