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  1. CV Rework Discussion

  2. CV Rework Discussion

    the torp spread looks bad....
  3. CV Rework Discussion

    Midway torpedo squad reduced to 8 planes / squad but each plane has 2 torpedoes, 2 planes (4 torps) per attack run.
  4. So they choose to balance Vanguard with ton of grimmicks and ignore its core problems
  5. CV Rework Discussion

  6. CV Rework Discussion

  7. Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    74 with full AA build
  8. CV Rework Discussion

  9. T3 prem Charleston has 8s reload, better than St Louis (9s)
  10. West Virginia use same top shell of Colorado with 2636 krupp value
  11. Vanguard citadel : Vanguard 32mm armour
  12. Vanguard has huge exposed citadel and 32 mm armour everywhere. The firing angle is kinda bad too, 44 deg to broadside https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/vehicles/pbsb508
  13. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video