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  1. txtspeak

    strange off map thing from Halloween

    Thing has a tendancy to pop up every now and again
  2. txtspeak


  3. I am of the unfortunate affliction of not liking sauce
  4. txtspeak

    British battleships incoming

    Excuse you?
  5. txtspeak

    British battleships incoming

    Excuse you?
  6. txtspeak

    British battleships incoming

    After seeing jangles video on the Nelson and the KGV I can't help but think that the KGV should've been the premium/free XP rather than the Nelson... I mean... Just having triple front turrets doesnt mean that its an Izumo clone, it looks really good and the gameplay doesnt seem too dissimilar from other 16"x3 turret BBs besides the Mega Heal. Whereas KGV has the weird guns which don't work properly at tier 7 (Still think they should be buffed up to tier 8 (or tier 7 I guess to compensate for armour) so that its more historical) and a totally different playstyle! Hell! They could've just added the Vanguard into the tree and would even have a case for calibre progression! everything about this line is just FUBAR
  7. OOooh they finally released this!
  8. Still in a college summer. what is work like?
  9. txtspeak

    British Battlecruisers

    "Admiral" should not be in the game. Hood or bust, and since Hood is already in game, its looking more like bust
  10. txtspeak

    British battleships incoming

    why how very smashing old chap
  11. txtspeak

    British battleships incoming

    Still think WG made a complete hash of the RN BBs. they could've done EVERYTHING better
  12. txtspeak

    British battleships incoming

    I'm not saying that they should have 16 inch gun level of penetration but it should be significantly better than just having Fuso or new mexico guns at tier 8. EDIT: Fail on my part, ignore this
  13. txtspeak

    British battleships incoming

    Oh yeah also forgot to mention that another reason people seem to be completely ignoring the unhistorical weapon and ship at tier 10 is for the sake of variety. they want their ships armament to seem sort of different. And once again, Lion 1938 at tier 8, lion '42 at tier 9 and lion '44 B3 at tier 10 also seems really repetitive. the question here is whether you prefer repetitive or unhistorical ships. Quite frankly I can't make up my mind on this one But these aren't 1916 14" guns, they're 1930s 14" guns and have vastly superior penetration thanks to heavier shells and better powder. The only things they lack is overmatch potential (not a problem if you're talking about citadels) and knockout punch alpha damage which I think is an acceptable loss for the vastly superior armour. KGV does fit at tier 8 and unless there is a better alternative like vanguard or lion 1938 then it should absolutely be there
  14. txtspeak

    British battleships incoming

    I think the reason for that is that the Lion is a lot less well known and the conquerer is fantasy. And the reason people are not getting as pissed as I have been is that there isn't really an alternative at tiers 9 and 10 that I can think of off the top of my head. And once again, I fully support a KGV with 15 inch guns as a premium. (Of course I expect the only thing to change about it being the guns, no latice mast or any of that *Edited, also a good KGV name not monarch)
  15. txtspeak

    British battleships incoming

    Well this sounds like a plan, if only we could get WG to listen...