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    I need to start battleships lines and in various tiers Could you pls inform me about the best battleships, in your opinion, at any tier thanks for responding to this if you could also right to me your opinion about french premium battleships and non premium
  2. HarryCallahansDay

    Bug Reports

    I've start this month and i am using the same email and password So is this the case? Or there is a reference code or portal that I've missed Could you pls help if you can
  3. HarryCallahansDay

    Bug Reports

    I can't login in beta test it doesn't accept my email address and there is nothing wrong with it cause i 've verify it could you pls help
  4. HarryCallahansDay

    Choosing Warships

    I am new to this could you pls inform me what warships are easy to learn and play with I am thinking about tier III to tier VI thanks for replying