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  1. TobiAssho

    [AAO] Against All Odds now recruiting!

    Hi @Doctor_Questionable! Thank you for your interest, but with 600 battles you dont have the necessary experience for our clan. I am sure you will find a fitting clan for your needs. Tobiassho AAO
  2. TobiAssho

    [AAO] Against All Odds now recruiting!

    After a very successfull performance in KotS IX and an excellent start into the new CB season (currently EU first) we are still on the hunt for exceptional players. If you have experience in previous tournaments and CB together with unicum stats we might be the right clan for you. We are especially looking for top tier BB players. Our goal this season is a top spot on the EU ladder, if this is your goal too, please apply.
  3. TobiAssho

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

  4. TobiAssho

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    We had a beef and you slapped me, cant remember. But for you winning something must be a very rare thing so that you still remember. Usually you are talking [edited] in the forum, trying to sound smart, when you actually understand very little of the game. Its very funny that you start a topic about Friesland being too weak when simultaniously there was a good bit of people telling WG that its very strong and maybe too good. I feel sorry for you that you are not the kind of player who can make good ships work. Not that I would expect it from you. If you know how to play well, you can have a lot of fun with Friesland.
  5. TobiAssho

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    Funny that good players consider this ship as too strong...
  6. TobiAssho

    [AAO] Against All Odds now recruiting!

    Yes, we are. Right now we are inside the top 10 EU clans and aiming for a good plance in this season. We are still looking for some exceptional players to complete our roster for the upcomming tournaments. Especially players with experience in playing BB and very good stats in them are welcome.
  7. TobiAssho

    ST - cyclone in Clan Battles

    Maybe thats not how it will work in CB? I mean its the same with any map right now. On 1 map you lineup works better, on others they dont. So having a map with cyclone does not change much imo.
  8. TobiAssho

    ST - cyclone in Clan Battles

    What RNG offers cyclone?
  9. TobiAssho

    Wer will Leihschiffe im Ranked

    Ich finde es immer wieder erstaunlich, dass mittlemäßige Spieler sich darüber ärgern, dass (vermeintlich und teils tatsächlich) schlechtere Spieler ranked spielen. Verstehst Du den Zusammenhang nicht? Je mehr Spieler spielen desto einfacher ist es in den Rängen aufzusteingen. Als ein Spieler, der es in den meisten Saisons (und vielen T10 Schiffen) nicht geschafft hat 50% Winrate zu erreichen ist es erstaunlich, dass Du dich über andere beklagst das Niveau zu senken. Überleg mal: es wird dir einfacher fallen zu gewinnen, je schlechter der durchschnittliche Spieler ist. Hätten alle ein gutes Niveau, dann würdest Du kein Spiel gewinnen. (Ja es ist ärgerlich, wenn man 4 Leihschiffe im eigenen Team hat, die schlecht spielen, aber es gibt genügend Beispiele, dass das schlecht Spielen nicht auf Leihschiffe beschränkt ist. Auf längere Sicht helfen die Leihspieler Sterne für das System zu generieren.)
  10. TobiAssho

    Ranked "save a star": problems/solutions

    Sorry but google Dunning-Kruger :P
  11. TobiAssho

    Ranked "save a star": problems/solutions

    Games, winrate, rank Is it different to now? Not that much. Do I want to se more Stalins? YES! Bad Stalins are dmgpinatas par excellence.
  12. TobiAssho

    Ranked "save a star": problems/solutions

    Drop the "save a star" mechanic. There will never be fair way to evaluate XP by a AI to determine who was the MVP. Voting sounds fun in theory, but not all stay to the end. Also if you vote and also have a chance to get selected, you can vote tactically. Vote for a player who, for sure, will not be voted for by othes to increase your chances of getting selected. Which could result in some serious [edited]. What makes ranked frustrating is the fact that you lose stars and drop. Instead of losing stars make it more stars to get rank 1. Lets say 100-200. Win, gain a star. Lose, gain nothing. Yes, ranking out would become easier and less challenging, but good players rank out quickly anyway. With 100 stars you would need 167 games with a 60% winrate, 182 with 55. and 200 games with 50%.
  13. TobiAssho

    Next clan wars season tier 8

    This is the Data from Kots3 tournament. Limitations were: 1 CV, 3 BB, 2 US smoke T8 9vs9 Yes, there war new ships. Yes, buffs and nerfs happened. Yes, this might not be exactly what CB will look like. Amagi and NC dominated, NC mainly because of the rediculesly strong AA on T8 back then. Cruisers speak for themself. Kutu or bust with 1 Chappy per team for radar. 155mm cruiser DPS just beats all others. Beside Mogami Chappy and Kutu offer much more utility, so they will be the top picks. Benson was used becaus of deff AA and smoke. Without CV it will be replaced by LoYang. I dont get where you can see a "diversified" and cool meta. The BB - CA balancing is redicules on T8. Amagi and NC+clones dont care about your angle. Cruisers have no heal to recover. This might cause players to be even more cautious and deffensive. Play smoke or prey to rngesus, will be fun.
  14. TobiAssho

    Clan Special Test FAQ

    Maybe this would be the wrong way to approach testing for WG. If you want to test do it for the fun and opportunities making the game better, not for some rewards.
  15. [AAO] Against All Odds Recruiting "Against All Odds" is always looking for active, skilled, and teamplay oriented players. See the section "Current recruitment" below to check recruitment status. About us: The first team of AAO was formed during the first team battle season as team Aim Assist. We have made many good additions of players and excel in tournaments and clan battle play. We are a clan focused on the absolute endgame content which is CB and competitive tournaments. To achieve this we streamline and specialize quite a lot, we only play one class each when it comes to competitive, this helps with the training and the learning curve, so expect to pick one class and stick with it for the duration. Currently we are focusing 100% on clan battles and we are going hard for the top spot. What we can offer you: Membership with a top EU clan in World of Warships. Regular scrimmage against other clans, very high participation in tournaments and a top tier clan battles team. Regular divisions with top tier players - get to know people, improve your mechanics knowledge and teamplay synergy. We will teach you how to play and excel with your class of ship in a competitive environment. Clan battle rewards practically guaranteed if you are good enough to play with us. Top performance in all major events (First place in the 3rd MDIV League, First place inTeambattles (Aim Assist), second place in KotS IX, second place in Crowning of the Winter King, second and third place in Operation Pedastal, fourth place in OMCC (as KKTMint), fourth/third place in KotS2, RO8 in KotS3. We are a regular occupant of the Hurricane League with a notable achievement of the 4th placed team in Clanbattles 1. Consistently reaching Hurricane in the past seasons of CB and participating in all tournaments. Requirements: We are an International community therefore you need to be fluent in English to apply. You have to use TeamSpeak3 and have a decent microphone. You should be an active player and you need to have excellent game knowledge and good aiming skills to join our clan. Have at least 1500 PvP battles with stats that mirror our clan average WR and PR. This is not set in stone and we will take a deeper look into what matters the most - your competitive ships and tiers as well as your recent performance. Proficiency with at least three T10 ships, your stats in your "main" class must be excellent or above. Be able to attend at least 75% of our training's, clan battles, and commit the time required to participate in competitive matches. Able to attend 2 out of 4 Clanbattle days to play with us per week. How to apply: Reply here or send a personal message to get in touch with us. If you have any questions you can post them in this thread or drop a PM. We will invite you to our TeamSpeak for a quick chat if you meet the requirements. Stay with us for a while, participate in trainings and we will figure out if you are a good fit. Current recruitment: OPEN! Looking for: Exceptionally good players in all classes. Forum and in-game contact: Tobiassho Tobiassho#0166 on discord