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  1. They made a Pensacola 1931 one year ago with stock hull and 2x3 torps but they never released it.
  2. Coupled that with 14km range and you have a painful ship to play...At least Myoko has big HP pool, better armoured and 16 km range to compensate for its slow traverse. Meanwhile Molotov outguns it and has torps
  3. Duca short gun range + Myoko slow turret rotation for a weak armoured ship
  4. [WiP] Z-39 T8 Premium Destroyer - early test stats

    Z-39 rear gun angle forces you to go broadside (she has to angle 51 degreees to shoot rear gun). The only good thing about it that it has ~12 km gun range to shoot so you can engage enemy a bit further, so taking less return fire.
  5. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Normandie guns are murderous :
  6. Cuirassés Français

    Il est bien compétitif
  7. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Richelieu in T10 battle, killed all classes
  8. Bah, it is not really the same result. For me, the ships are only extra bonus. I also want to get some more doubloons and new special flags too. And because now I have a lot of work to do in my real life, so I don't have much time to grind ships like in the past.
  9. You bow on but still need to use islands to take some shells for you. The engine booster is for retreating behind the island after shooting and going back when the shells are loaded.
  10. I just wanted to test the drop rate.
  11. More than 200 euros
  12. Yes, you are right. I got Bretagne than Normandie in first 50 boxes Then I got Richelieu after 148 boxes. I still don't have Lyon.