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  1. Dear Mr Conway, I am not a WoWS gamer (however an active average WoT Blitz player) and so I can not post in the forums. But I would like to start a campaign of sorts, to promote the best promotor of the game, namely The Mighty Jingles. I would like to post the following in the OT section: perhaps you could make an exception and make the post on my behalf? 

    Kind Regards, 

    Jonas Arnell-Szurkos

     - - - 


    Make Admiral Jingles Admiral!


    I think that it is excellent that the workers of the salt mines having contributed to having The Mighty Jingles as an Admiral in the WoWS - but should our efforts for the lord of the salt mines really stop here?


    No, I say!

    As you may or may not know, there is an honorary title bestowed by the Governor of Nebraska, namely that of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nebraska_Admiral. This is something like ”Kentucky Colonel”, an honorary appointment. And as Nebraska is a landlocked desert country, I think that this honor should rightfully and can safely be bestowed upon the lord.


    How, prey, is this done?

    Well, I managed to propose my father for this honor about 15 years ago and it was approved, but in 2015 then the criteria was changed. You have to be a Nebraskan to be able to make propositions. (I can help develop a proposition.)


    So my quest and question is to find a Nebraskan willing to make a proposition to the Governor of Nebraska to honor ”The Mighty Jingles” as Nebraska Admiral?


    But this is - of course - the only one step. There is also a similar title in Texas, Admiral in the Texas Navy, with a pendant organisation in https://texasnavy.org/ There actually existed two Texas Navies and the current honorary is the third. It would appear that Texans can make propositions to the Governor of Texas, so we need a Texan as well to make a proposition for Admiral in the Texas Navy. (I can help develop a proposition.)


    Why this?


    Because I genuinely feel that this is a person with Admir(al)able qualities.


    Funny, witty, and with a wisdom that matches the size of his beard. I love having him being crap at games, so that I don’t have to. I have seen ALL his videos, I started watching about 2014, quickly became addicted and saw the entire back catalogue as well as every episode since. Because by 2014, I was going through a difficult spot in my life: I found my true love which is a bit of a challenge when both you and the love is married to others and have kids. At times it has been difficult and The Mighty Jingles have helped me through those times by bringing a smile on a rainy day, churning out episode after episode of delight. It was also a delight to meet & greet at the Arsenalen event in 2016. Even though the imminent need is gone - I have remarried, the love and I have a family with the all 3+3 kids living at our house every other week - it is still great to follow The Mighty Jingles.


    Anyone who feels that their life has been affected by The Mighty Jingles, let’s give some Mighty Jingles back to him. Let his admirable Admiral qualities on Twitch, YouTube, WoWS etc also be realized in real life.


    Let us work to make The Mighty Jingles Nebraska Admiral and Admiral of the Texas Navy.