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    Warspite too high a tier

    Having played 90 battles in this ship I think WG have got it wrong. Lots of debate on the range and the lack of fire resistance but I think we should simply look at history. When these ships came out they were most powerful in the world. That is not true as a Tier 6 ship. If Warspite had its after WW1 refits you could argue for it being here - would have more range more armour more everything. But as a WW1 BB it needs to be against its competition which is Kaiser and Konig - not Bayern (Bayern was developed to kill QE ships ) and Bismarck So I think in the refits etc WG make they should reconsider , no definitely lower it by one tier. Then the R Class BB's should be Tier 6, KGV be tier 7 and Rodney Tier 8.
  2. War_spite12334

    Fire on bb (t8)

    There is a problem with this topic - and I have discussed it time after time in open beta ( even ran a poll where near 80% people voted to reduce fire chance). The problem is this. At tier 2 - 6 fire is major issue and killer of BB's. At tier 7+ not so much cause BB's are bigger faster and more accurate so they will kill a cruiser if it sails in range too long.. At the lower tiers people are either Still learning the game and therefore get frustrated by the stupidity of ship designers who obviously made their ships out of extremely combustible materials rather than steel. Or they are higher tier players who still have phoenix's and other US cruisers to farm credits off the less experienced people I wonder which people think its a bad idea to change the fire mechanic. I want to change the fire laws but I do own a phoenix and regularly go toe to toe with a tier 3 or 4 BB and get 000's of hp's in my credit pool. So the moral is - WG are not listening to us who want a change, so just stick tight and you too will own ships to bring fire down on the less fortunate/experienced.
  3. War_spite12334

    "Friendly fire"

    imagine this has been said before but quick search did not find it, and always worth adding. Just got killed by my sides destroyer and in the after action screen the player got sanctioned for tema kill - all good. However I was reimbursed 13000 for being killed, but repairs on my Bogue cost 18500 - so I still lost money as well the rest of the rewards I might have got for playing longer in the game. Game was only 10 mins old so lots of experience lost. At that point my ship was completely intact so I should have got fully reimbursed not 60% I am not asking for more money as that is open for farming credits - just not being more out of pocket for the incompetence of the team member. Should be possible to code such that you get repaired the damage the team member did.
  4. War_spite12334

    invisible ships - bug in .41

    played 2 3 battles since patch and in each been sailing along in open water and the enemy ships "appeared" in front of me. first battle I was in Tirpitz and 3 ships - a Tirpitz , new orleans and a cruiser appeared less than 10 km from me. - they obviously had not seen me either as they not ben firing. second battle I was in a mutsuki and a new mexico battleship teleported in 3.8 km of my starboard side - and blew me out of the water. third battle in a new York and this time I could see ships at 20 - 25km - but as they got within 20km they vanished, then 6 torp planes de-cloaked of my starboard side and sank me with one torp salvo So far not impressed with changes I hope this is not a planned feature as its not playable if battleships now have destroyers stealth.
  5. War_spite12334

    teleporting / stealth aircraft

    last few games I have noticed that planes flying across the screen will disappear from view and then reappear much closer. Thought that this was simply losing sight of them - they are small after all. However last game in a Cleveland, 2 flights of divebombers headed toward my lone position - at 12km they were visible then they vanished and minute or so later I got bombed, at that point they reappeared over my ship. They missed me so no bad. Then 5 minutes later 2 sets of slow torpedo planes - sighted 10 km away. Then next sighting is them dropping torps 50 yards of broadside - I sank quick time. I even had a fighter up for both of these and neither my AA or fighter fired a shot. So they invisible not just me not paying attention. My computer setup is OP - nvidia970gtx and 16gb memorry in win8.1 also lag was running at 25-30 with 70 fps - so its not a PC issue.
  6. War_spite12334

    Unfortunately for slow ships, matches are a race to the cap.

    Have to say I like the fact that a draw is there, and if you have the poor position of being away from a cap when u need to be close then its fair. Means we need to think carefully about when to move towards that point. After all many games are about points and in these there is no draw - winner is most points.
  7. War_spite12334

    Fires caused by HE - need sorting

    I ran a poll some days ago on the topic of lowering the chance of fires caused by HE and an overwhelming 76% of voters said they agreed. 41% agreed with my idea that HE against Battleships and Cruisers should be reduced 35% thought all HE fire chances should be reduced. Now not all players voted of course but if you read the forums the constant statement is HE fires are too much. I played Phoenix earlier and hit 74 times causing 37k damage with HE and 8 fires - the fires caused a further 23200k damage - so each fire was 2.9k whilst each HE shell hit was 500. This makes fast firing cruisers much more effective than a battleship. Just played Warspite and was at 40k hitpoints when three cruisers opened up on me - they kept me on constant major fire and I could see my hitpoints drop like I had a leak.. I managed to fire twice so in less than a minute 3 cruisers - Phoenix, Omaha and one other took a battleship from near full to dead. I have full Repair skills and was using level 2 repair - but only got chance to use it once. Now I don't mind 3 cruisers being able to kill a BB, my fault for letting them get close. but with fires causing the massive damage they do its not possible to fight back once its happened. I do understand its an arcade game - but if this was in anyway realistic no one would have bothered building battleships. So please review this issue.
  8. War_spite12334

