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  1. TobiAssho

    Clan Battles: "North" Season - Discussion Thread

    The current alpha and bravo is not ideal but calling something "much better" is interesting. Here are some flaws: 1) You idea would prevent clans with 2 different teams with different skill levels to have fun on their inidividual level. Either A has to wait or B gets too strong opponents. 2) B team would not gain any achievements or screw As raiting. 3) Free wins/wintrading possible. If no team loses but the other wins it has a high risk effect for abusing that mechanic. Instead of "much better" I think your idea just has some bigger flaws than the current one. If I remember correctly playing B rating gets you out of the low league MM pretty quickly if your A rating is high enough.
  2. TobiAssho

    Jean Bart nun im Arsenal

    Schlimmer geht immer, aber ich verstehe noch immer nicht warum schlechte Spieler schlecht für das Spiel sind? Ganz ehrlich: Für dich wäre es besser wenn es mehr schlechte gäbe. Wenn ich mit 23 schlechten Spielern im Spiel bin habe ich viel Spaß.
  3. TobiAssho

    Jean Bart nun im Arsenal

    Sorry, aber ich konnte nicht anders. Zwei Punkte zur JB: 1) Glaubt ihr wirklich, dass jetzt alle neuen Spieler eine JB für 65€ kaufen? Wir sehen vlt 2-3 Wochen lang welche, dann wird es abflauen. 2) Wenn schlechte Spieler schlecht für das Spiel wären, dann wäre WoWs schon lange tot ;). Klar hast Du mal Pech mit deinem Team und ärgerst dich, aber schaut euch um, es sind nicht (nur) die neuen Spieler, die nicht immer erste Sahne spielen.
  4. TobiAssho

    Jean Bart – a Tier 9 in the Premium Shop?

    Do you guys really think that we have hundreds of new players that say: "Hey, NOW is the right time to start playing WoWs, because there is a T9 Premium I can buy for 65€!" There will be some new players that cant use the tool they get, but there are already enough at T8-10 that can play properly so they wont show up that much.
  5. TobiAssho

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    I hope you all enjoyed KotS 7! Some (not final) words on the Stalingrad after the last weekend: Was it right to allow it? Absolutely! We saw amazing games with a very interesting meta. Mass Stalingrad did not shut down competitive. If you are in doubt watch TWA vs OMNI in the Semifinal or O7 vs OMNI in the international event. OMNI switched to 0 Stalingrads in the last games because they could not keep them alive. Will we allow Stalingrad in the future? Maybe. I still see the level playingfield as a strong argument. Dont expect the next KotS too soon so you will have at least 1 CB and 1 ranked season to get yours for the next tournament which evens it out for a lot of teams. We will still keep an eye on its performance in the next CB season and after CV rework. No final decision yet. If you havent seen the games live, I higly reccomand watching the vods. Spectacular, nailbiting games casted from Prague! Saturday Sunday
  6. TobiAssho

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Yes, TWA used a lot, usually 0-2 per team. There is still a lot of talk about Stalin and I am still not 100% convinced that we need to do something about it. The reason why there is either a ban or no limit is the following: If we think that Stalingrad is so strong and meta defining that she needs to be limited we will likely have to ban her because she is not (easy enough) available to all teams. This is still a tricky one, she will be easier to get over time. As stated before we will never get 100% equal footing in competitive, some players wont have the legendary modules, no 19 point captains etc. So we have to handle this with care.
  7. TobiAssho

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Right now we would either ban it (because of fair-play) or allow it unlimited. Kots 7 did not show an excessive ammount of Stalingrads during the last weekend. We had very few battles with more than 2 per side. Limiting individual ships lead to over complicated rules.
  8. TobiAssho

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    You are overthinking this ;) Just give us your current impression on maps!
  9. TobiAssho

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    We are collecting feedback from KotS 7, also about Stalingrad. Enter here: https://goo.gl/forms/KRgYJAwisbBNRlCK2
  10. TobiAssho

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    We had 1 game with more than 2 Stalingrads in 1 team. We collected a lot of data from all the played games and if we see a problem we will react.
  11. TobiAssho

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    In my opinion the accessibility is not that clear as it might look at the first glance. As pointed out Stalingrad is accessible by all players. But to be fair you can have very different opinions on that one and I respect different views here. We are very hesitant about banning ships because once we start this its a never ending story. How about the following scenario: Worcester (or any very strong new silver ship) was launched 1 day before KotS. Should we ban it because you cant grind it within on day and have to spend doubloons to get free-XP? With your argumentation you could say so, it would be fair. So should we only allow ships that are in the game for 2 days? 5 days? 2 weeks? As you see even a simple rule like "only silver ships" could be seen as unfair. Unless it is outragesly unfair we would like to play the game as vanilla as possible. If we start preemptively banning we set a dangerous precedent. We would be asked in the future why we don’t ban ships all the time. We also want to see how things shape during the tournament instead of preemptively implementing rules. Stalingrad is new problem for KotS and we will evaluate feedback after the tournament and see how we progress in the future. I am gladly stating this again: WG is taking NO influence on tournament decisions. We are free to do what we think is best for the tournament and we are very happy about their trust in us. This is the biggest argument I see for going pure silver ships. We will keep that feedback in mind and we will see how it will be seen for future events. We would like to have as many clans participate in KotS as possible. If you feel left out by having no Stalingrad (my personal opinion is that its not needed to win) we need to take actions. One last thought about Stalingrad and its gameplay: When discussing the upcoming metag and limitations we were afraid of a huge spam of Mino and Worcester with a very campy playstyle. By allowing Stalingrad we have the hope that she might be one of the tools to crack this. We will see if this is true or not, I don’t know. But before putting artificial limits we would like to see how the vanilla game plays. Trivia: For this and the last KotS we were asked to ban/limit: Mino Worcester Yami Harugumo Harku Hindenburg ...
  12. TobiAssho

