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  1. who_dares_wins

    Super high base XP games... 5488

    Remind me again what the W stands for? Win. Not "have a higher number that no one cares about".
  2. who_dares_wins

    Super high base XP games... 5488

    ? How exactly is an increase in a meaningless stat on a page on the official website p2w? Do you win more? No. Does it affect the gameplay in any way? No.
  3. who_dares_wins

    propose change to all Fighter aircraft

    To be completely fair, Cossack and the other weak AA DDs that have a 40mm Pom-Pom will shoot down the squadron eventually (in around 45-50 seconds or so), but that's still a long time to be spotted for in a fragile DD. I see where you're coming from, and I gave it some thought for a while, and I now have a preliminary suggestion: Revert the fighter HP nerf, but add a mechanic that ramps up AA damage to fighters that longer they linger inside a ship's AA range. This would somewhat equalise the spotting for the weak AA destroyers (at least making the spotting bearable for them), whilst still leaving their AA as a distinct weakness. This would also allow fighters limited spotting capabilities against larger ships again, without creating a return to the old, let's be honest, borderline overpowered implementation we saw during 0.8.0 . I'd like to know your thoughts and criticisms.
  4. who_dares_wins

    propose change to all Fighter aircraft

    Icarus, Cossack, Gallant, Shinonome, Okhotnik, Jervis, Aigle... In their attempt to "fix" fighter spotting WG have just created a situation where DDs with weak AA can just be fighter spotted with near impunity, but no one else can at all. If they wanted to remove fighter spotting they should have just done that, rather than obliterating fighter HP to the point that they instantly die if they go near anything larger than a destroyer. Now some DDs can be planespotted with impunity and others just delete the planes in five seconds flat. It's a daft system that makes no sense (why does adding explosives to the wings of a corsair quintuple its health?) and makes giving fighter support to ships anywhere near the frontline impractical.
  5. who_dares_wins

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I've been watching some KOTS, and I keep hearing the phrase "fighter despawning" being thrown around, and I don't know what they're talking about. Could anyone care to enlighten me?
  6. who_dares_wins

    And there we have it: CVs in Clan Battles

    I don't really play CW, so could someone who does please answer my question: What do you think about the viability of Midway instead of Hakuryu? You lose the stealth spotting but are able to force out DCP. Is it a worthwhile trade?
  7. who_dares_wins

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    That's fine; we all make mistakes. I've been wrong about many, many things, so I'm not in a position to judge.
  8. who_dares_wins

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    ... You are aware that those are the pre-rework and post-rework stats added together and averaged, right? I was an abysmal pre-rework CV player ( I had 38% WR in a Zuiho after over 100 battles), and that has affected the overall stats. I'll admit I chose the most extreme case to highlight my point (90k in a Lexington vs 45k ish for all other tier 8s). But, since we're using overall stats, I apologise. Please disregard what I said. However, looking at overall stats, you'll see that my stats in CVs have dramatically risen in under 70 battles in the new CVs. I'm certainly not struggling to make an impact in tier X games, or others for that matter. Therefore, my point still stands: I do know what a CV player goes through.
  9. who_dares_wins

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    Here's the thing: I HAVE. You want me to match my average damage in same tier ships? Ok, I've doubled it. Try again please. (to be fair, I'm playing USN CVs. IJN ones do need some help, especially at high tiers.)
  10. who_dares_wins

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    The issue isn't the damage, rather the lack of skill required to do so. If he had done lengthways drops I would have been fine with it, because getting proper lineups on a DD requires skill to predict how they'll turn. However, he just did a sideways drop and could have ended up with being rewarded with a devastating strike for messing up his attack run. I suggest that, instead of nerfing rockets again and again, we should give accuracy bonuses for getting the approach angle correct on a DD and penalties for getting it wrong (we already have a system that can calculate angle ingame and could use that here). This would take more of the RNG out of DD attack runs, as now the damage CVs deal to them varies wildly, and would also give them something to counterplay the CV with. Also, "most cruisers" are not immune to CVs. The only ones that are are tier IX-X RN and USN CLs. Otherwise they're fair game. You might lose many planes, but with squadron shortening it's rarely a big issue (for me at least, your mileage may vary)
  11. who_dares_wins

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    Funny, I was just in a Cossack game where the enemy Ranger did 10k damage to me in two bomb strikes. I dodged and weaved like mad, and still lost over half my health to what turned out to be a rather inept CV player due to RNG. The reason AA kills so many planes is because of the absurd damage capacity of a CV from complete safety if unimpeded by strong AA. After some testing, I've developed a "trick" to help uptiered CVs manage their planes better. Any plane that won't get its payload in is useless, so just dump some strikes into the ocean and send back planes that you won't actually use in the attack run (before they get shot down). It really lets you slow your losses quite dramatically.
  12. who_dares_wins

    The Odd Man Out

    Yes, agreed. I've been playing too much Cossack, which can get away with doing that because of the RN DD smoke and the good fire chance, so it doesn't disrupt spotting much. More generally however, yes, spotting tends to trump whatever damage you can put out with you guns, with very few exceptions (Harugumo)
  13. who_dares_wins

    The Odd Man Out

    I don't pretend to be the best DD player, but I can say with confidence that I am at least competent in them, and anyway, there are a few more pointers I don't think anyone else has mentioned yet. If you want to smoke up and start shooting a target (if their DCP is on cooldown and you want to set fires etc.), but you are the only one spotting them, you can start firing just before using your smoke screen to try to bait them into shooting at you. If they're close enough, you'll be able to still see them in your smoke because of their smoke-firing penalty. This works best against BBs for obvious reasons. If you don't have much support on a flank, cruisers tend to turn in and chase you if you're spotted. You can abuse this fact by shooting at them from a distance to get them to change course into a torpedo spread you might have launched. If they get too close they'll often turn broadside to fire all of their guns, and so you can use a similar tactic to kill a pursuing cruiser (or any other ship for that matter) that has caught you otherwise. Useful for getting out of situations in which you are dead otherwise. Learn when each destroyer will be spotted with their "standard build", and which destroyer beats which in a gunfight, as well as their unique traits such as consumables etc. Then use this information to compare your DD to each of the enemy ones at the start of a battle, and develop a plan for how you will deal with each one should you encounter it.
  14. who_dares_wins

    I must know WG too well...

    It's a nice concept, but think about it in practice: You're in the middle of a DD knife fight with this thing and you're both dropping health quite fast, but you're winning because your ship fires faster and you are aiming better. Suddenly, he just heals back to nearly full HP because "*edited you, I win" and then kills you. That isn't fun to play against. The idea of a low-dpm DD that's very tanky already exists, the Z-39. It's a lot less extreme in both its strengths and weaknesses, and is much better balanced and fun to play against as a result.
  15. who_dares_wins

    I must know WG too well...

    Oh. Never mind then.