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  1. Well I'd say The WWII Kamikaze attacks were infinitely more honourable than the ones taking place in recent times... but thats neither here nor there
  2. phlog, this isn't youtube. Italic is on the toolbar
  3. oh yea he is. he had communist leanings so as soon as the bomb was finnished everyone fuckin hated him
  4. Nanodesu says inazuma (I think)
  5. My immediate thought would be finland... I've seen plenty of StuGs with Swastikas on them belonging to finland
  6. My OCD is nuts, I hate that 19 skill point it drive me crazy
  7. 360p/10
  8. Your spelling needs improvement but we can easily understand you, your english is pretty good.
  9. It reads like a really long comedy sketch, is this real or am I missing something?
  10. Its good cosplay, but without their rigging its just girl no ship
  11. oh sh!t im drunk. sorry
  12. Its a member of the Big 7, why doesnt it go alongside its contemporaries? (Colorado/Nagato)