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  1. potjo

    Bad teams last month, enyone else ?

    you geniuses are all insults and no real advice on chat, actually i am glad that your preciuos win rate is suffering see you on the bottom, angry bois
  2. potjo

    General Feedback

    i like new camera options
  3. this is frustrating game sometimes. Ferry_25 - amazing screencap.
  4. potjo

    OMG its the kill all teams

    victory > kill. victory, victory at all costs.
  5. potjo

    DD spot range off

    so fleet should take care of its BBs and CVs, with escorts around them.
  6. potjo

    Team killing / Team damage penalties

    I am at tier V. in my experience teamkilling declines. more often I see problems with absent players, we just lost domination match with Minekaze AFK 500 m from one of cap circles, and match before that DD also didnt move. he said on chat that he is sorry, having telephone call. thats ok, but still makes me mad, more than teamkill. and DDs are so important on domination match. i have 2 torpedo teamkills, both happened in my first 50 games.
  7. potjo

    Standard Battles - 20 min not enough time

    20 minutes is enough if team is not full of cowards and border lovers.
  8. she has too slow cannons, bad bad japanese product.
  9. potjo

    Torps are broken

    torpedo hit percentage is lower than any other weapon, so it is hard to score.
  10. potjo

    Suggestions to improve upon the game

    captains histories and statistics, on which ships they served.