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  1. bigredg

    Radar in Ranked.

    Absurd to call radar "cheating"
  2. bigredg

    Black Friday Missions, 50k BASE XP

    50K Base XP is a bit of a joke, right? That is worse than the final stage of the Legendary/Unique upgrades!!
  3. bigredg

    Huanghe - what do people think?

    I bought Huanghe despite some bad reviews, and I have to say she is MUCH better than expected. Creping smoke with fast reload almost makes up for the loss of guns. Torpedo Reload boost is cool on a cruiser. secondaries are OP. Team up with a DD and you will be an awesome DD hunter and AA cruiser. Not as fragile as made out, but use the magazine mod 1 for sure!!! Bargain IMO
  4. bigredg

    Kitty Purrfurst code

    I too have completed stage 2 without even realizing i had started!!!
  5. bigredg

    Thanks WG

    Bought the ship huanghe last week, not expecting much, but she is a great fun ship, and can have great games. My first game was a 80K damage, 4 kill funfest!! Definitely mount Magazine Mod 1 though ;-)
  6. bigredg

    Is it a bug or Icarus is so resistant?

    good ol' damage saturation
  7. I got 100 "go faster" signals yesterday in a SC from selecting resources.
  8. bigredg

    Why can't the reward crates be as stated?

    I have some sympathy with the base point, but whinging about getting a Super container is where I have to leave the "argument".
  9. bigredg

    brit tir 7 DD

    Have received 5 & 6 - desperately seeking 7
  10. bigredg

    brit tir 7 DD

    Yes please!!
  11. bigredg

    Missing Royal Navy containers

    Sometimes ya just get crap camos and flags ;-0
  12. bigredg

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    Me too. Traded all my Sovs for containers plus bought 5 from shop. Zero missions - boo hoo!!!!
  13. bigredg

    Directive bug?

    Puzzled me for a while until I twigged it was on BOTH teams.
  14. Gee whiz. This is crucial info!!!!!! Now have my 10 Guineas for less than a Euro!! glad i checked back :-)