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  1. McCracken666

    Atlanta is totally OP and I love it

    Atlanta + smoke + usefull torps = flint
  2. McCracken666

    doubloon theft - autospending

    Its lame, makes me want to spend less on the game when cheap tricks like this is used.
  3. McCracken666

    Constant Critical Errors

    Same sh*t here, game is very unstable
  4. McCracken666

    game client crashes

    Daily crashed here to "critical error blablabla"
  5. This bug has been around since oktober 2017, i have repported it in the bug section back then, but nothing has happened yet, once you know its there it gets annoying demonstration of it can be found here. i know its not only me thats having this, its been confirmed on several other clients aswell. Cheers
  6. McCracken666

    Ranked season9.Start high rank,what about rewards ?

    Alright, thats gonna be alot of stuff at once then. Still would have preffered to play trough all ranks. Anyway, thanks for the clarification
  7. So if one starts in rank 13 cause he ended rank 1 in season 8, he will miss out on all the rewards from rank 23 to 13 ? That cant be right :X Cheers
  8. McCracken666

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Very poor performance after patch update, been playing wows for years and this is the absolute worst performance i have had in this game. Who the f*** has been testing this patch ? I5 4,5ghz, 16gb, GTX 1070.
  9. McCracken666

    How many 19 points captains do you have? (February 2018)

    Had 45 million commander elite XP standing when i realized it was an option to use it to make new 19pt cpt's on the fly Atm using 11 x 19pt cpt's with plenty of elite xp left to create new ones if needed.
  10. McCracken666

    Emblems and insignias huge success

    Disabled them
  11. McCracken666

    Where is my Jolly roger II

    Who said anything about "whining" ? I was asking a question lol And yeah it took way to long this time, i blame my self and the cancer p2w infected DD play for that.
  12. McCracken666

    Where is my Jolly roger II

    i agree its a mess, havin OP pay boats like Lo yang and Kidd dosnt make it better. I do still love the team play that sometimes takes place in the higher ranks. Would be nice to have some sort of league system like in starcraft II, not sure its possible in wows due to amount of players, might take to long to get a game going.
  13. McCracken666

    Where is my Jolly roger II

    Some friendly guy from inside the internet texted me on chat saying Jolly rogers and ships will be handed out during the next 2 weeks. Ty "Deka013"
  14. McCracken666

    Where is my Jolly roger II

    Dont say things like that :(
  15. McCracken666

    Where is my Jolly roger II

    Anyone else made it to rank 1 and still havent recieved their Jolly roger flag ? Thought it was send out after the season is over ?