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  1. You've not Heard that one? It's an old one. Very old.
  2. Gandalf_193


    Darth is Right. Random Chance is a powerful friend that can Back-stab you.
  3. Hello all, I have returned from the Switzerland of the East to Gift upon thou all a Gift. The gift of a Good laugh. How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a Light-bulb? Juan. [ba dum Gunshot] Edit: I see new faces. New to me, anyhow. This deserves a Greeting.
  4. Hello Everyone. Let me Tell you all Something: On the WOT Forum, everyone edited their profile pictured to make it look more festive during December. Just thought I'd remind you all, As it is about time!
  5. Recent game: Six Citadels, all doing 10k Damage. Noice.
  6. Oh well. It's ok if it's Funny!
  7. Gandalf_193

    So do you think the world will end on Tuesday?

    Well, I can't even Drive yet, But I'm already Thinking of Writing a Will. That's Because some fool is Going to say: "I cannot Stand a Trump presidency, he's not Good for my country's Health. I swear, If I ever see him, I'm going to Kill him!" And Trumps gonna Go: "We'll See about that, Indian Fool!" And there's a Perfectly good New Delhi gone. Not that I'm Indian or anything. I'm serious.
  8. Gandalf_193

    So do you think the world will end on Tuesday?

    The fact of the Matter is, You vote for Either A racist Sweet potato or a Woman being Investigated for Sending nude Pictures Over a Private Internet Server. It Doesn't matter, The USA Is losing the grip it once had, As China Takes over the South China Sea and Russia Expands its Operations to the Middle east.
  9. You are Really Pushing WG's Buttons here. Stop you obsession With Nazis and ISIS. It was Funny, But unfortunately Horrifying at the same time.
  10. Gandalf_193

    New player

    Welcome! If you wish to be My friend, Post The Dankest of Dank memes!
  11. Well, My Opinion: BB Player: Cruiser Players: DD Players MEANWHILE, In CV Land:
  12. This is What Happens when you Knock the "G" Out of Graveyard:
  13. It seems I'm back after a leave of Absence. Happy Halloween!
  14. Gandalf_193

    Forum game: King of the Hill

    I see you Don't Understand the game yet. My hill! (Gandalf proceeds to make yo Mama jokes and txtspeak cries and runs) I am king of the Hill.
  15. Gandalf_193

    Forum game: King of the Hill

    Yes, a Forum game. These don't live very long on the Forum, but eh. What the hell? The aim of the game is simple: You want to control a Hill. You must acquire it from your Predessesor as obnoxiously as Possible. By any means, Take this Hill! As I began this Post, By default, I am the King of the Hill.