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  1. I was bored one day, and decided to follow up on a theory of mine. I've seen many people who only consider how much BFT lowers the reload of their guns when deciding whether or not to take it on their DDs. This leads them to disregard or undervalue BFT on ships with an already low reload time. After doing some maths, I discovered something that seems obvious once explained, but seems to go right over the heads of most people. Counterintuitively, the ships with the lowest base reload time benefit the most from BFT. To explain this, we need to look at BFT differently. Instead of viewing it as a percentage based reload decrease, we should view it as a percentage based rate of fire increase. When you look at it this way, it's quite obvious that the ships with the highest base rate of fire (and therefore lowest base reload) will benefit the most. To help avoid further confusion about this, and to allow you to calculate the usefulness of BFT on a ship yourself, here is a formula for calculating rate of fire increase. To find DPM, simply multiply the answer you get by the shell damage. ((60/(Base Reload*0.9))-(60/Base Reload))*Number of guns For your convenience, here is a list of the rate of fire and DPM increases BFT gives to each of the tier X DDs: Gearing: 13.3 rpm, 24000 HE DPM, 28000 AP DPM Shimakaze: 7.02 rpm, 15087 HE DPM, 15438 AP DPM Harugumo: 22.2 rpm, 26666 HE DPM, AP DPM Z-52: 10 rpm, 15000 HE DPM, 30000 AP DPM Grozovoi: 10 rpm, 18000 HE DPM, 26000 AP DPM Khabarovsk: 10.6 rpm, 20266 HE DPM, 27733 AP DPM Daring: 16 rpm, 27200 HE DPM, 33600 AP DPM Yueyang: 10 rpm: 18000 HE DPM, 21000 AP DPM Rate of Fire is given to two decimal places and is the total increase provided from all guns. DPM is given to the nearest whole number.
  2. who_dares_wins

    PSA: Free santa containers

    The first time you click on the "Santa Claus' Containers" button in the containers screen you are given two small containers for free. I got 50 Papa Papa and an Anshan, so they seem to contain some good stuff (or perhaps I'm just lucky). Either way, they are at least worth checking out.
  3. who_dares_wins

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  4. who_dares_wins

    One of the funniest sprint ranked games

    I think I can beat that...
  5. who_dares_wins

    PTS 0.7.11 - Bug Reports

  6. who_dares_wins

    PTS 0.7.11 - Bug Reports

    This is going to sound very silly, but how do I do that?
  7. who_dares_wins

    PTS 0.7.11 - Bug Reports

    Grozovoi's consumables have an incorrect number of charges. In port and in battle, the Grozovoi only has one base charge on it's smoke, heal and engine boost instead of two.
  8. who_dares_wins

    Latest DD Nation Traits

    USN: Hybrids, relying on both guns and torpedoes. They have improved smoke screens which last much longer than other nations, but have very high shell arcs making hitting targets at range difficult. IJN (main line): Pure torpedo boats. They have very good concealment and long range, high damage torpedoes, but very weak gun power and poor torpedo concealment. The alternate line from tier 8 up are very large, losing some concealment, but gain a huge number of rapid fire 100mm guns, which deal huge damage to enemy DDs. However, they only have one torpedo launcher and are quite clumsy. The low calibre of the guns makes IFHE highly recommended. KM: Hybrids again. They are cap contesting specialists. While they have poor concealment and weaker smoke screens than normal, they come with a cruiser Hydroaccoustic Search, allowing them to dodge torpedoes and spot enemies in smoke. Their HE is weak, but their AP does very high damage to broadside DDs. Russians: Gunboats. They are larger than most other DDs, and have worse handling. However, they have very high-velocity guns with flat arcs and long range, and very high top speeds. They aren't effective at contesting caps, but have the firepower and speed to harass enemy CAs and BBs, and chase down enemy DDs. Their torpedoes are terrible however, with nonexistent range. The alternate line is a more traditional style one, with less guns but better torpedoes and concealment. Pan-Asians: A mixed bag. They are all ships imported from other nations, so their stats very from ship to ship. What they have in common are deepwater torpedoes, which cannot hit DDs but are very stealthy, and a unique smoke screen with a long action time, and short duration and cooldown time. British: A gimmick fiesta. They have a unique consumable loadout; a short range, long duration sonar for personal defence, and a very short duration smoke with a very fast cooldown. They have very good handling and acceleration, but a slow speed and no engine boost. Their turrets can rotate 360 degrees, and they can single fire torpedoes. All this combined makes them fantastic knife-fighters, but their USN style arcs makes long range gunnery a struggle. If you can use single fire correctly, you can send some very nasty and hard to evade spreads towards the enemy.
  9. who_dares_wins

