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  1. makhot

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    I've played with Trento, Zara and Amalfi, not terribly many matches on each, but they are sure are hell fun. Small turning circle, smoke, trolly seamines and great arcs on accurate guns. SAP is as many agree, unbelievably inconsistent and getting to my nerves at times. However with those railgun arcs and tight dispersion SAP is terrifying to DDs. I don't think I'm scoring this many cruiser citadel pens with any other ship line, maybe because SAP forces me to focus more on employing AP. Even Genova, while shooting mainly AP, did good results. I am not scoring super high damage numbers at all, but I'm getting consistently good results with them. I like these, they are fun to play.
  2. They are not very rewarding to face. The inflation of Smolensk especially because they can smoke up so far away from radar coverage. Coupled with plentiful Frieslands and Harugumos and the occasional Darings. The latter at least have radar as an counter-play, but all of them combined are making gameplay very stagnant. I am not against any of these ships alone, but I think it would make gameplay experience more enjoyable if high rate of fire smoke HE spammers would be hard capped to e.g. 2 per team.
  3. makhot

    CV Rework Discussion

    After over one month break I came back to WoWS for couple of matches. Got the typical T8 random MM with double CV's and being bombed to without any chance for counter play. Being spotted almost all the time without any chance to position myself for surprise attacks. In a few ranked games I played I got non-CV MM's and had fun carrying the matches. Especially the double CV random's gameplay is just totally ruined, then again single competent T10 CV is more than enough to ruin the game as well. ..but yeah I'll try dodging, rework is fine etc.. lets see again after another month or two.
  4. makhot

    My Swan Song to World of Warships

    What comes to points OP made about CV rework I fully agree. And that's why I quit playing couple of weeks ago. Now I'm only following the devblog and taking an occasional look at the forums. I lay my may faith on CC summit in June, maybe CC's can talk some sense into WG about CV's. It seems WG fails to understand what CV rework did to the fundamental game mechanics of their own game. If nothing happens after the CC summit, then I take it that WoWS is dead for good. All hail WoCVs.
  5. makhot

    CV Rework Discussion

    Thanks to the meta and gameplay polished by the CV rework I finally stopped playing around week ago. Excellent choice I must say. I've had much better time without the World of CVs. I hope I would eventually see some positive news regarding this, but unfortunately I'm not too optimistic. Until then; have fun with the balance and being withered down by the unending stream of asymmetric fire starters without any counterplay.
  6. makhot

    IFHE on République?

    I once faced a Meme build Republique with Yamato and was completely baffled how quickly my Yama melted when Repu secondaries shredded full pens through the nose armor. If I remember correctly I took almost 50k secondary damage very quickly. But the meme Repu got sank by my 460's anyway. So it works, but you are unlikely to employ those 4 skill points well and often enough to make it truly worth it.
  7. makhot

    RU BBs first impressions

    Sinop seems alright. Turrets seem to get easily incapacitated though. Deck and bow are 25mm paper thin so she doesn't uptier well and she doesn't like JB's. Turret angles are decent and baiting belt armor shots seem to create good tanking results (around 2M). The gimmick close dispersion is very nice too.
  8. makhot

    Suggestions thread

    Launching planes PLUS the fire duration drop were really the weirdest thing. CV's are invisible/invulnerable the most of the match, then when you get to shoot them their deck can bounce most AP when angled and these days fires don't work either. Also they have better concealment than many of the CA's. I cannot fathom this logic. Maybe next they could remove CV citadels.
  9. makhot

    CV Rework Discussion

    Good call. I still try to enjoy the game, but when at least 80% of the high tier matches have 1-2 CV's I keep getting off more and more every day I play. I'm pretty sure that at this rate I will be uninstalling soon too.
  10. makhot