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Just ask the "better clans" if I am afraid of making them angry or not. WG has never put ANY preasure on us of limiting or not liminting any ship for KotS. We dont like this too much, but in the end the world is always unfair. It could also be considered as unfair that you earned a ship and are not not allowed to use it if we would ban Stalingrad. My personal opinion is that this ship is not OP, neither in random nore in KotS. It might be problematic in CB. For arguing about banning or not banning we are deliberately avoiding the question because there will never be an answer accepted by all players and for banning or not banning it, it does not matter. Banning Hindenburg after last KotS would have been foolish too. Once we start this we are banning ships left and right for every tournament. We can only do slight adjustments, not a whole game balancing for KotS and we dont want to start arguing for every ship. KotS 6 had a very good balance overall and we had no complains about any ship. We didnt ban Kutuzov because it was OP, we banned it because it was promoting a unfun meta. When we discussed changes we wanted to switch to a more active and less campy gameplay so to enable cruisers we reduced the BBs and reduced the campy CA. This was not a change because of an OP ship or not. In my opinion over all WoWs is pretty well balanced. You can play every ship in random without feeling useless. Competitive is always a battle of the extreme and will never see all ships in play. That is the same for every game out there, shooter, RTS or anything. Games will also never have "perfect" balance. Shame on me? We are had a lot of complains about Stalingrad from the "elite" players too. We are doing what we think is right, without bending to WG or to "elite" or "non elite" players. We know that not all our calls will be right, but we try to do it as best as we can and we are not ashamed for making mistakes. We also try to be very open about why we make calls and explain them. If we get offended because of this so be it.
  13. TobiAssho

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Since this topic is still hot in debate I would like to share some of the thoughts we tournament orgs had and why we didn’t ban Stalingrad. Our overall goal when making rules is that we would like to have as few rules as possible while providing a good experience. Spinning the game to what we as orgs think is "the right way of playing" would be very arbitrary and difficult for us to defend. Still, as rightfully pointed out, there are different approaches to why it could be necessary to limit or ban Stalingrad. First thing is that it is not as available as techtree ships, second thing is that it might be overpowered and the third that it makes the game unfun to play. Let’s focus on the accessibility first. We had endless debates inside KotS orgs because of this, because this is a valid argument, because it just got available and only a few players have enough steel to get it. On the other hand when should we allow it? After the next season when you earn half of a Stalingrad worth of steel? After 2 more season? Never? Banning her forever because of accessibility would be wrong because with enough time it gets available to everyone who really wants it. Banning a ship now and allowing it later on would also look stupid. We would have to go through this for every new T10 ship. We would like to include all ships to provide a diverse experience and to allow different strategies. Another argument is that a lot of Stalingrads were handed out. It is not as rare like a black was after 6 ranked seasons. All clans competing for the KotS titel got multiple, so among the top end of competitive players accessibility is not an issue. The same for the Storm and Gale clans, almost none of them have one so it’s an equal footing there too. Only when those two groups compete it might be a little unfair, but we think that the players would make the difference then and not the ships. Although we don’t like to increase the gap. The second argument is that Stalingrad might be overpowered and should be banned because of this. We can argue for days why Stalingrad is overpowered or not, in the end its a subjective call and all ships could be called overpowered. KotS orgs do not balance the game; once we try to start to we go down a very dangerous route. We will not try to balance the game for WG. The last argument is also a tricky one. We limited BBs because too many BBs would cause a very static and unfun meta, we also allowed only 1 CV. So for the sake of better gameplay we introduce somewhat artificial and arbitrary rules. We want to be very carful with this. We waited (too?) long for limiting Kutuzov when playing T8 because it was too meta defining. We don’t want to take hasty steps before looking at an actual tournament. We looked at Stalingrad during Poseidon-Cup and from the performance there we agreed to give it a try in KotS. We were very happy on T10 with no questionable ships for the last KotS. The new T10 rewards will be closely monitored and if we see problems during this KotS or with the upcoming clan battles we will take actions. I hope that I could explain our thoughts and we are taking all feedback into account for future decisions. We wish all teams good luck for the next days of KotS!
  14. TobiAssho

    Endlich ein vernünftiges Tutorial im Spiel - Danke WG

    Warum muss man alles so kompliziert sehen und erfreut sich nicht einfach an einem lustigen Scherz?
  15. TobiAssho

    Cross server prime time for clan battles

    Sadly you have a very narrow-minded view on this world, but I am glad to help and explain its complexity to you. Assuming that even the EU as only one time zone is just wrong. There are 3 zones from Athena or Helsinki over Berlin/Paris and London/Lisbon. So for some of them it might be very convenient to start 1, in the winter 2 hours earlier and play on CIS server. Maybe even the current EU time gets move 1h moved back to cover a broader spectrum. So the eastern parts of the EU server will benefit from this change. Giving NA only 1 slot when having 7 hours difference between Brazil and Hawaii, not mentioning Australia. Giving them the opportunity to switch to EU time (maybe on weekends) or SEA time (when living far west) will be a big deal for them. Don’t want to paint the same picture for SEA, and Russia which alone has 9 different time zones. As you can clearly see this helps players a lot who are not fortunate enough to have most of the server sitting in +-1 zone. The players that work at night or are otherwise not able to play during current time will also benefit if finding a proper clan. Maybe this also opens more prime time slots for WG as more potential players are available. Please open your mind to other needs before making crude assumptions next time.