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  1. who_dares_wins

    Upcoming Random bundles: Why grind when you can buy?

    I'd forgotten about that one. Seems rather more likely now that I think about it.
  2. who_dares_wins

    Upcoming Random bundles: Why grind when you can buy?

    This has been done multiple times before in the PTS store, and each time it happened people made a ruckus until they realised that the tier X available for purchase was a placeholder for something else (last time it was a Conqueror as a placeholder for the Irian) This time, it will almost certainly be the Cirrocco.
  3. who_dares_wins

    Harugumo vs Khabarovsk

    Harugumo is one of the few ships to have multiple viable builds. You can either use a regular DD build with IFHE for a competitive mode focused build, or drop CE for AFT and play it like a miniature light cruiser. The latter is an absolutely hilarious build that is easily in my top five most fun ships, and I would highly recommend running it for the fun factor alone. Some things to note: - Capping alone isn't really viable with the gunboat setup because of the 6.9km detection range. However, you can still support "proper" destroyers as you would with a Russian gunboat, and your off-the-charts ridiculous DPM will make quick work of any DD. - Your DPM along with your insane HE pen means you can be far more aggressive against enemy cruisers than normal. In fact, there are many cruisers which you can actually beat in a straight up gunfight at close range, and you should abuse this. You absolutely can just gun down low health cruisers with brute force alone, and should do so if you can afford the health loss. However, don't get overconfident because of this. You still only have 29k health with SE, and high DPM cruisers like the Minotaur will still cut you to ribbons. - Harugumo cannot turn to save its life. The ship is massive for a destroyer, slow, takes massive AP damage, and has a worse turning circle than the Conquerer. You cannot just dodge shells like Khabarovsk, and must fight dirty to be able to make use of your guns. Railgun cruisers in particular will absolutely wreck you, and you should avoid trying to open water gunboat against them. Ships with low velocity guns however, are easy prey at long range, with sheer distance allowing you to imitate Khabarovsk.
  4. who_dares_wins

    USS Helena Build.

    CE is somewhat useful when CVs are nearby, and hands down the best skill in the game in ALL other situations (barring some very rare and peculiar instances). That's why everyone takes it.
  5. who_dares_wins

    Get sum !! ( secondary battery appreciation thread )

    I take it that you declined my offer? Sounds to me like you think it will produce a result you dislike. Oh dear.
  6. who_dares_wins

    Get sum !! ( secondary battery appreciation thread )

    How about we put your theory to the test? You pick a particular ship that we both have, and we'll both play it for 50 battles, recording and storing the replays, before averaging the results and see who does consistently better. No tier Xs, no divisions etc. to prevent them from influencing the results. To leave no chance of cheating, you are free to place any other restrictions that you feel would prevent me from creating "fraud stats". Then we will see if I have "fraud stats" or if I'm simply better at the game than you. If you ignore this, you're indicating that you don't have faith on your claims, which would suggest that they are nonsense. Come on, prove the existence of "rigged stats" to the world. Let me know if you accept. I'm waiting. Unless you've blocked me for the heinous crime of disagreeing with you.
  7. who_dares_wins

    DD is the unbalanced class in ranked !

    Pot meet Kettle.
  8. who_dares_wins

    DD is the unbalanced class in ranked !

    You won't. Not with 19,574.67 average damage in your "OP" rental DD. "Big scores" indeed.
  9. who_dares_wins

    DD is the unbalanced class in ranked !

    If I play one game in the Kazny Krym and do 180k damage and win, does that mean that the ship is utterly and totally overpowered, and will give me the win in every game I play? Of course not, it means I had one extremely lucky game. If I play one hundred more games, my average performance in the ship will even out and become more accurate, allowing me to draw a conclusion with almost certainty. You played less than five games in each ship. That is nowhere near enough to make a conclusion. Just because your skills in mathematics are on the level of a ten year old does not make my point false. On another note, I thought that according to you, stats don't matter because those evil stat fanatics play Tier X all the time to always be top tier and influence their stats. Well, you're now playing tier X, and sucking. What's your excuse now?
  10. who_dares_wins

    DD is the unbalanced class in ranked !

    Do you even know what "sample size" is? The fewer games you play, the more likely your winning/losing streak is a coincidence. You've played very few games in these ships. Come back after you've played a couple of hundred and then we can draw conclusions. However, it has long been apparent that you don't understand the basics of how statistics or probability work, so I doubt you'll do that.
  11. who_dares_wins

    DD is the unbalanced class in ranked !

    The 20km torpedoes have a detection range of 2.5km. That's so large that stationary tier X BBs that spot them have enough time to start moving and get out of the way. They are completely useless, hence why you are struggling to break 20k damage per game with them. Grozovoi's AA isn't very good against competent players. It may be good against edit* such as yourself who just plough straight through the flak clouds with a full squad and end up out of aircraft 10 minutes in, but someone who knows what A and D do and can squad shorten or even catapult drop the AA will do next to nothing. edit: Insults
  12. Step 1: Launch HE bombers Step 2: Fly along your CV's detection circle until your planes get the detected icon. You are now heading toward the DD Step 3: Fly to where the edge of your squadron's detection circle was when they became spotted. Step 4: Fly along that edge until you find the DD Step 5: Drop HE bombs Step 6: ??? Step 7: Profit
  13. who_dares_wins

    Flint in the current meta

    When did I ever mention stats? When did I even express a belief? I asked for advice. You're never even played the ship, so how exactly do you expect me to take your advice seriously? Operations and random battles play completely differently. To even try to compare the two beyond a base level is ridiculous. Try rushing DDs in caps in a random battle: see how long you last. I'd give you (and pretty much anyone else who tries to pull a stunt like that) at most 30 seconds before you get deleted with AP. Why are you seemingly incapable of posting in a thread without derailing it. I asked politely for advice. You're just insulting me and being rude for no reason. In fact, you do that in almost every thread. Please stop. If you want to give me advice, have actual experience in the relevant field first.
  14. who_dares_wins

    Flint in the current meta

    ... You're trying to tell me how to play a ship that is not only very difficult to play, very unique in its weapon setup and requires very specialised captain skills and tactics, despite not having the slightest clue how to even play cruisers in general, but also having never played the ship or anything like it, instead basing your advice on real life in an arcade game. right...
  15. who_dares_wins

    Flint in the current meta

    Okay, so I've very recently earned enough steel to buy myself a Flint, and it's fairly safe to say that I'm not doing very well in it. I don't think it's the overall style of ship, because I've played smoke cruisers, USN light cruisers and other machine gun style ships to a good standard before, leading me to conclude that my issue with the Flint is me not being used to playing cruisers with crappy range. I don't have enough points yet for AFT, and the 11.1km base range leads to me either being overly aggressive and getting killed early, or overly passive and not doing much damage. Additionally, whilst the AA cuts tier VI planes up like ribbons, Tier VIII CVs have enough staying power to spot me regularly enough to disrupt my positioning. This leads me to my question: How do I position the Flint in the current meta? I know the general idea: islands and smoke, DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA, and I intend to take AFT as soon as I can, but I'd like to know your tips on getting close enough to deal significant damage and also get out again. It's frustrating, because on those rare games I have where I manage to pull it off, Flint is really fun to play, but most of the time I end up screwing up and exploding spectacularly. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.