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  1. Operation "Killer Whale" is waste of time

    DD friendly in the sense that you can get away with 3 DDs random teams
  2. Operation "Killer Whale" is waste of time

    This is the only DD friendly operation.
  3. So they nerfed Alsace to clone it to Bourgogne, GG well played.
  4. It is not a typo, they really try a sigma of 2.65 for Stalingrad, the ship became very accurate now, like with cruiser dispersion before. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/95jjud/datamined_the_stalingrad_in_077_has_2_σ_values/
  5. At close range aim to the belt part near the stern (behind the smoke stack), there is high chance that you hit the belt at an angle, which makes the effective armour pass the armour threshold check, and citadel them
  6. Operation Narai

    You have plenty of time vs transports if you go for them immediately after the first wave. If you wait your allies assault transport group come near the haven it will trigger automatically the evacuation and you will have problem to catch them up because the transports have low detection range. With Abruzzi, sometimes I catched all 5 transports who still were immobile inside the haven and they did not start to move until when I shot them
  7. Most of the time, I never go beyond 1/4 speed with my Yamato
  8. Operation Narai

    Best team distribution for Narai is : - 1 fast CA / 1 DD for 5 transports and Nicholas group. More than one is a waste. - 2 CAs for King, Nicholas, Phoenix group + Dallas. Less than 2 is more risky if you don't have heal, DFAA and AA raw power to fight back torpedo bombers. I managed to solo whole King group but it still is 50/50 depending on how hard the dive bombers hit me, so have another mate is always better to oompensate your reduced AA power due to HE spam. - the rest stay in both flank of the transports to protect them form Missouri group Other tips from my own XP : - Vs early waves : + Use radar (if possible) to detect early the ships behind island so your team can pre aim in that direction. + Focus torpedo carried ships first. Use sonar (if possible) to give transports more time to dodge. - Vs Missouri : + The group going for King has best island cover available vs Missouri while can broadside it with AP easily. + Missouri appears when you spot the 3rd BBs. So be less aggressive if you are CA in mid group because it can snipe-citadel you before you can spot it. - Vs King : + Don't use your DFAA until you see 2nd dive bomber group coming for you (torpedo bombers will follow them shortly). Your DFAA is active only in 40s so use them well. Killing a whole torpedo bomber squad buys you a lot of time before King can send another torpedo bomber group vs you. In effect, you need time to deal with Nicholas before another torpedo bomber strike so you don't be cross-torped. + Dallas is annoying and can weaken your AA but don't let it take all your attention because you have to prepare for the Nicholas coming shortly afterward. + Keep out of Lexington secondary range (it has a lot of secondaries), they become deadly when combining with the firepower of the escort Phoenix and the divebombers. - Vs Transport groups : + Go immediately vs the transports when the 1st wave is dead. Focus on the land fort protect the transport. You can support fire for mid group if you have spare time. + After the land fort destroyed, King maybe send its torpedo bomber vs you so be prepared, fight back this first, use the island in the east to dodge torps + Duel with Nicholas, watch out for its torps if you get too close (~6 km). After its death, you can stop the engine outside the haven and broadside the transports. Afterward, you can choose to enter the haven for later stage or go help mid if you feel your team struggling vs Missouri and King
  9. Are there ways to boost your Coal intake?

    Salem has permanent T10 camo with 20% bonus income and -50% repair cost by default
  10. Less dispersion also means if you aim wrong, the dispersion cannot save your shot
  11. German BB AP Bombs Ruins the game

    My only complaint against AP bomb is that they suffer much less panic effect vs DFAA compared to HE bombs so your CA allies are mostly useless against them