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  1. 1st time got ~1750 base xp
  2. Instead of nerfing smoke time, why they don't nerf accuracy of ships in smoke depending on caliber ? So BBs can hide in smoke and have their firepower reduced while light ships can still use smoke.
  3. 1 tip : Deal with it !
  4. Elite Xp will stay
  5. It is still funny when Gallant gets most of air kills,
  6. Gallant AA is too good with AA built (same 12,7 mm guns as Anthony but with 6 x DPS, lmao)...30 planes kills and 25 boats kills
  7. I'm pretty sure that some people don't know how to ctrl+click plane, so all the plane kills go to the ones who can . Ctrl+ clicking plane buff your AA DPS by 1,3 X so you have 1,3 X chance to shoot them down.
  8. That Park is a trap to lure people to the minefield to remove some players early on. Saving him don't give you any secret achievement except distracting you from the real job. I managed to save about 9k by protecting all 10 other civilian ships
  9. 152 mm gun has a smoke penalty of 0.21 So for 12 guns, 1 salvo = 0.21 * 12 = 2,5s of smoke reduction time Kutuzov has 8s reload : With 109s smoke (20s work time + 89s active time): - Before smoke nerf : It can shot 14 salvoes before the smoke disappears (109//8 + 1 = 14) - After smoke nerf : It can shot 11 salvoes before the smoke disappears (109//(8+2.5) + 1 = 11) So it loses about 3 salvoes
  10. Graf Zeppelin fighters are tier 8 in name only, They can only compete with Enterprise fighters
  11. I like those Shuriken/Iron cross torp pattern. It is much better than Enterprise torp pattern
  12. 1 trick to save the 5ters is ctrl click on the enemey fighters who engaged our RN fighters first, not the ones who are flying to them.
  13. Gallant AA is trash but it is too fast for those S-boats
  14. See ? The torp pattern is an Iron cross
  15. I got a lot of sub 4 km kills when my team faiedl to intercept them.... 1 of my tactics is turning my back to those boats or paralle to them, slow down to 1/4 or 1/2 speed, shoot them until when they are in 3km range and accelerate to dodge their torps. or you can charge to them and shoot them at close range