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  1. nelsontim

    Public Test 0.6.10 - Interface

    Inventory a reverse click on the module whilst looking at the ship should give an option to sell, just like selling a ship on the carousel. learning battles the help always shows W to speed up etc, for lefties and alike you should display the opted key instruction Icons those tiny icons for the in the battle for red ships need attention
  2. nelsontim

    Can not connect ... Technical issues

    I am back on the waves ... it must have been an issue at their end and not my system ..
  3. nelsontim

    I can't connect - technical issue found - unknown error.

    I have the same problem and there is another string somewhere with the same comments. I have just tried another pc and get the same error message so is likely further down the line than your the pc you are playing with. my guess looking at the number with similar issues is that the fault is at the server end. The number of players i just saw is low so might be there is a fix on its way\?
  4. nelsontim

    Can not connect ... Technical issues

    same for me today ... i have just put in a ticket but as yet no reply
  5. nelsontim

    Error: Something went wrong. Try again later.

    I have a sneaky suspicion IE11 is to blame. I run WIndows 7 with IE11 I have tried loading through Chrome and Firefox but it all freezes up when the game is supposedly loading. Very disappointing as I have not been able to play the game, just spent the week end trying everything to get loaded !
  6. nelsontim


    Game installs ok but after pressing the game icon. WOW starts - the blue loading gets half way and can not use the PLAY button.
  7. nelsontim


    I am a tester, and followed the loading instructions to the letter. I have a very up market fast rig. The game seems to install ok but when I try to load the game to play, the loading bar stops half way and the "PLAY BUTTON" hashed out. WOW is allowed through my firewall but sadly refuses to play. SO everyone and team whats the answer??????
  8. nelsontim

    Game installation

    I only got 50% loaded and frustrated!
  9. nelsontim


    I am testing and it has loaded 50% and then stopped. I can see a play button !!! very frustrating but the blue load indicator is only 50% any thoughts ?
  10. nelsontim

    game will not open

    Team, I assume we are testing the game so here is a problem. I have the game screen with the play button in the bottom left hand corner and the blue -- loading has stopped half way through? I opted to load the game on my f drive and not c drive. Over to you for the answer...... regards tim t