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  1. Uberjava

    Is there much point going past T7?

    With the incoming American CA split and a proliferation of US cruisers for a while, higher tiers seems even more bonkers to play!
  2. Uberjava

    Is there much point going past T7?

    T7 is definitely the sweet spot as Tombombardil rightly says. Well, unless you are actually playing against Tom in his Hiryu, in which case things get a lot trickier! Saying all that though, I still enjoy playing Shokaku at T8. I just have to really play much more selectively against T10 matchmaking, drop the bombs on the DBs and be much more of an active scout/sighting player. My problems with Taiho play style is that I start to explore the limits of my own ability to macro flights of planes, that extra TB flight pushes me over the edge. 6 flights is all my melon can deal with.
  3. Uberjava

    Hiryu unplayable

    Well, I was officially the worst player on EU in the Hiryu! My win rate was 18% or so and that put me bottom on wows-numbers.. Obviously, I wasn't a very good player and even if I did have a good game, I lost anyway. It was quite a while ago but if goes to prove that if you don't play CVs well then the Hiryu can really suck. Nowadays? My last 30 or so games runs at 76% win rate and I've managed to pull my overall Hiryu win rate to about 58%. My win rate across all CVs since beta is now about 65%. I love playing the Hiryu now, I prefer it to Kaga as it's a little more versatile and resistant to Saipans. Sure, T6 bombers could be better but as long as you choose sensible targets and you approach from angles so you don't have to circle around whilst in AA bubbles, then it's no biggy. You just need to understand the game to be successful in this ship, and then it can be mighty.
  4. Uberjava

    Yorck - Worst. Ship. Ever.

    She really isn't the worst ship ever. I happily played 75 games in her on the last ranked season with a 66% win rate between rank 12 to 2. Echoing what other people have said, T7 for cruisers is a tough tier. Belfast being the obvious exception. The HE hits hard, the AP is reserved for sub 10km ranges but also does very well in this range window. The torp angles are very good which means you can legitimately threaten BBs if needed at 6km. Most significantly, her hydro and plane can provide a lot of spotting information when you get into smoke filled games.
  5. Uberjava

    Tier 7

    Because I like a challenge I thought I'd play the Pensacola again this week. I generally felt like I played her well, her AP citadels from all sorts of angles. But I just couldn't save enough games with questionable team play to give me a solid win rate return, then... .. I played the Belfast. Win, win, win, win, win. Those extra consumables with radar and smoke just make it so powerful and suddenly you are able to change the outcome of games.
  6. Uberjava

    Need help with Ishizuchi

    What really worked for me was to change my positioning. At the game start I'd use my speed to get into position towards the cruisers. Fire AP because they are low tier cruisers and you tend to get broadsides. As soon as a battleship arrives and looks interested, I disengage, paddle away at a jaunty angle and switch to HE to spam the BB.
  7. It is a peculiar ship but it I was a little surprised at this review and perhaps it's a little dismissive. One thing that I noticed as being different from the Sviet is that the guns fire the Kiev shells, esp. the SAP 46 AP shell. I have had reasonable success playing it yesterday with citadels and penetrations. It certainly can citadel T7 cruisers as long as they are flush to you and given the modest looks of this T4 type ship my opponents didn't seem to mind showing broadsides. WG have seem to of tried to balance it by giving it a high detection range when the ship doesn't seem to deserve it. That could be buffed. With its extra compliment of secondaries and super short range torps, making it more stealthy would make it more useful.
  8. Uberjava

    New Premium BB - USS Texas Commentary [140k damage]

    It's actually missing some AA from the real Texas. The B turret has some AA mounts on the real thing I seem to remember.
  9. Uberjava