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yesterday I was grinding T9 and faced a double CV in the most of the matches. The most frustrating thing is, that none of these skill based actions work as used to with double CV spotting: Hiding behind islands Before: You could estimate LOS to enemy ships to stay hidden and keep firing. Now: You can get spotted anytime due to spotting of fast moving planes. Moving behind smoke cover Before: You could estimate LOS to enemy ships to stay hidden e.g. to do broadside turns or otherwise relocate. Now: You can get spotted anytime due to higher elevation spotting of fast moving planes. Flanking and disengaging Before: You could rely on recently spotted DD positions on map with your concealment to flank the enemy and then go dark to disengage when needed. Now: You can get spotted anytime due to fast moving planes, especially disengaging depends luck if a CV focuses you. Standing against a push Before: You could occasionally take a strong defensive position or kite estimating HP trade relying on juking and armor angling to make a push very costly to enemy team. Now: Lone target gets immediately focused by CV's and torped/bombed/rocketed to . You either show broadside to enemy push or eat torps. Summary Doesn't matter which class I play it seems CV's are throwing the most skill based plays down the toilet. Planes are moving in a completely different phase than ships and therefore they nullify making many informed skill based decisions because they bring so much randomness to the battle. Previously you always predict the battle situation in advance (enemy heading, shot timings, torp timings, etc) to gain an advantage. Now a random type of planes may strike from any direction at any time ruining your plans totally randomly. TLDR Planes are over 5 times faster than ships so they disrupt the phase of battle and bring in loads of randomness ruining skill based informed decision making and planning actions ahead.
  11. makhot

    Neustrashimy price (+46% steel)

    Investing 20k steel on a DD in the current CV meta is an absolute bargain!
  12. makhot

    CV Rework Discussion

    It is just that radar cruisers can be countered, there are only so many islands around caps behind of which they can lurk. DD's can also usually outspot and outrun radar cruisers. Radar cruisers can also be torped and burned. CV planes on the contrary can relocate at 190 knots and if even they get shot down by favorable RNG puffs, the CV player will just take off with another squadron. There's zero chance for spotting counter play with ships doing 30-40 knots vs 190 knots infinite supply planes. Especially TX meta with CV's is utterly broken. But hey, soon it takes 45s before TX planes can take off, spotting meta fixed
  13. makhot

    CV Rework Discussion

    CV's removing concealment mechanic are just unbelievably frustrating for any class at T10. Commit to a concealed turn with a BB, nope, air spotted. Try to play ninja with Zao, nope, perma air spotted. I cannot even imagine how fun it is with DD's.
  14. makhot

    CV Rework Discussion

    I mostly don't even play DD's. Beside my comment was a joke referring to the general opinion towards CV's. Every other class interaction in game is fairly direct and each has a counter play. CV's are completely asymmetric and can keep continuously harassing you, while staying completely immune to any counter play for 99% of the time. TX CV's can scout nearly everything and they almost completely REMOVE the concealment game mechanic from the matches in which they are present. All other classes more or less follow rock-paper-scissor principle and playing vs each other feels fair. CV's only feel unfair. They are broken by the very founding principle (asymmetry). Of course some traditional match-ups can be frustrating e.g. when you face Donskoi and a double Cleveland division with your Flint, but so what. Facing those same opponents e.g. with Lyon would be fine, and I wouldn't change a thing. CVs on the contrary are only frustrating, often they are not dominating a match, but even at the best case they subtract from the overall experience due to spotting and asymmetry, not adding to it. Variations of DD's, CL/CA's and BB's with their different match-ups, each and every of them add diversity to the game and improve game the experience. I was very wishful for CV rework to fix the CV skill gap/dominance to match outcome issues, which it partially did too at least. However it also made the spotting issue even worse and now there are much more CV's in the game than before. On overall in my personal experience things are now worse. Previously the rarely faced CV's strongly dictated the outcome of the few matches in which they were present. Now the fairly common CV's make my experience in many matches worse. CV's before: Totally ruining matches, but very rarely. CV's now: Quite often making game experience anything from slightly to much worse.
  15. makhot

    CV Rework Discussion

    Maybe WG could test a new game mode of splitting random matches to normal and Non-CV randoms. Even if the latter would require going through CAPTCHA every time you press battle, probably around 70% of the player base would still only play Non-CV.