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  1. Islandern

    sub emblem

    When I go to https://wows.mv-smirnov.org/en/icons/ Northon blocks it and says it is "This is a known dangerous web page. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page." ?
  2. Islandern

    Super containers? lol not really!

    Thanks for the help, though the list i was looking for is a print screen from the game, or looks to be. I am sure I have seen it a few weeks back but realised now that I am not sure if it was posted here on the EU forum or the NA. If I am not mistaken the print screen had leaked from the Asian server?
  3. Islandern

    Update 0.10.8 - Bugs Reports

    Guns firing in the wrong direction? Dont know if this one has been up before, was grinding co-op this morning and stumbled over this Minnesota. His guns was clearly 180° in the wrong direction when he opens fire on the CV. Half a minute later he opens fire again on the CV with the guns about 30° off the target direction. Anyone more that has seen this? Ticket to WG issued.
  4. Islandern

    Super containers? lol not really!

    Double post - please ignore.
  5. Islandern

    Super containers? lol not really!

    Awhile ago under another topic there was a post with the complete list of possible SC-ship drops. Anyone that knows were to find it again? Thnx,
  6. Islandern

    Chapayev commander skills

    Thanks, have not seen it before.
  7. Islandern

    Chapayev commander skills

    My plan is to move him, if the difference is not to big, but priority is to get a good Chapayev captain. Thanks, yes, both lines is new to me and I try to learn how to make the best out of both. I appreciate all help, thanks! Pictures of your best build is highly appreciated. Regards,
  8. Islandern

    Chapayev commander skills

    Hi, How do you set up your Chapayev after the commander re-work? Looking for advice. Regards,
  9. Islandern

    Tallinn commander skills

    Thank you Lafie! If someone more wants to share their thoughts, please feel free do do so, thanks.
  10. Islandern

    Tallinn commander skills

    Hi, I am new on Tallinn, and struggle to find a good captain build, for a 21p commander. Shall I go with WGs recommended skills or is there any good advices? Thanks,
  11. I can't display the picture in in the first post that states whats going on, can someone helpful write whats going on? Thanks,
  12. Islandern

    Constellation will be released this weekend

    Has it been released if she will be up for coal, steel, free XP or doubs?
  13. Islandern

    Update 0.10.5 - Feedback Survey

    I am thinking about the penaltys you can receive in battles now. I fully agree with that people leaving the game in advance by klicking "Leaving Battle" in advance should get penalty, but if you for some reason (that you can not affect) get disconnected will receive a Penalty, I think that is unfair. A guy enter a battle, sitting AFK at the base is one thing to (and should be punished), but if you get kicked out due to connection errors (your internet supplyers fault/WG-serever problems and other...) , that is quite irritating. Please look in to this.
  14. Good job, I will try this later on, though I realy hope that WG can help with Modstation to get the all ships in Tech Tree to work on all updates... Seems like it is a popular add.
  15. Islandern

    [ALL] ModStation

    Thanks Lt_von_Hingst, also waiting for WG to comment on this...