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  1. When you brought a long range ship and the game decided to give u cyclone at the start
  2. Finally 5 stars, yoloed Raptor
  3. Yes, all of them
  4. Ultimate Frontier, cannot find the Raptor because it is not added, so 4 stars.
  5. less normal pen from BB APs
  6. Khabarovsk silent buff : It got back the +16% max range module on PTS.
  7. https://sea-group.org/?p=3703&lang=en Rearranged and re-config.ed the AA guns on Duke of York. Some DD buffs : The thorough deck armor (from bow to stern) on Sims reduced from 16mm to 13mm. The thorough deck armor on Mahan reduced from 16mm to 15mm. The thorough deck armor on Shimakaze reduced from 19mm to 18mm.
  8. There is AS which give you 1 extra bomber per squad
  9. For me, tier 7 is golden tier and I have the most fun in that tier, High tier battle always degenerates to which team has better DDs/CVs, less AFKers, feeders, drop game scums.
  10. I like those new balanced mods but Idon''t like the fact that they remove strike and AS mods
  11. Different to KGV, Duke of York has 60/67,5 ricochet angle for its AP shells
  12. 30-45 degree and you get citadel hits because the underwater belt is not strong enough
  13. And with 40kt, you can ram any BB and they cannot avoid it