    Critical Engine failure

    Just had a match where my isokaze got wiped because it was fired upon and missed but it got critical engine failure - I know it missed cause I lost zero hitpoints and the splashes were not even close. I hit repair and the next salvo from a new York again missed me and the same think - critical engine failure but no hit-points lost - repair gone I was stationary - at that point a cruiser took me out.
  9. War_spite12334

    Reduce the chance of Fire when hit by HE

    Most warships were at this time constructed from Steel and therefore unlike more modern aluminium warships (see the Falklands war - HMS Coventry) less likely to suffer a major fire on the decks. Most fires were after the armhull had been penetrated. Whilst the wooden desk was a risk it was very quicker burned out and the shell splashes often put the flames out. This is not true of Carriers - American and Japanese carriers were often burned out - but that was due to massive wooden decks and aviation fuel and lots of other burnable items. So I think we should reduce the risk of HE causing a long lasting fire to Cruisers and Battleships considerably. Carriers and Destroyers remain as they are. However AP risk of fire should be increased for Citadel hits and the like.
  10. War_spite12334

    bug when 2 ships collide

    Last battle in a Atago an Allied Mogami collided with me at about 80 degrees off Port and he pushed my ship over and then stuck in me like a barbed arrow. We were unable to free ourselves for about 5 minutes at which point the enemy sank us - however I was given "you have sunk an allied Cruiser" when he sank. Attachment shows us trying to free ourselves. I even got fined 62k for the kill on the other cruiser and yet my report screen shows no shots fired and no hits. Would be nice to get that refunded.
  11. War_spite12334

    Bug when 2 allied ships collide

    Last battle in a Atago an Allied Mogami collided with me at about 80 degrees off Port and he pushed my ship over and then stuck in me like a barbed arrow. We were unable to free ourselves for about 5 minutes at which point the enemy sank us - however I was given "you have sunk an allied Cruiser" when he sank. Attachment shows us trying to free ourselves. Just noticed I even got fined 62k for the kill on the other cruiser and yet my report screen shows no shots fired and no hits. Would be nice to get that refunded.
  12. in bottom left is the current heading of the ship, can we stop that rotating when we change camera angle and have it always showing North at top. Would make knowing your heading easier.
  13. Voting options say it all
  14. War_spite12334

    Rework this battleship [edited]

    the example to draw on for this question is this. Assume a destroyer captain of decent skill is on map with a BB captain of equal skill. No other ships on map. Who will win. in my opinion at the moment 4 out of 5 times the destroyer will win because he will stealth to the bb launch and then turn away making a very hard target. as the BB evades the torps the destroyer will move out of the BB's firing arc and rinse and repeat. Also probably move out of the 5k (or whatever range stealth is) and disappear. The issue is simple - why do destroyers have stealth. - I watched a destroyer at 5k disappear and reappear before my eyes in last battle. If they need stealth then its need to be mediated. I would suggest that once a target has been fired on then the destroyer is visible at all main battery ranges. That way it cannot "disappear" whilst the BB evades and then pop up like a magician when it fires its torps again.if the destroyer moves out of main battery range then it resumes stealth. or if its simpler to code then whilst the BB has a lock the destroyer is visible.
  15. War_spite12334

    BBs are underpowered

    having play near 200 games now in open beta I am thinking that that the issue with dispersion is there but i assume it will go as you go up tiers - i have warspite at Tier VI and i can see the difference. My issue with BB;s is that they are pretty helpless against a destroyer as there guns even with HE do little damage unless lucky crit and with the slow reloads usually get one shot then its evasive to the torpedos, I was attracted to this game for the idea of BB's and Cruisers slugging it out at 20,000 yards but in reality the stealth destroyer rules. I cannot understand why the secondary battery of most battleships - which btw was specifically designed to take care of smaller ships has such a stupidly short range - for example the Warspites secondary's are 14 x 6 inch guns - the same as a cruiser of the period - these range to 10k when on an American cruiser. I can live with the carriers dropping torp 5 yards of the bow as I can see the planes coming but a destroyer de-cloaking 5 k away having already fired 10 torpedo's is making me lose interest in playing BB's.