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    Your best game? Post result screen here

  2. Level_HusTleR

    The "I can't deal with torpedo bombers" topic

    mate in all my games here after saturday when I stopped moaning about "how OP torps" are etc and learned how to play... am telling you planes get instagibt by my AA and when I buddy up with a cleveland its like RIP torp bombers. YOU only die from torps if a CV driver is coordinating his attacks with the rest of his fleet. I am sorry coz I dont want to sound like an [edited] here but honestly mate I feel like you should look at Ichase vidoes or read through the forum there are a lot of good tips from more experienced players out there.
  3. Level_HusTleR

    The "I can't deal with torpedo bombers" topic

    well I am just being objective here for the sake of game balance, and it seems to me atm CV´s are underpowerd
  4. Level_HusTleR

    The "I can't deal with torpedo bombers" topic

    honestly im beginning to think planes should have a HP increase against AA, Im a 100% horrible CV driver only been playing some games now with it, and I totally loose a lot of my aircrafts coz of stupid attack routes... with this being said when I am playing in my fuso or Cleveland I rape planes its only like the 10% of the CV drivers that actually know what they are doing thats a bit of a problem. Am I outrageous by suggesting a slight increase in plane HP ?
  5. Level_HusTleR

    Torpedo Bombers

    HI all I have so far been doing BB´s and In the first few days of CBT I got enoyed by those "carrier nubs" ... I even got my cleveland just to mess with their planes out of spite xD.... SO now I got my own carrier I have only a few Battles under my belt but I must admit being a CV driver is not that easy, If anything its just as hard as being a DD. The amount of cordination you have to pull off is quite high.. and I totally get why some of the CV Cpt. moan about their planes being shot to pieces and so on.. I see no point in Nerfing the CV´s at this point..
  6. Level_HusTleR

    Toxic Comments and Behaviour

    I am beginning to see the toxic behavior.... in like 30-40 % of my games I see 1 player in the chat going either semi or full retard -.- first few days of beta was great everyone was down to learn and have fun together. But now I am being called out for not going in with one lonely BB sailor heading into island DD heaven and die with him or follow him into the entire enemy fleet...... Im like what happend anyways there are still also the really good games where teamwork and communication just clicks hoooah for some more of those
  7. Level_HusTleR

    only downside imo

    I totally agree.... it all changes at the kongo.... now its just whos got the better aim of the snipers(BB´s)
  8. Level_HusTleR

    planes with torpedoes

    when I turn into the planes in time and they try and relocate to a better position I end up killing a couple of them with my AA. then its repeat repeat repeat until either the CV driver pull them back or do a folish 3 plane torp run. obviously its situational but it is very much possible... the only time were this does not work is if the CV driver is skilled enough to do those crazy manual duo attacks from both sides, but ive only met a couple of those CV cpt. so far.
  9. Level_HusTleR

    Dive Bombers

    Will the IJN carriers get the Kamikaze attack? would be bloody fun tbh
  10. Level_HusTleR

    Adventures of new BB cpt. vs torps

    ty I really like this community so far, everyone is super friendly! I am hoping in the future though there will be some organized tournaments/bigwars with some sick teamplay involved !!!!
  11. Level_HusTleR

    Adventures of new BB cpt. vs torps

    one thing that fcks me over big time though is on for instance the ice map... a lot of times when I know there are now torp ships in my sector and I push for their back line then the torp bombers come in and inbetween those icebergs/small islands im fckd no room to manouvre #nerf icebergs they are the true hero
  12. Level_HusTleR

    Adventures of new BB cpt. vs torps

    hehe yeah okay sorry if I flooded the forum but yeah what you are saying is spot on, torps do fall off ;)
  13. Level_HusTleR

    Adventures of new BB cpt. vs torps

    Hi all as I stated above I am new to the BB and I have been enjoying them very much I was very VERY frustrated in the beginning when facing torp bombers oh lord I cried some times xD... I read through the nerf torp threads and carrier threads and saw what more experienced sailors said about evading torps etc... and I must admit DONT NERF carriers or torps. as stated in other threads people just need to work together and in many cases just easy off the tunnel vision I am no pro at dodging torps yet but my dodges have become way way better just by looking at my surroundings. seems to me that in a BB if you start turning at 3-4km away or into the torp bombers you will dodge them 100% or at minimum take 1-2 hits depending on the situation... Must say though that there are those here in the community of the CV cpt´s that have nailed the torp bomber runs to perfection and I do still from time to time cry when seeing a well done torp run come at me from 2 flanks.... but Hi wp sir.... I love games with depth and it seems to me that if you change how torps/carriers are set up now I would probably loose interrest in this game fast.. coz then it would just be a cannon brawl. Cheers gents
  14. Level_HusTleR

    Toxic Comments and Behaviour

    I have only experienced toxic behavior like once or twice people seem really friendly... but I guees I have been lucky so far
  15. Level_HusTleR

    BB modifications

    arh okay ty