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    Warhammer 40k and other miniatures, Japanese, Anime, boardgames and other tabletop games.
  1. TheDraconicLord

    The Myogi to Kongo

    Kongo is Love. Kongo is Life. Kongo is God. I love my Kongo-Waifu <3 Spread the Love. The BURNING LOVE that is. (Now seriously, Myogi is crap, you go from Zero to Hero when you upgrade from Myogi to Kongo)
  2. TheDraconicLord

    I am [edited]. Thanks for ruining the game for me, WG

    I was almost almost unlocking the Yamato when Izumo showed up. I was almost unlocking the Yamato when the wipe came. (THAT WE ALL KNEW WAS IMMINENT. GW gave plenty of warnings) I am sorry if I don't feel your pain.
  3. TheDraconicLord

    Toxic chat - Please make it an option to turn of ingame chat

    But at the same time, a dead player can help others and I have had several conversations with fellow dead captains, complimenting their skills and etc. You know, a talk like a decent human being should have. I do NOT agree with full chat disable. I LOVE the idea of *right click player name* -> Ignore. OR type /ignore player_name
  4. TheDraconicLord

    Correct me if I be wrong

    BBs should be protecting the team mates, not cowering in the back attempting to play the whole game Sniping. As a BB, you have massive firepower and secondary batteries, you want to attract attention, you want to go "OI!GITZ! LOOK AT ME!" as the rest of the team punishes the enemy! And of course, you will too, because you are a SHOELESS SEXY GOD OF WAR!!! So laugh, LAUGH, as you puny enemies cower before your MIGHT. Use those secondary batteries, make them regret their life choices! SHOW THEM HELL!! (Sorry, boring day at work, I'm a huge fan of BBs in medium-close range and maybe I had too much wine at lunch... )
  5. TheDraconicLord

    The end times

    I wish the Mods could go Samuel L. Jackson on their [edited].
  6. This needs to be bold, caps, everything. Awesome post.
  7. TheDraconicLord

    Sorry but i am losing interest quickly!

    Mate, whatever it is Computer related it takes a f*cking long time. And you WANT it to take a f*cking long time, because when it doesn't a f*cking long time it will be filled with bugs because it wasn't properly tested. The only excuse for anything not taking a f*cking long time is because you have an emergency and you have to fix it ASAP. I want my German boats to be perfect, let them take their time.
  8. TheDraconicLord

    A Plea for help with the Phoenix ...

    And faster reload times, at least on the higher Tiers. But when the IJN hit, they hit like a truck.
  9. TheDraconicLord

    Saddly WG doesn't take the PvE battles seriously...

    I admit, my problem in CBT was that I didn't know how to switch to Player battles after lvling up. After playing 2-3 more co-ops games after I reached the required Rank, did I noticed the "switch type of game" button.
  10. TheDraconicLord

    Sorry but i am losing interest quickly!

    ... I actually have to contain myself from posting AGAIN, TODAY, the short clip of Futurama's Bender "Laugh harder" ... Look, it's a F2P game, but that doesn't mean WG doesn't want any money, oh no, it's a business, and like any business they have a strategy. Here, besides premium ships it translates to, "People spending gold to get more XP" and that is NOT a bad thing or shaming! You really want a ship, you pay up to get a speed boost, hey, perfectly normal! And then want you to play for a nice chunk of time to get you hooked of course, so some grind is required. In short, enjoy the ride, play games, have fun, never make silly requests like that.
  11. TheDraconicLord

    Marking other shell type to load and firing force-loads all guns

    BINGO! As a DD or CA you can easily switch ammunition most of the time because of fast reloads. As a BB? You better look at that mini map and plan ahead what you are gonna do
  12. TheDraconicLord

    It's time WG hears ....

    +1 for the positivity. I've been reading the foruns since the first stress test and it's sometimes disheartening to see so many ... interesting opinions and ideas.... I love this game, it's my only WG product so far and I'm quite happy with it. I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT! D: IT'S TOO CUTE!!!
  13. TheDraconicLord

    New players. The WoT sheep have arrived.

    This. So much this. in CBT unless it was a lost cause where we were terribly outnumbered, we'd go there and fight for that cap as if our life depended on it. Now? It's as soon as they take a single hit:
  14. TheDraconicLord

    i don't get it.

  15. TheDraconicLord

    So, open beta huh

    Honest question: Honest question: Do you actually look, I mean, really look at the terrain like trees or the villages or the islands? I speak for myself, but I very rarely actually look at those things, I'm too busy focusing my attention on the boats, water or maybe sky / horizon. I don't think that's a coincidence and I think those look beautiful and well done as I play with the Ultra settings.