    How to make Jutland work?

    I don't have the ship, but I know it has improved AP penetration angles and shorter fuses, so perhaps using AP on broadside-ish targets could help?
  10. who_dares_wins

    Penalising players who don't pay to play.

    1: Nice job picking the worst silver ships to compare with the paid ones. Fiji for example is much closer to Belfast in terms of performance. 2: Note that several of these ships cannot be bought anymore because of this. But then again taking this into account would leave you without anything to whine about, so feel free to ignore it. edit: I see that you've voted this post down. Note how you haven't bothered to post a counter argument. Come back when you've found a decent one (Spoilers: You won't)
  11. Rather than resurrect a two year old thread, I'm going to start an "elimination thread" for the tier V ranked season, taking into account all the new ships that have been added since then (i.e. Since my hiatus). If you don't know who I am or what such a thread is or was, fear not, I shall explain. I'm nobody important, and an elimination thread works as follows: Every ship in a category is added to a list, and begins with a value of 20. Each poster posts the list, adding one to a ship that they think is competitive and taking three from one they think is not competitive, stating their reasoning. When a ship reaches a value of zero, it is eliminated. The last ship remaining "wins". There are a few rules: 1: The context of the ranked sprint must be taken into account 2: You must have played a ship to vote it up or down. 3: You may only post once a day 4: You may not change the point totals in any way except those defined. The current list: Minekaze: 14 Mutsuki: 20 Kamikaze (R): 21 Furutaka: 21 Kongo: 20 Zuiho: 20 Nicholas: 20 Omaha: 17 Marblehead (Lima): 20 New York: 17 Texas: 20 Bogue: 20 Podvoisky: 20 Okhotnik: 20 Gremyashchy: 21 Kirov: 20 Krazny Krym: 20 Murmansk: 20 Okt. Revolution: 20 T-22: 17 Konigsberg: 21 Konig: 20 Acasta: 20 Emerald: 20 Iron Duke: 20 Emile Bertin: 20 Bretagne: 20 Jianwei: 20 Giulio Cesare: 21 Let it begin!
  12. who_dares_wins

    PSA: Create polls that are unbiased

    I mean, the whole point of the example poll was so that it would fall under "gameplay" rather than "off topic", but what can you do?
  13. who_dares_wins

    PSA: Create polls that are unbiased

    While this is correct that the silent majority of the playerbase are not taken into account, and that WG ignores this forum (and all of the non-Russian ones bar ST for that matter), polls can still have a use, either for gauging the views of the forum goers or simply for encouraging debate. If a poll is slanted one way or another by accident or design then many people abstain from voting, as seen in several threads with such polls. This makes the poll completely rather than merely mostly useless. Even if these polls are pointless, good poll design should be encouraged anyway because it is applicable outside of this context.
  14. who_dares_wins

    PSA: Create polls that are unbiased

    While I have been browsing this forum, I keep seeing people who are making gameplay suggestions and try to show that support for their changes exists, usually by creating a poll. However, most of these polls are designed to result in the OP's suggestion coming out on top. This is done by limiting the number of options and/or wording the responses in such a way that it drives people to vote slightly differently than they would otherwise. Such polls should be avoided because they A) Tell us nothing and B) Are ignored by WG (if they actually read this forum). Included are an example of a good and bad poll, on the topic of BB overpopulation.
  15. who_dares_wins

    Halloween 2018

    Yes, the "filth". It's the name they gave to the expanding green blob.