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  1. SolusNaMadainn

    New Minimap Options

    oh, it's actually in the MM settings which need to be altered while ingame ... look in settings for the rest! could you not put "all the stuff" all in the same place, say in settings BEFORE we start a game?
  2. SolusNaMadainn

    Co-op Battle Missions

    doubling the 'bot' doesn't make it a good game, really need to work on the AI to make a good game haven't had a winning defence team game yet ... seems no one knows how to defend in the teams I've had too many Bots on the player side is the most annoying aspect of all
  3. SolusNaMadainn

    large amounts of bots in PvE

    I run out of "report bots" reports after one game ... stopped playing as the bots throw the game and 'we' lose. Not funny WG! can you please put the timer, or whatever it is, back to how it was ... please!!
  4. SolusNaMadainn

    0.5.8 Patch notes

    yep, probably down as we don't get told at the logon screen if it's brokted or busteded or not working.
  5. SolusNaMadainn

    New "Bastion" Mode

    ... nice idea, not very well implemented, no 'tutorial' leading to a lot of misunderstanding ... 3/10
  6. SolusNaMadainn

    GNB Store Reopened!

    I'm gobsmacked ... never had this happen in any other game I've played ... "thank you" ... is too small a sentence that shows my appreciation, but thank you it is.
  7. SolusNaMadainn

    Grand Naval Battles? How long does the event last?

    ... and this is why I don't bother with forums.
  8. SolusNaMadainn

    Grand Naval Battles? How long does the event last?

    ah, so I lost all my diamonds 'cos I don't bother with frequenting forums often, never mind game/loading pages ... what a waste of time that was. Thanks for nothing!
  9. SolusNaMadainn

    Teamkiller damage and Secondary Fire

    ... you can turn 'Pink' just by looking at a teammate the wrong way. I've never seen so many 'Pinkies' in games before, seem to see one every game ... are we really that bad?
  10. SolusNaMadainn

    New Laptop, Can't Fire

    try another mouse
  11. SolusNaMadainn

    UI changes

    Fire Effect = OFF
  12. SolusNaMadainn

    UI changes

    how do I turn off the 'silly' line showing the direction I am pointing ... it's thick & distracting ... I know which way I am going without it
  13. SolusNaMadainn


    Campbeltown ... Ghost Ship!
  14. mtm78 ... the "team" you mention doesn't really exist. I lost a game last night to the AI. There were 3 'caps', by the time the 'team' had got themselves all killed, me and the Aircraft carrier did what we could to try and retake all 3 caps ... the despite our best efforts, we did survive, we were out capped. I was in a BB, it was a tier 3 or 4, can't quite remember, as I could cover all caps with my range I didn't have to move to far to aid in support. BBs are so slow! anyway, thanks for the feedback, I'll continue to do the best I can in being a 'team' member ... my friend wasn't online last night, he is the more experienced player, or we would have been playing a "real" match. regards Mucks.
  15. apologies to the original poster, but I need to just clarify ... you will get better / more XP if you 'cap' than just killin' and damaging the enemy, yes? (just go cap 'cos I'm only grinding this ship to the next better one) this is against real foe and AI, or just real foes ... sorry to be a pain if this question has already been answered ... it's just that the person who got me, recently, into WoWS isn't sure either.