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  1. I deleted an Aoba with 5 GZ AP bomb hits, so CA can be deleted too
  2. Tier 9 and tier 10 PA DDs can boost radar activation time by 40% with module : 16s for tier 9 and 21s for tier 10
  3. Poor Aoba
  4. 1 Indianapolis, 200 flags, 50k free Xp, the rest are modules
  5. 1 shoted an Aoba with GZ-1 AP bomb
  6. https://www.facebook.com/wowsgraf/posts/131352370832404
  7. bb ap vs dd

    But DDs want to eat HE , right ? https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/6zkt4e/i_just_got_shot_by_a_conqueror_in_my_harekaze_and/
  8. TIrpitz is brawler, not sniper :
  9. What I did in my CAs : - In the beginning, go behind someone in my team, so Myogi won't target me first. I need to reserve my HP in first encounter to kill 1st carrier group. - Then I move to G8 and ambush the 1st carrier group. Normally I solo that whole group while my team are dealing with enemies coming from the north. For that fight, I lose about 50% of my max HP. - After that go back and focus on 2 approachng DDs in the center of the map - Go around the islands to avoid focus fire from Kongo battlegroup, kill the 2nd CV, tick the cap - Return and help my team to kill that Kongo group. Normally, it gains me 5 stars with me having top XP, except when my team goes full retard and ram enemies torps. in the first 10 minutes of the operation.
  10. If you angle your armour, Kii and Amagi have the same tankiness. So it is not really different.
  11. Yamato already has raised citadel. It is the most easy to get citadel hits at the moment.
  12. HE BBs is not a new thing In the past, I got 21 fire ribbons by playing Ishizuchi