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  1. Daftmedic

    Cambeltown Catrastrophe

    Hey everyone, I did an impromptu video of our division. give it time to process
  2. Daftmedic

    Hi all. Daftmedic.

    The first and very rough video in Warship Weekly is up.....
  3. Daftmedic

    Hi all. Daftmedic.

    I know this is a complete liberty, but come and check out my Twitch and YouTube. I play a lot of ArmaIII, but I stream lots of stuff, but mostly WoW's. I am going to be starting a slight tongue in cheek replay's of warship battles. It's provisionally going to be called "Warship Weekly". but that will probably change................................ <h1> See You All In The Game </h1>
  4. Daftmedic

    Show us your best round.

    So like, I todally like had like a great round........ Errrr errrrr Haterz!!!
  5. Daftmedic

    Shell Shockers

  6. Daftmedic

    Shell Shockers

    Andy I also have it......... and I am at combat stress getting treated for it now (shhhhh I have tapped into the wifi to play) SFCGunny313. Just to clarify that Shell Shock is completely different to battle fatigue as battle fatigue is to PTSD. Shell shock has been found to be a traumatic brain injury due to concussive effect of prolonged bombardment on the brain and central nervous system. Battle Fatigue IS a Physiological response to your brain not being able to handle what it is seeing and or experiencing. PTSD is both psychological and physiological collection of symptoms due to your brain not properly "filing" the original trauma away and tends to come to the fore many years and or decades after the event. It has taken more lives of Falklands war veterans than the actual combat ever did. As you probably guess I was a Combat Medic........ Any questions please don't hesitate to pm me... I will also leave a link to a video which explains it better than I ever will.. Wibble
  7. Daftmedic

    Show us your best round.

    good day in the office Oh and hi forums
  8. Daftmedic

    Aerroon Playing WoWS Highlights

    chasing me down... You sir are a rotter!!!!!!!