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  1. AUT_Znarf

    Bismarck or Tirpitz

    Better AA, Hydro, better concealment AND a smokescreen? would you like it to fly, cook bacon, wash your dishes and be invincible as well, while you're at it?
  2. AUT_Znarf

    BBs with inertia Fuse - Dead Cruisers?

    Why would I desecrate the holy barrels of my mighty high caliber artillery with Heresy Ammunition? I mean, there's no way to run out of AP ammo? Right? Right?! >panic<
  3. AUT_Znarf

    Is AA to strong on HT?

    Planes should be untouchable at high tier Battleships should get a Devastating strike every 30 seconds at high tier RNG or skilled control should not be required, at high tier after all, the newbies are there and they need to have the easiest possible time while getting used to what they're doing put the insane AA down to tier 4 instead, that makes way more sense
  4. AUT_Znarf

    Elimination thread 3: Tier VII *Winner!*

    Leberecht Maass: 18 Shiratsuyu: 14 Mahan: 16 Leningrad: 24 Blyskawica: 33 + 1 = 34 (just one of the most fun DDs one can own, I don't even have a 10 point captain for her yet and she's already an all time favourite, just an all round great ship) Myoko: 18 Flint: 23 Atlanta: 3 - 3= 0 (She can be fun, but she usually just explodes in your face, she has all the survivability disadvantages of a cruiser compared to a DD and no real way to make up for it) Fiji: 22 Belfast: 33 Gneisenau: 14 Scharnhorst: 39 Hiryu (2/2/2): 19 Saipan (Torpedo Bombers): 14
  5. AUT_Znarf

    Don't bother with Shipmas boxes

    when did you buy them?
  6. AUT_Znarf

    scharnhorst or graf spee

    I have yet to unlock the Spee but i can tell you 100% certainly, that you will absolutely love the Scharnhorst if you like playing your BigBullyship aggressively, she's maneuverable enough, has immense armour and is also armed quite well, especially when it coems to fighting destroyers and cruisers at shorter ranges, where she really excells. If you want a BB that can drive right into a cap with 2 smokescreens and eat the DDs for lunch, you need a Scharnhorst (would Yuro's (aka Eurobeat) video be appropriate in this thread?)
  7. AUT_Znarf

    Santa boxes

    you can look forward to that Missouri is crazy fun, and not because of the radar that ship is made of dreams
  8. AUT_Znarf

    Invisi fire

    I have to agree
  9. AUT_Znarf

    10 things I've learned playing WOWS

    2.: some guy always runs off alone and then complains that the other players didn't follow his command because obviously he's the admiral and should tell everyone else what they have to do and where they have to go (lemming train can be very successful if it actually keeps going, the lemming trains you see dieing horribly are the spineless cowards who immediately panic when they see the first enemy ship and stop pushing, making the whole push collapse) 5. thats confirmation bias, though planning ahead can be useful, I remember a few times where ive been caught reloading, if in doubt, just fire the ammo you have loaded, it will usually do at least something, if you really dont like the choice, play either BB or British crusiers, they should only fire AP anyways 6.: Can confirm 10.: and the moment you queue in any ship that suffers from CVs you will be matched against one and he will instantly make it his life goal to ruin you
  10. AUT_Znarf

    Invisi fire

    you can counter it, if you are a decent BB player (or at least give him a really hard time killing you, hard enough that he will decide to stop wasting his lifetime on the eternal task of ending you and go do something else instead) a decent DD player will tear apart an average BB player, but hitting the average player mark on BB gameplay is not too hard to be honest..... the whole Rock-paper-Scissors thing should also not be a secret anymore at this point, though it is a bit flawed imo (given the easiest way to counter a BB is another BB and cruisers could be scarier to DDs, and then theres Flat deck piggies who just take a huge dump on anything that doesn't have decent AA )
  11. AUT_Znarf

    Thank You Wargaming

    Do they actually still drop those premiums? I noticed getting 120 halloween camos frequently and I didnt get a signle ship in the last.. idk.. 3 batches of 15 crates... which pisses me off a lot cause I have mroe camos and flags now than I will ever need and the nikolai and gremy are literally the only ships that can drop that I dont have...
  12. AUT_Znarf

    Era of US dd OPness over?

    I'm gonna place a bet that every ship that plans to go anywhere near a cap zone should have that skill, especially if your main purpose in life is to hunt and kill DDs at close range... aka if you play a USN DD. because it will nullify any advantage the enemy DD might gain from surprising you.. means it will allow you to snuff him and get the cap zone at a much reduced effort, especially if he is dumb enough not to nullify the advantage you get from RPF by using the skill himself, as there is literally no other way to counter it, that I've heard of so far
  13. i have played about 1620 hours of WT according to steam.. after the steam client was released believe me, it can get much, MUCH worse in balance terms
  14. As a WT Veteran/survivor let me just put out there, that WT is not an alternative to anything, under any circumstances, ever.
  15. AUT_Znarf

    Will EU get the Kamikaze also?

    I'd love that, I really want one for my collection..