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  1. Guns_And_Tities

    Looking for Clan In Typhoon League

  2. hi, can i join to your clan ?.

  3. Guns_And_Tities

    Türk Klan Arıyorum - İ Search Turkish Clan

    Hey and welcome to World of warships my friend.I am sure you can find some Turkish clans on the link below and as always have fun! https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/508-clan-recruitment/
  4. Guns_And_Tities

    [Pnavy] Potato Navy (Clan wars,King of the sea Tournament)

    Still alive looking for active peeps for clan battles
  5. Guns_And_Tities

    Looking for a clan (Rank 1, 55% wr, no teamspeak)

    pm sent
  6. Guns_And_Tities

    Clan Battles

    Well i am sure it will be a good addition to the current system.
  7. Guns_And_Tities

    British/daily player/

    If your one of those guys who have a busy life doing work or study but have time to play feel free to check our clan.
  8. [Pnavy] Potato Navy [OPEN] About ourselves Pnavy is a clan with high caliber players who wish to prove themselves on competitive level. Pnavy and many of our members are highly experienced as we have participated in many competitive tournaments such as Odem Mortis cup, King of the sea 1,King of the Sea 2 , King of the Sea 3 ,League of the sea and many more to come in the future.If you are looking to enjoy your time playing the game at the same time playing clan battles with us do not hesitate to apply and we will contact you.We also finished on the top of the Typhoon League one in the clan battles.Feel free to join our discord and say hi!. https://discord.gg/65ftfQq Requirements Must have 55% Win rate in random battles. Must have at least one T10 ship for competitive battles and clan battles Must be willing to play competitive games against other clans in tournaments Must have discord to communicate and must use it actively Must have a working Microphone Must be able to speak English What we can offer? We, no doubt under dogs as compared to other renowned clans but with your help we can improve Chance to play competitive games against other clans Chance to learn and improve your mistakes to get better at your game Able to receive clan port abilities Able to get rewards for next clan battles missions Able to play in clan wars and future competitive events We offer clan wars rewards for every single members in our clan.We have played with 4 teams last season just to allow people to get their rewards Get the fancy Hurricane League tag on your battles!
  9. Guns_And_Tities

    The Dunkirk Flag Awaits

  10. Guns_And_Tities

    King of the Sea IV - The Summer King

    Looking forward to it !