    Atlanta and her position in the game

    Ah, the Atlanta... so much hate. I bought it a long time ago and have racked up about 150 games in it with a sub par win rate of 45% or so. I have struggled a lot with it in the past but my recent win rate is a lot higher at about 60%. Why the turn around? I am finally understanding this ship. It's not garbage, it's just very unique and unless you play it's tune, you'll be wishing it was called the Atlantis. On it's AA. It far exceeds a Cleveland and New Orleans. Don't spit your cornflakes out at this, it does and this is why. If you apply the manual AA skill, suddenly it becomes fearsome. Unlike a lot of ships with sub 80mm caliber AA weaponry, the Atlanta's 127mm offensive gains a huge boost to the actual killing ability that it's stats do not show per se. You have to spend time manually designating targets but the real issue is having to keep reassigning manual targets because you are shooting down planes so quickly. My AA spec'd New Orleans does not tear through planes anywhere near as quickly. On a game with 2 CVs per side and being in the right places, I fully expect to shoot down 40 to 50 planes. On surface warfare, you are there to hunt DDs. A job this ship does very effectively. You don't have the fire making numbers to expect to burn battleships, and at the ranges the Atlanta deals with, you won't be able to survive long enough. In close combat with cruisers, the large amounts of AP rounds can produce several groups of citadels. It's a tier difference but I can be confident going against a Cleveland at close quarters, and Pensacola's are even more at risk. I also carry torpedoes. Not great ones but battleships coming around an island can be dealt with. Yes it's not fast nor agile. It doesn't have a large pool of HP to call upon. In open sea it's very difficult to close distance and become effective. But it is a good enough ship.
  10. Uberjava


    Father for I have sinned... .. I skipped Kagero with free xp... I desired Shima. Ok, a bit dramatic, but true. Don't get me wrong, Shimakaze is a beast of a ship but it has it's issues, namely that everyone wants to kill you. kagero is a different sort of a ship. With the right skills it's a ninja, a 5.4km assassin. Because you only have 8 torpedoes you wait to release them at the right time instead of spraying 15. You don't have so much speed so you pay a lot of attention to oncoming cruisers. You spot USN DDs with a KM or so to spare so you can avoid them. They would chase you but they don't like being detected so they don't chase you if you have friends about to back you up. I do twice the damage in Shima than Kagero, but I win many more games with the T9 DD using stealth and tactics.... ... and I'm not the center of attention.
  11. Uberjava

    New Orleans Tier 8?

    So I decided to get the New Orleans as I was, oddly enough, enjoying playing Tenryu and that ships part in sinking a NO class ship in WWII made me want to give the NO a try. I've played about ten games so far and it's been tricky. It handles well enough, shoots well enough but when compared to the Japanese tier 8 ship Atago it seems to be rather lacking. The Atago has superior HP, more primary guns, shooting range, AP damage, useful torpedoes and also has a two shot repair ability (which is gold dust!). The New Orleans has more AA. It just doesn't seem to make much sense.
  12. Uberjava

    The Mutsuki (T6 Japanese Destroyer)

    The Mutsuki ムツキ .. I hadn't played this ship in a while, on my way to higher things in the IJN DD line, a journey that ultimately ended at the Fubuki since I just couldn't figure it out. My memories of it was that it wasn't very good, that its two triple torpedo launchers often seemed to make you feel like you needed a third set when you were in the crap. But hang on, after 2000+ games my highest damage done - ever - was with the Mutsuki? So since then, and to take a break from playing gunboat DDs and the ever suicidal but enormous fun Derzki, I have gone back to it and I have concluded it is a ship for better players. The Minekaze tempts you to get stuck in more, play a bit more risky, go for the kill! The Mutsuki wants you to think a bit, hang back and be a bit more thoughtful. It's less forgiving. My stats are still down in win percentage and kills, but it's slowly transforming and I imagine it will surpass the Minekaze in time.
  13. Uberjava

    Kuma upgrades and IJN cruisers captain skills

    I do have a soft spot for my Kuma and have great success with it (65% win average). Currently I have my captain skills packed out in the lower two levels, survival, reload, rotation, he/AP loading, top reload and risk of fire. I think that these skills really improve the ship the most for the expenditure of points. In the future I would like to add the gun range boost but that leaves me with the conundrum of which level three skill to choose and more importantly, which 1-2 level skills to sacrifice. It might not be worth it? Keep those citadels angled Kumas!
  14. Uberjava

    ATLANTA paper ship

    I found the Atlanta to be ultimately frustrating. Although I finally figured out how to play it and finished a lot of games near or at the top of the team, we still seemed to lose most games. The ship can work and have a place but it's still a weak link. Being a weak link means it tends to swing games against the favour of the team, hence the sub par win rate. disclaimer: For sure the wallet players also degrade the ships win rate but it's still way way below a par 50/50 win rate. I'm a par player, I win half the games I play, but in the Atlanta I win much less.
  15. Uberjava

    Potentially the thinnest armoured cruiser ever?

    Janes rated it as having 1 but no catapult.. whatever that means.... Perhaps it was a paper plane :-D